With the passage of time, so has the reaper. Stranger Jersey is a video series about urban myths. Watch the video to learn more. Clevelanders used it informally to describe the Innerbelt Curve for years before the press adopted it in 1979, when four Yugoslavian emigres were killed there in an early morning crash. The currency in FirstEnergy Stadium is hope and heartbreak, but the port's is considerably more reliable: iron ore. Iron pellets move up the Cuyahoga River from the port's bulk terminal to ArcelorMittal's steel plant.

Despite popular opinion, the Ohio Department of Transportation actually wants to keep your car from kerplunking into potholes.

Events Home > New Jersey Events > New Jersey Car Show DEAD MANS CURVE "WILD WEEKEND 9" This Event Expired on September 6, 2020 . Last year, there were 47.5 bikeway miles inside city limits. To hit that goal of 118 miles, the city plans to add 44.8 miles during 2015 and 25.64 more during 2017.

The group of more than 3,000 celebrates Northeast Ohio's best spooky yard displays and makes Halloween a year-round event. The first episode, “Clinton Road and Dead Man’s Curve,” deals with two classic urban legends centered around an eerie drive down a windy road in West Milford, N.J. Dead Mans Curve is NJ's Primier Hot Rod Club. Our lucky 13 members can't get enough of customizing classic cars. Check out the 60+ customized DMC cars at the next car club event near you. Here's how this venerable form of transportation is doing now. Clinton Road in West Milford is known for the creepy tales told by those who have traveled it. Next in the Stranger Jersey series is Clifton's "Gates of Hell. Tales of the guardian spirit "Red Eyed Mike" and a secret room buried "levels" underground with axes only to be lifted by the worthy are not enough to drive away urban explorers from the old sewer system, but towards it instead. The city's bike lanes are a standard 5-feet wide, says Jenita McGowan, Cleveland's chief of sustainability.

In nine months in 1968, another three perished. Six pilots, including one in Cleveland, died during the air races. Dead Mans Curve LLC, Montville, New Jersey. In 2014, the port debuted its Cleveland-Europe Express line as the only containerized shipping service between the Great Lakes and Europe. In 1966 and 1967, there were three fatalities. Priceless. 39 Taylortown Road, Montville, NJ 07045 Download our apps and get alerts for local news, weather, traffic and more. Warning: Attempting to re-enact parts of urban legends can disturb local residents and land you in the back of a police car, or worse, an ambulance. Other stories tell of Satanic rituals held in the woods or at Cross Castle nearby, strange animal sightings and the mysterious stone furnace. Take a look inside in the video below, and read more about the legend here. The first episode, “Clinton Road and Dead Man’s Curve,” deals with two classic urban legends centered around an eerie drive down a windy road in West Milford, N.J. Gierlach envisioned the curve-side monument as a two-story robed guide, gesturing toward safety. Presidential campaigns sure looked different in the past.

Directed by Richard Compton. The state plans to shift the freeway eastward to make the curvature less severe. Here's how three Ohioans campaigned right o…, RT @CuyahogaCounty: The polls are open! The Red Line alone, from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport through downtown to East Cleveland, saw 6.4 million riders. The curve has been made less hazardous, with rumble strips, banked lanes and flashing lights. Each episode explores some of New Jersey’s strangest locations and darkest legends. Cleveland Commercial Railroad, a short-line operator, moves material through the city on 35 miles of leased track for carriers such as CSX and Norfolk Southern. The most common Dead Man's Curve ghost story from travelers is that of the ghost of a young boy who remains below a bridge and throws back coins tossed in the water. On Jan and Dean's rise to the top of the music industry, a horrible car accident leaves Jan Berry incapacitated and their dreams shattered.

In the playful, Halloween-inspired spirit of the macabre, episodes of Stranger Jersey will appear on NorthJersey.com and our social media channels from now through the end of October. These ships are massive. Best Of Cleveland 2020. The European visitors can carry 22,000 tons. Check out Dead Mans Curve Youtube Channel. In 2013, it poured 1,278 tons of asphalt, cement and cold mix and 6,227 gallons of liquid asphalt in District 12, which services Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake counties. We're featuring it as the premiere video in our new a video series about urban myths, "Stranger Jersey. The danger became clear quickly. With Richard Hatch, Bruce Davison, Pamela Bellwood, Dick Clark. By the end of 2017, the city is aiming for at least 118. Norfolk Southern Corp.'s and CSX Corp.'s main east-west lines through the city carried an average of 63 trains a day in 2010. The 1929 National Air Races in Cleveland drew more than 100,000 for the opening day of the 10-day event. RT @OhioMagazine: Happy Election Day! "On the day of LeBron's return, you should have seen the number of corporate jets here - 45 to 50," says an employee at Burke. Trending But Dead Man's Curve is still dangerous. Hopkins handled an average of 497 flights a day in 2013. The Ohio State Highway Patrol, which began keeping records of the stretch of roadway in 2009, shows no fatal accidents there since. The curve was built sharp because officials wanted to leave room to expand Burke Lakefront Airport. Those present are situated at the far ends of the "haunted" road. Some go up to 7 feet - plenty of room for some dignified sweating, huffing and puffing. In 1988, artist Joe Gierlach proposed a statue called The Ghost of Dead Man's Curve, as part of a Spaces gallery contest. The stories usually tell of tailgating vehicles which mysteriously disappear and ghostly encounters near one of the road's bridges. What goes on in those scruffy buildings on the lakefront? But in September, Mayor Frank Jackson reaffirmed that he wants to keep it open, citing the difficulty of selling the land and the federal government's need for a reliever airport for Hopkins. Hikers keep getting lost searching for 'stone living room' fire ring, 6 North Jersey attractions to scare and delight, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy.

