The place for all things related to guitar pedals. Find more Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper information and reviews here. Like the first version, it can record up to 10 minutes of audio with unlimited overdubs and has a USB plug for importing and exporting loops as needed. Find more Vox VLL1 Lil Looper Multi-Effect Pedal information and reviews here. Just to top it all off, there’s an Aux In for ultimate jamming ability, or to feed samples in from other sources, like an iPad. I know the pedal takes time to get used to, but it seems the X4 is a lot more seamless switching between tracks, given that it has 2 dedicated switches. I ask, because I've recently purchased the RC-30 and am not overly happy with it yet. Given the immense arsenal of tones and backing tracks, this looper is aimed more at creation than live performance. If this is your first foray into looper pedals, you could do a lot worse than this ultra-cheap offering from Donner. Finally, when using a mic, there’s a dedicated input level. Find more Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper information and reviews here. Do you utilize the loop often in your songwriting and live, or more of a development tool? It also records in 24-bit audio with a 32-bit signal processor. Series mode allows for automatic loop switching, Safe switch allows you to preserve one perfect loop, Ability to save and import loops from a computer, Tap tempo allows you to change loop tempo without key change, 99 storage slots for loops for a total of three hours, Pretty large, especially compared to more modern loopers, Some find the footswitches hard to accurately press, Computer storage capability? That makes it most similar to the Electro-Harmonix offering on this list, while taking after the Ditto’s familiar operation. The switches offer the standard controls for each loop, including Undo/Redo. Looper pedals are incredibly versatile machines. As with Boss, TC have a few other options for you to consider. They also tend to come in larger enclosures, so you have to have the space for them.

If it can be controlled, the knob or switch exists for it on this unit. There’s also the EHX RC-30 rival in the massively cool-looking 22500 Dual Stereo Looper. These are kind of rare, but you might be able to turn up a used one on Reverb with a little digging. This is the second-generation of Donner’s tiny looping pedal and it adds a few new features. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Usually, these will allow you to hold the switch down to either erase the last overdub or the entirety of what's currently playing back.

Perhaps not a great choice for the absolute beginner, but the RC-30 has just about everything you will ever need. The LED blinks once at the end of the loop, and you’ll have to get pretty good at hitting both knobs at once when you’re done recording so that the loop begins right away. Find more ZVex Effects Hand Painted LO-FI Loop Junky information and reviews here. They add layers of complexity to any song, allowing one person to play many different things at once. The new features are a couple of effects. The switch at the top allows you to choose between Normal playback, or effect your loop by switching to 1/2 Speed or Reverse.

If you like the core Boss looper, but want it to do everything short of make you a sandwich, they’re happy to oblige in this massive unit.

The X2 took the Ditto's simple operation, but made things even easier with the a second footswitch to stop the loop or to apply an effect.

The Ditto X4 gives you a second playable loop and seven effects, as well as the ability to import pre-recorded loops.

Controls include Volume, Tone, Record level, Depth, and Speed. It’s a noise machine. This also features CTR and EXP jacks. Knobs include Amp Models, Drive, Bass, Mid, Trebel, Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Tremolo selector, Delay/Tape Echo/Sweep Echo selector, Reverb, and Channel Volume.

Used versions are easy enough to find on Reverb for a few bucks off of new. With the use of an SD card, you could double the recording time and number of phrase banks. The Ditto X2 is equipped with a USB port for uploading and downloading loops, a great feature if you don’t want to lose that beautiful five-minute, 24-layer orchestral masterpiece. Switches include Record, Play/Stop, Undo, and Half Speed. It depends on which model you opt for, but there are usually two main styles: 1. When it isn’t playing, it’s true bypass.

Find more Donner Looper information and reviews here. It was pretty spectacular. This unit is not only stereo, it includes an XLR mic input with phantom power.

I switched from a rc30 to a dittox4 thinking it would replace it, it didn't. If you want the ability to change effects as a loop plays back, you might want it to be the first pedal in the chain. It has everything you need for a great price. While this tends to be clearer and more intuitive to operate, it's also possible to confuse them when playing live. Boss RC-30 Phrase Looper Pedal Reviews Reviews | Sweetwater Personally I'm not bothered by lack of memory on the Ditto x4 as I usually just wipe them clean when I'm finished messing about anyway (also I'm too lazy to keep connecting it to my computer whenever I want to save something). The Boss RC-3 starts to look a bit more like the RC-30, minus the effects and mic in. This will be impacted to some degree by whether you're using a stereo pedal and a stereo amp setup, but a little experimentation should be able to sort this for you relatively quickly. The memory phrases — of which there are 99 — have an Up/Down selector, as well as a Write and Delete button. There’s a drum looper with ten different pre-loaded drum loops, selectable with the Type switch.

If you love the DL4, but have ever thought that you would like the looping part of it to do more, this is the pedal for you.

