map. The secret game mode … These zombies will slowly move closer to the player until they are shot at, causing them to go berserk and sprint towards the player.

Alias It can spread to other zombies like the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Vision on these rounds is slightly more impaired than that on other rounds. Zombies are very much the same as on the Island levels, however, they do gain an increase in numbers and speed. Rounds 9-12: Prison - A prison with another open space but with the first introduction of levels within the map. EXO Zombies is a game mode by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Softwhere, and it's separate from Treyarch's version and Infinity Ward's version. Soldier Statue - Gives all players an extra life, though these appear very infrequently. Unlike the other undead, the Cosmic Silverback's eyes do not seem to glow. There seem to be an infinite amount of them, and in all levels they continually increase in HP as the game goes on, eventually reaching a point where the only feasible way to kill them is with weapons that are automatically one-hit kills. Earth If, however, another player on the team has at least one life then the player will automatically be gifted that life to be revived instantly. Russian Ultranationalists | Brazilian Militia | Juggernaut, Call of Duty: Black Ops When he discovered this, Dr. Maxis began trying to create an undead army, but could not find out how to control the zombies and eventually began running out of funding for the experiments. EXO Zombies slightly differs with future technology and equipment, and with zombies having exo suits, giving them great agility and momentum. These rounds have flaming barrels that bounce onto the map from the rooftops which can be shot at to blow up any enemies. He is a giant zombie gorilla in a Soviet space suit. Note that the China Lake can obscure visibility of the map around the player.

The player will encounter this enemy from round nine (the challenge round 'Prison Break') onwards. Dead Ops Arcade is a twin-stick top-down shooter, and, similar to all other zombie levels, its objective is to survive for as many rounds as possible against many waves of increasingly difficult zombies. Vladimir Makarov | Viktor | Lev | Kiril | Anatoly | Alejandro Rojas | Rojas' Assistant, Others Location The RPG-7 can pierce through lines of zombies, usually killing them instantly. The location of the 1st coin in the Player Profile menu. The four DLC packs for Black Ops introduced "Ascension", "Call of the Dead", "Shangri-La" and finally "Moon". Cordis Die Moderate initial power, high damage over time. These rooms are found by choosing the correct path, however, there is no specific path to take as these rooms are located differently each game. Group The player will start each game with one bomb and each time a bomb is used it will kill all enemies on the map (much like when a nuke is picked up on other zombie game modes). Characters

Fires green beams that bounce off walls and zombies. Contact us / Report a Problem. Rounds 33-36: Forest - An outdoor forest area covered in snow centered around a statue marks the introduction of the Hellhounds. Rounds 9-12: Prison - A prison with another open space but with the first introduction of levels within the map. There is also a new crew called "Chaos", who are in a rescue effort to find Scarlett Rhodes' father, Alistair from a mysterious cult led by the High Priest of Chaos to be called the Order until they were too late as Alistair was killed by the Oracle better to be known as Medusa. Crimes The chicken follows the player around, shooting in the same direction as the player with whatever weapon the player is using. Zombies makes another return in Black Ops Cold War. The maximum number of nukes a player can hold is nine.

Wehrmacht | Luftwaffe | Waffen-SS, Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts

In Infinite Warfare, the zombies are led by Willard Wyler, a famous movie director who sends actors into his movies to have them to killed. Lightning Bolt - Gives the player one extra dash attack. Two different models for the Engineer Zombie. Fires grenades fully automatically. game The player can die from one hit from all Zombies, two hits from Hellhounds and explosives or instantly from other contextual factors such as Bulls or Electric Spikes. Jonathan Irons, Call of Duty: Black Ops III A zombie in the upcoming 2020 video game. The four DLC packs for Black Ops introduced "Ascension", "Call of the Dead", "Shangri-La" and finally "Moon". Nazi ZombiesFreak Bags (by Tank Dempsey)Hell Pigs (by Nikolai Belinski)Minions (by Edward Richtofen)Demon Spawn (by Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki)Hell Spawn (by Nikolai Belinski)Walkers (by Marlton Johnson)Freak Bits (by Tank Dempsey)Abominations (by Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki)Bone Junkies (by Tank Dempsey)Ugly Son of a B***h (by Jack Vincent)Knee Biter (by Tank Dempsey)Dumb Stumbling Cadavers (by Scarlett Rhodes)Zombie Putas (by Fidel Castro)Slackjaw (by Scarlett RhodesGhouls (by the Chaos crew)

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