; Before starting your recording, you can click the arrow next to to change the recording settings:. It's just to let people book a "Santa-Service" for their kids (catholic tradition). + 49 89 / 443 70 177, E-Mail: ph@hwdata.de. TIMIFY does it, you control it. Die Auswertung und Nutzung zu TIMIFY-eigenen Zwecken, erfolgt aber stets mittels anonymer Nutzungsprofile, wodurch eine unmittelbare Verknüpfung mit den Daten Ihrer Terminbucher stets ausgeschlossen ist. Soweit wir auf Seiten Dritter verlinken, haben wir weder Einfluss noch Kontrolle auf die verlinkten Inhalte und die dortigen Datenschutzbestimmungen. Für eine optimal Performance, eine reibungslose Verwendung sozialer Medien und aus Werbezwecken empfiehlt dir TIMIFY, der Verwendung von Cookies zuzustimmen. We hope you'll like the new name as much as us and do not hesitate this little inconvenience. They can do it on TIMIFY and I can easily check dates from everywhere I am. Unlock total control of staff, equipment, physical space and any other business assets at the touch of a button. Kundenbuchungen. Once you are signed in you'll be able to: © 2020 GetApp.

Then login with your TIMIFY account. Accept POS card payments and generate invoices with TIMIFY. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. Thanks for taking the time to tell us! Eine anpassbare Terminplanungs-Lösung für zentrale und lokale Behörden, Botschaften und andere öffentliche Ämter. * Why can't I see more information about the booking just with a mouse over? Unable to change bookable times of individual days, only days per week which then carry throughout the year. It sounds like you use our software a lot and your feedback would be appreciated. Vorab erhalten Sie eine Auswahl einiger gesetzlicher Definitionen, die für das Verständnis der Datenschutzerklärung eventuell hilfreich für Sie sind. You only need to follow the guidance tour. Arrange video meetings for customers and colleagues with ease. Total team work, better customer experience. Manage and edit your appointments in the daily, weekly or monthly view with one click. I'm most excited about their costumer service.

Use our platform to schedule your classes and get online signups from students. TIMIFY is totally easy to use, even if you're not a pro by building a website. It’s nice that it keeps a service history and also the ability to email the client booking details. You only need to follow the guidance tour. We make registration easy for your students, and our software allows you to optimise staff timetables and room bookings.

Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Mobile-, Tablet- und Desktop-App, Finden Sie Antworten auf die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen, https://aws.amazon.com/de/data-protection/, https://aws.amazon.com/de/compliance/eu-data-protection/, https://aws.amazon.com/de/compliance/data-center/data-centers/, https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=de, https://docs.bugsnag.com/legal/privacy-policy/, https://www.google.com/settings/ads/plugin?hl=de, https://www.intercom.com/de/terms-and-policies, https://www.braintreepayments.com/legal/braintree-privacy-policy, https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full, https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated, http://instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/, https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/guest-controls/retargeting-opt-out, https://privacy.xing.com/de/datenschutzerklaerung, Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland (Google), Adserver zur Einbindung von Werbung durch Dritte (Werbeanzeigendienst), Bereitstellung und Pflege des Chat- und Supportmodul, Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, Die Datenschutzerklärung umfasst die Informationen i. S. d. Art. In this case we will inform you in advance about the planned deletion of your account. In the meantime, we hope you will continue using our software and let us know how you find the new version. Anytime, anywhere. This service is used to show you the entire booking process. For example most days I work 9.30am - 2.30pm then 6.30pm - 9pm, however when I'm with a Corporate Client work 9am - 5pm so need to amend the diary to enable their employees to book online, but doing so has allowed other clients to slip in at times I wouldn't normally be working. Kompletter Komfort für Kunden, Verkaufsboom für Ihr Unternehmen. Alle Rechte vorbehalten (c) 2013 - 2020 TIMIFY. A customisable appointment scheduling solution for central and local government agencies, embassies and other public offices. You can choose between Guest Booking, Facebook Authentication (customers confirm their identity with their Facebook account) or TIMIFY authentication. 28 DS-GVO) und unterliegt im Hinblick auf die Datenverarbeitungen den Weisungen der Kunden. Durch Cookies von sozialen Medien und Werbecookies von Drittparteien hast du Zugriff auf Social-Media-Funktionen und erhältst personalisierte Werbung. In TIMIFY you can decide how you want your customers to confirm their identity when making online bookings. Noch einfachere Bearbeitung des Kalenders erhalten Sie mit unserer Desktop-App. Simply download from App Store or PlayStore. Collect and securely save all relevant customer data that you need to run your business. Unseren Datenschutzbeauftragen erreichen Sie über die HWData GmbH, Leonrodstr. Simply download from App Store or PlayStore. TIMIFY does it, you control it. +353 1800 832 260. Our software fits to your business - no matter how unique, big or small! Only thing we are really missing: a possibility to directly rmember patients on their appointment via sms , still not all people check their Email! All Rights Reserved. You only need to follow the guidance tour. Die Datenspeicherung beschränkt sich dabei stets auf die Erbringung etwaiger Supportleistungen, zu denen wir vertraglich verpflichtet sind. Get the flexibility and power you need to be more productive and save time. Without being intrusive, they give you the feeling to always be responsive and helpful. Dig into detail about every function of our platform and how to configure it for your needs. When I found TIMIFY I was relieved, because it saved my so much time - i don't need to be home, so that people can call me and book their dates on phone. Die Daten werden automatisch gelöscht, sobald Ihre Anfrage vollständig bearbeitet und/oder beantwortet wurde, spätestens jedoch drei Monate nach Beantwortung Ihrer Anfrage. TIMIFY does it, you control it. TIMIFY is totally easy to use, even if you're not a pro by building a website. Once again thanks a lot! ... we are specifying the media type screen. Falls Sie Kunde sind, speichern wir diese Daten längstens für die Dauer der vertraglichen Geschäftsbeziehung mit Ihnen. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. In response to your comments, our IT team have been working for the last year on TIMIFY 4.0, which will be released in February 2019. Employees can utilize a built-in calendar to handle booking requests within the website or Facebook pages and add time intervals between multiple bookings to manage changeover of staff or devices. Verwalten Sie mühelos Kurse, Seminare und Events und optimieren Sie Ihre Lehrzeitpläne sowie Raumbuchungen. See how simple and slick it could be for your customers to book an appointment online for your services.

(a) TIMIFY betreibt Auftritte auf mehreren Onlineplattformen und sozialen Netzwerken, um mit potentiellen oder bestehenden Kunden zu interagieren, sich mit Interessenten und Nutzern auszutauschen, oder Angebote und Leistungen zu bewerben.

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