THE YANDERE 100% VERIFIED! (EXTREME DEMON) - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami. LEGENDARY DEMON VERIFIED! It uses the song Forward by Realistik (Rukkus). Endless (featured) - A collaboration with Aura. Doramis Madness 2 (featured) - A possible sequel to Spikes Madness.

Crew EXTR3ME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! It uses the song Evolution of Music by DJ-Nate. Heat Wave (epic) - Another level that he verified. YujinsRosemery (featured) - A level that uses the song The Edge by Detious and Lockyn. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Funky SkyDrive (featured) - The sequel to Funky ExpressDrive.

The verification of Rate Demon. -EPIC EXTREME DEMON- - "Cromulent" (Verified) By RelayX & More! Glorious Morning (featured) - His first 1.9 level. Fake Adventures - A super-buffed version of Electroman Adventures. FirePower (epic) - A level created by MrLorenzo. HARDER THAN CLASSIC? However, on July 15, 2018, he returned with a video of his new boss-fight level called FurY. The verification of EB. Spikes Madness (featured) - A seemingly remake of Stereo Madness. 66 (52 Starred, 128 CP) On June 16, 2018, he quit because of many factors including school and stress from Extreme Demons. Made for Dorami as a challenge. The verification of Esencia. Credits to Dorami. He is known for his own Theory series and a Nine Circles level called Sine Wavs, currently rated Insane Demon. It was rather rated than being featured but was a demon level. Funky ExpressDrive (featured) - A collaboration with CreatorAura. -D Sine Wavs(100%,10★).

On June 16, 2018, he quit because of many factors including school and stress from Extreme Demons.

The verification of Idols. Country "Violently X" VERIFIED! The layout was created by KireiMirai. Adventure Extreme (featured) - A collaboration with Mineral and Creator Cloud. Esencia (featured) - A 1.0-themed Extreme Demon.

(Challenge Dorami) | [#76] SPOOKY CHALLENGES // HALLOWEEN SPECIAL | …

DiabolicForce (starred) - An insanely hard demon level that uses the song Hate Everything by Xtrullor, but was only rated rather than being featured. Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

The Yangire - The sequel to The Yandere. The verification of The Yandere. KillerZone (featured) - Originally a 2.0 level. He is known for his own Theory series and a Nine Circles level called Sine Wavs, currently rated Insane Demon. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Violet Project (featured) - A level that uses the song Infinite Power by TheFatRat. Credits to Dorami.

ClubFake - A super-buffed version of Clubstep. New Death Corridor - A remake of the impossible level created by. Ironically, he also has the lowest attempt count on that level, with 4,590. Fakles - A super-buffed version of Cycles. Evolution Night (featured) - A collaboration with LynaR, his demon level. TheRealDorami - "RATE DEMON" 100% By RoiMousti! The verification of EnvY. The Ultra Phase - A 2.11 remake of The Ultimate Phase. I never know what to put in these.. Dorami gud? He currently has the biggest fluke on Sonic Wave, fluking from 79%. Dorami (formerly TheRealDorami) is a skilled South Korean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash.

SkyWind (featured) - A collaboration with Luneth. Theory of Xoanon (featured) - The fourth level in his Theory series. dorami streams live on Twitch! It uses the song Duality by Dimrain47. EXTR3ME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! Twitch channel ClutterFakeFunk - A super-buffed version of Clutterfunk. He said that he would come back, but he did not know when. Credits to Dorami. -INSANE DEMON?- - Geometry Dash -2.11-. Want your own website? - "UNDER LAVALAND" 100% By N R G And More! Glorious Morning 2 (featured) - The sequel to Glorious Morning. SuperChaotic Flight (featured) - A level that uses the song Chaotic by Waterflame. EXTR3ME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! Digital Universe X (featured) - His first demon level ever created. 18530 (Global)15 (Creators) This is a website. ESENCIA 100% VERIFIED! Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers. Credits to Dorami. SpaceEscape (featured) - His first 2.0 level ever, a collaboration with Xenonical. Theory of Insomnia (featured) - A hard demon level that uses F-777's remix of the song Insomnia by Mr. FijiWiji. Theory of IntercepT (featured) - His third level in the Theory series. (ME) "Idols" By Herdys & Zafkiel and More! Destructional (featured) - A collaboration with Koreaqwer. - Geometry Dash -2.11-.

HolicFactory (featured) - A collaboration with Dister K. It uses the song Rip It by Xtrullor. Global position Number of levels South Korea It is a mega-collaboration with Alderite, Jenkins, He is a member of TeamSmokeWeed, who created the final cube section in, A person named IWasPlays donated hundreds of dollars for him to beat. Geometry Dash 2.11. ForestHell (starred) - A collaboration with Zelda. By Dorami & CastriX! (EPIC EXTREME DEMON) - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami. Credits to Dorami. Hello guys! It was only rated rather than featured. The verification of Cromulent. - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami. Under lavaland (epic) - A level created by N R G. It used to be Dorami's hardest Demon level ever verified. 5 by ParagonX9.

-XXL DEMON?- - Geometry Dash 2.13. It used to be rated insane demon, but was considered one of the easiest ones, and is now a hard demon. This uses an instrumental version of a song that uses curse words. Electrika (featured) - A collaboration with EnjoyGame. The verification of Sine Wavs. Dorami has verified many Extreme Demons including Idols, EnvY, Violently X, Cromulent, The Yandere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Under Lavaland, Esencia, and Azure Fiesta.

Digital Universe 2 (featured) - His first level ever created. EB(Ectobiologist) 100% VERIFIED! Elliptic Curve (epic) - A level created by Mulpan. Credits to Dorami. EXTREME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! Destruction of God (featured) - A level created by RelayX. Supernova Dreams (featured) - His final 1.9 level. Ending Fantasy (featured) - A level that uses the song Leaving Leafwood Forest by Bossfight. It uses the song Final Battle by Waterflame. The verification of Under Lavaland. Dorami (formerly TheRealDorami) is a skilled South Korean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash.

It uses the song No. Geometry Dash Fan Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [2] - Geometry Dash -2.11-.

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