Musically, Lin Manuel Miranda shows their unity through the shared chorus at the end, where Hamilton and Burr sing together, agreeing on their mutual love for their children.They reflect on their childhoods as orphans and swear to stay by their sides, the lyrics “My father wasn’t around/I swear that I’ll be around for you” showing their genuine love for their children.

Songlist: Something To Believe In, Falling Into You, I Will Never Leave You, Inside Out, Some Things Are Meant To Be, A Million Miles Away, Falling Slowly, I Think I Got You Beat, Here Right Now, Love Is An Open Door, Time Stops, Baptize Me, Something That Will Last, Better With A Man, Some Other Me, Before And After You/One Second And A Million Miles, I Love The Way, What You Mean To Me, You Matter To Me, Someone Who Hears, Dear Theodosia, Children Of Rock, In A Crowd Of Thousands, City Of Stars, A Lovely Night, Only Us, Sonya & Natasha, If I'd Been A Man, A Whole New World.

The selections are presented in their authentic settings, excerpted from the original vocal scores. E      F#     F#  ^C# ^D ^E My son, look at my son! Our collection features 17 selections in piano/vocal format from the music penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda, including: Alexander Hamilton - Burn - Dear Theodosia - Hurricane - It's Quiet Uptown - My Shot - One Last Time - Satisfied - That Would Be Enough - Washington on Your Side - You'll Be Back - and more.

Contents: ALADDIN: A Million Miles Away and A Whole New World - AMAZING GRACE: Someone Who Hears - ANASTASIA: In a Crowd of Thousands - BIG FISH: Time Stops - THE BOOK OF MORMON: Baptize Me - THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY: Falling Into You and Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles - DEAR EVAN HANSEN: Only Us - FINDING NEVERLAND: What You Mean to Me - FIRST DATE: Something That Will Last - FROZEN: Love Is an Open Door - A GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO LOVE & MURDER: Better with a Man and Inside Out - GHOST THE MUSICAL: Here Right Now - HAMILTON: Dear Theodosia - IF/THEN: Some Other Me - LA LA LAND: City of Stars and A Lovely Night - LITTLE WOMEN: Some Things Are Meant to Be - NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812: Sonya & Natasha - NEWSIES THE MUSICAL: Something to Believe In - ONCE: Falling Slowly - SCHOOL OF ROCK: Children of Rock - SHREK THE MUSICAL: I Think I Got You Beat - SIDE SHOW: I Will Never Leave You - SOMETHING ROTTEN! Licras added Lin-Manuel Miranda - Dear Theodosia to Classical (Most of them are long and incredibly hard) Board Licras VP Sheets.

A theme that I believe is apparent is legacy, this theme recurs everywhere in the musical and in this song it is portrayed through the love and want for their children to make a mark on the world, the lyrics “You’ll blow us all away/Someday/Someday” telling us that Burr and Hamilton believe that their children will also be able to play key roles in history later in life.

This shows again how much Burr loved his family. | Instructional for Singers | New Additions, The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival.

License: Public Domain.

A (03:08) $5.98. This song is a mellow, soft song that portrays the softer sides of Hamilton and Burr.

If you don’t want to do that, an alternative would be to write a representation or interpretation of the song, a poem or analysis would be nice! Intermediate Difficulty.

^F#   ^E ^E   ^E   ^E    ^D  ^C#-B   A Pride is not the word I'm looking for, A          A   A      A         A       A-A   ^C#-^D  ^C# There is so much more inside me now, A    G#-G#   G#    G#-A     G#      F#-E    F# Oh Philip, you outshine the morning sun, E      F#     ^C#   ^D   ^E    E   A   B-^C# My son, when you smile I fall apart, A    F#      A      F#   A    B    ^C# And I thought I was so smart, A       A-A       A-G#     E - A My father wasn't around, (^C# ^C#-^C# ^C#-B ^E-^C#) (My father wasn't around), A    A        A      A   G#    E-A    G#   E I swear that I'll be around for you, A   A       A-A-G#    E   A I'll do whatever it takes, ^C# ^C# ^C#  ^C#-B  ^E-^C# I'll  make  a  million  mistakes, B          A     ^C#  ^D  ^E Safe and sound for you, ^C# ^E    ^C#  ^E-^C# With our young nation, A          A         A    ^C#  ^E  ^C# We'll bleed and fight for you, B            A      B   ^C#  ^E  ^C# We'll make it right for you, E   E  ^E ^C#  ^E  ^C#-^E  ^C#-^E-^C# If we lay a strong enough foundation, E            E    E  ^C# ^E ^C# We'll pass it on to you, B           A      B   ^C#  ^E ^C# We'll give the world to you, ^C# ^E ^F# ^E ^C# B-B-A And you'll blow us all away, ^C#    ^E      ^F#  ^E  ^C#  B-B A Yeah, you'll blow us all away. 3:00 Arranged by ANDY BECK Allegretto dolce (J = ca. This is the free "Dear Theodosia (from Hamilton)" sheet music first page.

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