So you can’t have Easter church services but a bunch of rich athletes can get together and risk the public health. Aside from the fact the police can not verify when the photo took place and the party would have long been over by the time they showed up, I think the expectation is that good citizens and supposed leaders would lead by example. I counted 6 people in the pictures, far short of the alarming number 30, and the dinner table had 10 settings. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Police investigated complaint regarding Dak Prescott’s party, Dalvin Cook scores four touchdowns as Vikings beat Packers, Bo Jackson: I’d average 350-400 yards a game today, Bill Belichick on Patriots’ depth: This is the year we’ve adjusted our spending. NOT VERY SMART. MLB Excitement Continues In Texas As Dodgers Win World Series Game 5, ... There’s an open house at Prosper’s Crystal Lagoon on Saturday, June 29, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Police have better things to do, the rest of the world’s crimes didn’t end when the lockdowns started. Catering company got paid a fortune to risk their lives. Young people who smoke (cigarets or weed) and who vape are particularly vulnerable to the respiratory effects of the virus. Sorry, Dallas fans but this has all the making of a car wreck looking for a place to happen. In other words, the Prosper P.D. Causing people extreme financial hardship. Sources told ESPN and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that there were not more than 10 people at the house. Just add Dak to the group of people who don’t take the virus serious, heck the POTUS and Governor of Texas should be happy, Dak was just trying to jumpstart the economy. I don’t care if they were practicing social distancing or keeping it to 10. They have found 50% of all people testing positive for Covid-19 are asymptomatic. They need to use it, an set the right example. Lifelong fan, they just ran off. Many NFL players play by their own rules.
In what world is that worth $33 million a year? Just another case of people (celebrities) with money thinking the rules apply to everyone else but them. You can see some photos of it below. Oh wait, it’s not funny because he also invited his grandma. Register now! They know the odds even if they get it are good that they’ll easily survive. We simply are not seeing the horrific numbers of deaths anywhere else. when can we start quarantining ignorant fools? That’ll teach him. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Who took the photos and ratted Dak out to TMZ/. So that’s enough to put all them people at risk. He has overlooked MUCH worse indiscretions than this. They guy hasn’t won anything since the salary cap era because he can no longer buy every great player in the NFL. Following the terrible ankle injury, Prescott’s neighbors left a “get well soon” message outside of the front gate on his house. Police … [Insert Cowboy] is starting to become a recurring PFT headline. Latroy Hawkins house Prosper, Texas - pictures, facts.

I do love watching you fail Jerry. So you’re trying to get paid and this is the decision making ability that you display?

"I am very sensitive to the challenges we are all facing and making sure to support the first responders and medical personnel and everyone else putting in long hours. All to protect others from us more so than ourselves from others. It is the law in Texas since the end of March to shelter in place. Possibly because they didn’t really try to. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was injured this past Sunday against the New York Giants when he suffered a horrific compound fracture in his right ankle. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Give him a verbal warning and the rest of us can judge him for his stupidity. Not exactly something you roll in heavy and throw people in jail for. May God be with us all. That’s the star QB and RB of their hometown team. And some young people who have really strong immune systems are dying suddenly because they have such a strong inflammatory reaction to the virus that they have a “cytokine storm” that overwhelms their systems, causing organ failure and death. He can ask for whatever he wants and if someone pays up then all the power to him.

The photographs posted by paint a troubling picture regarding an alleged 30-person, pandemic-be-damned birthday party at Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s house… Fine him a ton of money, arrest him and put him in the klink for a few weeks and make him watch videos of all the people in the ICU. The Cop probably got 10 autographs,… said have a nice time and left. Various contradicting reports surfaced after the photo of the gathering was posted online. Dak house is certainly big enough. Stop it, Dak. They should be setting a good example to the millions of people who look up to them, many of them kids or upcoming players. Unless the officer sees the offense first hand there’s not a lot you can do about it.
The COVID Kid says: Holy cow zeke needs to step back from that buffet he looks like Eddie Lacy in that tmz photo.

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott are partying like it's NOT 2020 in the middle of a pandemic -- hanging together for a celebration that appears to violate the Texas "safer-at-home" order. Ask for a discounted deal? They certainly do qualify…. Plus it’s a curfew law essentially. But 6 or even 10 people wouldn’t have sounded dramatic enough for Florio! I’m sorry but I’m pulling for Karma here. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones commented on the gathering during an appearance Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. The really disturbing part is that Bryant now appears to be his new BFF. To the extent they think their youth makes them invulnerable, wise up. When I was his age,I thought I was invincible too,until I wasn’t. How do you know he didn’t invite those people for a 14-day party? Alright, I agree that the party was wrong and Prescott should be shamed for it, but the city of Prosper does not have an arrest order for violations. Now remind yourself this party came AFTER he’d already gotten a bunch of negative press for his workouts. ==. Inexplicable and inexcusable. Most states have fines and jail time for blatant disregard of the order. If I were a Dallas fan, or if this were my team’s leaders, I would be truly ashamed of them. I counted 6 people in the pictures, far short of the alarming number 30, and the dinner table had 10 settings. Your chances of dying in an auto accident are over 60X greater than the number of people expected to die from the coronavirus so you better not drive again! They have tested nearly 12% of the entire country, which is way, way ahead of anybody else. I hope Jerry does sign him so they will be cap screwed for years! Learn how your comment data is processed. While it’s a small gesture, it’s an important reminder of how a small gesture can go a very long way. While the people at his party may or may not actually spread the virus the message he is sending as a leader and influencer is that it’s okay to not follow the rules regardless of risk to others. So far since we retired on 3/13 we’ve, among many other adjustments to our life, have That’s fundamentally unfair. Here in the midwest, people are starting to ignore the so-called shelter in place. Do they just believe that they’re more deserving to do what they want than the rest of us who are honoring the stay at home order? Or corrupt, as suggested by the last sentence.

If everyone stays with him during the two-week self-quarantine period, there is nothing wrong with this. Like what is the guy supposed to do? If everyone stays with him during the two-week self-quarantine period, there is nothing wrong with this. We are all at a time when we need to keep educating ourselves about the importance of health and isolation during this pandemic and I will continue to make sure to do my part by following the guidelines until we are approved to start returning to normal activities.". “The officer was unable to verify the report of a party,” Prosper P.D. It's certainly very serious and something that we know and certainly know they understand. There are carriers out there, a lot of them, that do not display symptoms! Bryant posted videos and photos from the workouts on social media. Well since he is not under contract they should rescind the tag and sign cam newton. The cops should have let the party go on while quarantining all in the house for 14 days.

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