"Uh! One of the monkeys waved at Goku.

Goku landed feet first on the ground. Hew as wearing He was wearing black and red robes with a frill around his neck.

Grandpa trained me to be like steel! Where are you guys going, Bulma? "SO..." the creature said, going over to Goku. Your savior is nothing but ash, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it !

He ran away much faster than a normal child could run at his size, as the Sabretooth Tiger chased after him. "Hang on, Bulma! "Ah, there it is!" Bulma lifted up her dress a little so that Goku could see her underwear. Bulma replied in a bored tone. ", "Well, we can have a bite to eat, and talk, then play together! ", "Alright, that sounds like a lot of fun, I guess I'll go! "So, there's a crazy guy on the front lawn shouting that he's … Fish...?

he said, throwing the apple down from the tree. "Stop being such a downer, baby, I'm in the mood for a happy meal! "O-ooh ooh, aah, aah!". "No duh, squirt. Bulma thought to herself, as she stepped out of Capsule 9. "You're almost there!".

Goku replied, still growling, as the girl continued to moan in terror. The Dragon Balls could be anywhere in the whole world, right?".

Uh... golly, I've never seen you shine bright like that before, Grandpa. somebody screamed. said Goku, as he took a pee in the river. "As a matter of fact, we have fancy dinner engagements but the reservations are only for two.". "That's right. she took out the capsule labelled 9. Holy cow! There's no way out of this one!" He hit the fish hard. Each had a number on it from 1-17, and were ll different colours. "Uh, oh... 'scuse me a minute, Goku, time for a pit stop.". It had piercing yellow eyes with red and black pupils, and had a long mouth with dozens of white, sharp teeth. Why don't you come out of your shell and fight?!" by RC_McLachlan. "Grrr... so you thought you finished me off? There was also a brown pot in another corner, and an umbrella-like object in yet another.

That sounds really great!"

She lifted up one of her Dragon Balls. What's yours?


It was then that the Tiger noticed he was not running on ground anymore; there was nothing supporting him except thin air. She pressed the button and the device beeped. It was pushed back into the river and sank towards the bottom of the water. "But, just imagine, dear emperor, that glorious day when the seven balls are finally brought together. Inside were seventeen neatly organized capsule. His eyes were large and his expression was cunning and sly.

"Wow, that's a nice little place you got there, kid." He began to walk out of his house. If you don't like Dragon Ball or don't know about it, I recommend you have a read, and perhaps you'll go check out the anime. Goku started stomping the car with one foot, inquisitively. I'm no amateur!" Goku lifted the girl's dress with his stick and looked under it at the back. Tenshinhan was the strongest of them, and he knew the Mafuba to imprison Piccolo, but even if he could survive the move, Piccolo would kill him in a single blast. Chapter 1: The Secret of the Dragon Balls. Trunks shares a revelation with his best friend that tests their friendship, and makes Goten look at him in a whole new way. He didn't know what was going on, as he was unfamiliar with modern devices, having lived in the wilderness all his life. Is it over 9000?

With all his might, he hurled the log up into the air, where it reached a very high altitude. Goku looked up to see it was Bulma. Aaahh.." the girl asked herself, shuddering, with her eyes closed very tightly. "Well, he was. "But you're different, you're thin and scrawny! Frieza makes a different choice against Goku on Namek and his life takes a drastically different course. Well, whatever it was, it clearly was trying to steal Goku's lunch! Read up on your favorite Dragon Ball Universe fighters, villains, and memes. "Gosh, I think he was lying." You can wish for whatever you want? he pointed the red stick towards her. Bulma was able to make it fly a few minutes ago."


Rated T for uncensored violence and minor swearing.

The young boy's life was about to begin a radical new phase. One was a small, blue man, wearing a red and black patterned beanie hat with a red star on it. Who will be the first to unlock the mystery of the seven magic Dragon Balls? "Cry all you want, you pathetic humans.

Long Live The King. The time they spent together had to mean something, but some things have to be spelled out.

", "Now, look! the creature asked in a deep, creepy voice. Wow, that was great, Bulma!

Aheheh! ", "I see." Vegeta inherits a coffee shop.

I'll wish for the most perfect boyfriend that ever lived!)" You have to unite all seven of them before the dragon will appear and grant your wish. "See? He told me that if I ever ran into a girl, that I should be as polite as I possibly could. How could you travel without them?" Totally radical. I don't blame her for being upset, but she doesn't have to go calling me names."

Look, see these three dots?" Now the boy, known as Goku, is on his own, and has become the sole guardian of his grandfather's most mystical possession: his Dragon Ball. He was using his tail to hang upside down from a tree full of apples, which is where he had found his little snack.

Nothing happened. Grandpa gave me this ball to remember him by! For example: "Wow, this food is absolutely great! And now that Vegeta has a family of his own, it's the perfect time to return the favor... Gohan has been working at the CC since he was 15, but now at age 18 his mom forces him to go to high school. Goku replied, with not a trace of fear on his face. Stay back!" Goku shouted up. Son Goku!" Goku said. Butterflies could be spotted in the air, where a purple pterodactyl soared. It'll be dry in no time. He had never been in a vehicle before, let alone an extremely fast one. Goku asked.

Wanna see my Certificate of Authenticity?" And I'm not going to hand it over just because you're a girl! This story is set after the Episode of Bardock which was released in 2011.

"Tenshinhan, you have three eyes. With the help of the assistant manager, Goku, the weekend supervisor, Piccolo, and an over-worked bunch of baristas, Vegeta turns the store into something even he can be proud of.

Miles and miles away from Goku and Bulma, there was an empty, abandoned chamber, with a single, orange ball with one red star inside it lying atop a red pillow on a long-untouched pedestal. You got two Grandpas, no way!

This is a story of the original timeline. Kaboom!

"Wow.. why don't you come to my house with me and I'll cook you some lunch?" "Uh!" Goku chuckled. The two began driving over hills, getting further and further away from Goku's home with every second. Welcome to the West City Public Library, where everyone in Technical Services is trying to kill each other, a scary looking man named after an instrument runs the children's department, and interoffice betting pools are set up over who's going to ask who out first.

"I did a far more thorough job at breaking you than even my father!

Goku was still unsure, and started prodding Capsule 9 with his red stick.

Come on, whatever you are, I know you can go faster than this, we've got to get moving, Bulma's in trouble!" she pointed at the three in the centre. Aheheh, I can't believe that I already have three of the balls ! It edged towards the tail, and with an evil look in its eye, bit carnivorously into the brown, furry thing. He wasn't very familiar with the notion of sarcasm. ", "Oh my gosh... are you saying you've never seen a girl before?

The race is on as both good and evil forces plot a crash course! *" Goku gargled, as bubbles came out of his mouth. she stepped closer to Goku, who jumped backwards, unsure if she was to be trusted. "That [cough] was great!"

And not-so-great. I'm in total controoooooaaaaahh-!". "Oh, never mind... aheheh.. (I guess Grandpa hasn't told him about that yet... this kid's so innocent that he's adorable!)" "You're as good as mine, you little jewel." Goku asked, as he stopped running towards the girl. "Y'know, for a little kid, you're really strong.

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