It begins each winter season with about 70,000 tons of a salt. That's approximately 56,739 cars worth of salt spread across interstates and state Routes.

The loss of Cleveland's United Airlines hub this year encouraged critics who want to close Burke.

Every 8,000 tons of iron pellets is enough to make parts for 10,000 cars. During the 2013-14 winter - the season of the polar vortex - ODOT used 113,904 tons.

Between 1979 and 1987, seven people lost their lives there.

The bad news: It won't happen until at least 2022. Business Hall of Fame and Community Leader of the Year Awards, Election 2020: Sights And Sounds From Cleveland. Our Dead Man's Curve — the hairpin turn of Interstate 90 at Lake Erie, familiar to anyone who listens to traffic updates on local radio and TV — has threatened drivers since it opened in 1959. You may have noticed it while tailgating at a Cleveland Browns game: The Port of Cleveland, that easily ignored 80 acres just west of FirstEnergy Stadium. Check out the 60+ customized DMC cars at the next car club event near you. Many of us only give Burke Lakefront Airport a thought when the Cleveland National Air Show's jets barrel roll over downtown. The almost 10-mile long stretch of road demands commitment from travelers; there are few side streets on the dark stretch of asphalt. Dead Man's Curve is an American nickname for a curve in a road that has claimed lives because of numerous crashes. As long as you are in line before the polls close at 7:30 you will be able to vote Please remembe…, RT @IrishPubCLE: First time voter.Go vote, RT @WCPN: Here's a list of "Who And What To Follow" for local #Election2020 updates — including ideastream's @NickCastele — from @Cleveland…. Find out the latest news, who to follow and what the scenes are from polling places, watch parties and protests across Northeast Ohio. What is known about this 10-mile stretch in West Milford that has been associated with ghost stories and strange happenings? DMC shows off their cars in Northern New Jersey and points beyond. Here's a collection of do-gooders offering inspiring stories, tales of giving back and volunteering. Dead Mans Curve is a hotrod car club founded in Northern New Jersey in 1978. Take the Cleveland Cavaliers home opener in October, for example. Top car celebrities, from musicians to actors, have attended Wild Weekends to see some of the most innovative machines around. With the help of Dean and others, Jan slowly recovers, learning again to walk and talk. Hear that rumble in the distance? Burke is propped up by debt, $1,259,000 worth in 2013. Hopkins, on the other hand, had an operating surplus of $44 million. In 2013, people rode RTA trains 9.3 million times. The largest vessels, the 1,000-foot-long lakers, haul more than 80,000 tons of bulk goods such as iron ore, limestone, salt and coal throughout the Great Lakes. ", Entertainment: 5 spooky spots in New Jersey, Strange NJ: Hikers keep getting lost searching for 'stone living room' fire ring, Haunted houses: 6 North Jersey attractions to scare and delight. Burke oversaw 90 flights a day - with more on Wednesdays and weekends. Tag Archives: Dead Man’s Curve Clinton Road: A Dark Ride On a recent visit to the bridge at Dead Man’s Curve we were surprised and delighted to see just how many people had recently stopped by to test the validity of the legend of the Ghost Boy of Clinton Road.

Always innovative we have some of the Wildest cars around. 8.6K likes. A news archive search suggests the last fatalities on the curve date back to 2001 and 2002. Just 1.8 miles of bike lanes were added in 2013 on Detroit Avenue and Edgehill Road. "Dead Man's Curve" has long been a common American phrase for a dangerous turn in a road. As of August, 6,055 tons of containers have come through the port. Such is the allure of Clifton's Gates of Hell. CLICK HERE FOR PRE-REGISTRATION FORM. The danger became clear quickly.

Burke is a 2-mile drive from City Hall, while Hopkins is 12-miles ride. The bridge was replaced in 2016. Urban dreamers think Burke should close so Cleveland can open up its lakefront, especially when we have a major airport just a short drive away. Top car celebrities, from musicians to actors, have attended Wild Weekends to see some of the most innovative machines around. Copyright © 2020 Dead Mans Curve, LLC, all rights reserved. "It's like the ghost of Christmas yet to come, sort of a giant effigy of the grim reaper," Gierlach says. That's a train rolling by, the kind that helped build Cleveland into a powerhouse of manufacturing and that now ferries Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority passengers across the city. So bottle up that road rage and replace it with knowledge. Car lovers across the country know to look out for the latest from America's hottest hotrod car club, Dead Mans Curve from Northern New Jersey.

His idea fell by the wayside. The curve was built sharp because officials wanted to leave room to expand Burke Lakefront Airport.

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