), the logo appears on a black background in alternating blue, red, and yellow letters; the copyright symbol has also been enlarged and placed above the logo, while the copyright date is displayed in a serif font. Then in 2016 I worked as a 2D Designer at Brown Bag Films. Tractor Tom Returns is a reboot series of the 2003 CITV show Tractor Tom. He proceeds to bounce around the screen and interact with the logo, including taking "ENTERTAINMENT" and flipping it like a flipbook, then using it to hit the shield like a gong. It seems quite rare these days for the UK animation scene to be reporting on good news, but recently out of all of the the doom and gloom it was announced that Cosgrove Hall, creators of beloved childrens classics such as “Wind in the Willows” and “Dangermouse” were to re-open after closing it’s doors two years previously, with the welcome news that over 70 jobs were to be created in Manchester.

is a beautiful story about a young enthusiastic dog “Pip!” which is set on a beach that is primarily based on Salcombe in Dorset but could be Cape Cod USA, Bondi Beach in Australia or indeed anywhere. Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall formed and ran the original Cosgrove Hall creating over 1000 episodes of animated programs such as Danger Mouse, Cockleshell Bay, Count Duckula, Lavender Castle and The Wind in the Willows, and produced Fifi and the Flowertots, Postman Pat and Roary the Racing Car.
Simon Hall, Managing Director, has been involved in the production of children's animation throughout his career. The trio also announced a new then-to-be-named show for preschoolers, in the footsteps of Postman Pat . Set in the fictional seaside town of Salty Cove, a fictional seaside town, Pip! The 2D store contains hundreds of plan, script, storyboard and editing material from an assortment of Cosgrove Hall Films series, including Engie Benjy, Fifi and the Flowertots, Bill and Ben and the Likeaballs . In 2012, David Jason provided the voice of 'Skipper', one of the show's leading characters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The film was rated PG for Motion Picture Association of America. Directed by Formed in 2011, CHF Entertainment, part of the CHF Media Group (CHF) is the reincarnation of the multi award winning animation house, Cosgrove Hall, famous for big brand children’s shows such as Danger Mouse, Wind in the Willows and Count Duckula. (this was one of the character's catchphrases on the show), and Victor scowls at him.

U.K animation veterans Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall have teamed up with Francis Fitzpatrick to deliver a new animated series called Pip! In November 2012, Brian Cosgrove received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' Special Award for outstanding creative contribution to the industry at the British Academy of Children's Awards, BAFTA Awards.

Magic Marlon began on Milkshake in spring/summer of 2016.

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