You can also plug that Tap Tempo switch into the CTR jack to change between Normal, Double, 1/2, and Reverse modes, as well as silently clear the loop. Mod/Delay has Phaser, Stutter, Chorus, and Delay, while Simulation offers Bass, Radio, Acoustic, and Pitch. Getting a larger card increases the number of slots, as well as the recording time. Loop 2 can be automatically lengthened up to six times the length of the recorded sample. The two footswitch layout makes it a little bit clearer for recording on the fly, as the one-switch options sometimes don’t do exactly what you expect. If that’s a bit overwhelming, you could also start with the Boss RC-1, which is still stereo and offers 12 minutes of recording time.

If that’s something you’re into, this is the looper for you. More sound is always better. Following on from the Ditto's success, we got an X2 stereo version (including dual mono for two players). What do you do when you're done working on one thing and want to move onto the next, you just have to delete it completely from the pedal?

As step up from that is the RC-2, which has ten phrases and the built-in drum patterns. However, if you want to use one set sound for the loop and switch to a different sound to play something over it, you'll want to put it at the end, or even in the effects loop of your amp.

We also got USB loop transfer and the ability to … : Yes (reverse and half speed only), Six minutes of recording with unlimited overdubs, Short recording time considering it's a newer offering, Odd pedal layout may not work for all boards, Effects? Line 6 cannot help themselves from shoving their amp models into every product. : Yes, double speed, half speed, and reverse, Saves all loops to an SD card - expansion potential, Loop time: Varies (uses SD card for storage; online sources say 8GB grants up to 2 hours of recording time), Starting to show its age compared to more modern offerings, Computer storage capability? It was a good, long while before I actually saw a guitarist use one. For the money, though, I think the best bet is to go for the Express XT. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. There are many, many, many used Ditto Loopers available on Reverb for up to one third off the price of a new unit. Find more MXR Clone Looper information and reviews here. As time of this writing, the immensely complicated, but incredibly nuanced Blooper is available to preorder. It’s a beast of a machine aimed at professional-level looping. In theory, you can have a huge library of loops on your computer that you pull from as you like. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. You can use an expression pedal plugged into the EXP jack to adjust the loop volume. For inputs, there is a 1/4 inch instrument, 1/4 inch aux, XLR mic with trim knob, and 1/8 inch aux.

Two switch options separate these functions into dedicated footswitches. Of course, you can certainly use it live, but I think this is more at home in the studio when you’re trying to encourage new ideas. P lets you see where you are in the loop progression, by counting out your measures. You can also run this off of a battery, for some reason. My band opened for local cellist Kristen Miller, who came out onto the stage with a mic, her cello, and a Boss RC-20.

It’s true bypass and clearing the loops is totally silent. Few pedals are as essential to practice as they are to live performances. If all you want to do is layer different parts from the same source, it’s hard to go wrong with this little unit. The LED of the Effect button changes to indicate which bank the selector knob on the left is choosing. The JamMan is great, but it’s aging and it’s a pedalboard hog. That should be more than enough for most people, especially in live settings, when you know what your setlist will be each night. For up to five minutes of playback, you can loop an unlimited number of guitar riffs layered atop one another, while sacrificing less pedalboard space than you do for your tuner. It still has memory for both footswitches so if there is the rare occasion I need to keep something I just keep it in the memory bank and return to it when I next plug in. The pedal considers a loop bank to be a pair of recordings, one for each loop, and gives you 50 of these slots on an 8GB SD card, which the unit relies on for memory. 11 Best Guitar Loop Pedals: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Find more Line 6 JM4 Looper information and reviews here. Find more NUX Loop Core information and reviews here. Thanks in advance. This Pigtronix unit appears, at first glance, to be a familiar two-loop layout pedal. I even saw a fellow musician in the local scene use one with a ukulele. The no-nonsense X4 serves up two stereo loops, each with their own footswitch, as well as a dedicated ‘stop’ switch, and an FX switch.

That alone is pretty damn neat, but the really cool thing is that the two loops aren’t tied to each-other’s lengths.

Below discover the best guitar loop pedals on the market to help enhance your playing. There are three Stop Modes: Normal, Play to Measure End, and 10 second Fade Out.

Every guitarist should have one as they are not only powerful tools on stage – a loop pedal can drive a spark of creativity and help with songwriting, too. This Vox pedal is downright spartan by comparison, but offers an interesting blend of features cherry-picked from the larger and more expensive units. You can get a simpler option in their Nano form factor with the 360 Nano Looper, which offers six minutes of looping time across 11 loops. To preorder, you can either go to Chase Bliss directly or, in preparation for paying its very high cost, you can sell some gear and use Reverb bucks to pre-order it there. Then, if you want to play around with a previously recorded loop on your X4, just do the revere-copy it from your computer to the X4. Even when it is, there’s an analog dry signal path so whatever you’re playing over your loops is purely your guitar tone without interference.

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