I was... Hi, I have a kitchen sink with one faucet, two drains, a garbage disposal and a... Hello - I'm really confused and need some help. 0 Comment. These are the type of threads used on items that need to be easily disassembled, like jar lids. You may freely link The standard products for this are either Teflon pipe dope, Teflon tape, or PTFE tape.

If you go the other direction the tape will tend to come off as you try to thread the ends together.

DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Temporarily run pipe—longer than it needs to be—so it comes near the old pipe. What is the best method to attach to the wast line (with a p-trap before the... My house is a craftsman style house from 1912 in Oakland, California.

The overflow/waste drain is attached and in place. Make sure it is attached properly and securely by testing the strength out. Some pipe dopes made for metal pipe are not compatible with plastic. View our Privacy Policy here. There is a good reason for this.

Connecting second floor waste to main waste stack. Do not worry about over using the sealer.

Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be While moving the pedestal, the minor shocks completely broke the pipes going to p-trap and going to the wall. Don't put tape on the first thread and you will find it easier to get the joints started. If one is softer than the other, then the softer one will do all of the compressing or stretching. By Doni Anto | March 23, 2017. It seems that this has been a common problem for many. Put a good thick coat on starting with the second thread from the end. Adjustable Drainage Bends Connecting PVC Drainage To Clay Pipes Gullies - How, Why And Where To Use Them Underground Drainage - Basic Principles Underground Drainage Installation How Do I Connect My Downpipes To The Underground Drainage? To join a new plastic drainpipe to an old steel pipe, run new pipe into the room. Plastic to metal connections are made using threaded connections. Prime and glue two 5-inch pieces of pipe to a tee fitting.

This project will prove to be both economical and beneficial to any home owner.

Is it OK to connect PVC to the existing metal pipe in the wall? (Teflon tape must be put on in the correct direction or it comes off.) Now, doing some more cleaning, wipe off the end of the PVC pipe using PVC cleaner. You will want to complete this next step while the glue is still wet, do not allow the glue to dry, or it will prevent the pipes from holding together properly. I am plumbing a new american standard tub.

Just make sure you do not over tighten, for this will cause the fitting to be damaged and unusable. Typically these fittings are only used on large agricultural, park, and golf course irrigation systems. Step 7 - …

The new vanity has a fixed shelf measuring about 15.5... Hi, The sweep where the stack meets the sewer line has no clean out and appears to have some corrosion, so I'd like to replace it.

All rights reserved. Use a generous amount of glue to do this to ensure a proper bond. I have new new modular cape that had the first floor plumbing complete, and the second floor stubbed, and want to know the right way to connect the second floor waste drain which was installed in the house, to the main waste drain. For good-quality tape it takes 3-4 wraps around the male threads to create a good seal. I'm a first time home owner... Outside of my basement I have two pvc pipes side by side. But the problems that are posted have not exactly been identical to mine, thus I am still on a quest to find a favorable solution. Wrap the tape around the pipe threads in the same direction as the female threads will screw on. We welcome your comments and The joint will almost always leak or break. Reln 4 In Corrugated Pipe Adapter 000225 The . How to Connect PVC Pipe to Copper Pipe W... How to Connect PVC Pipe to Copper Pipe Without Welding.

Likewise with a female thread the first thread at the end has a larger diameter than the last thread. Stick to Teflon or PTFE materials that are labeled for use on plastic. I'm putting in a half bath and a washing machine in our basement and I'd like to like to connect it to the main stack and drain, which is all 4-inch cast iron. If you can hold the tape up to a light and see the light through it you have some very thin tape and you will need to use a lot more of it. The overflow/waste drain is attached and in place. (When running pipe across a stud wall, you may need to notch-cut some of the holes, using a reciprocating saw.) Website operating The standard IPS type threads used on pipe and fittings are not uniform in diameter. Most pros use Teflon pipe dope because it is faster and takes less thinking than Teflon tape to install. You can make a transition in the same way that you do for water pipes, but it isn't necessary. (Clockwise if you are looking at the end of the male threads.) Is it ok to connect PVC to the existing metal pipe in the wall? Since the male metal thread is harder, the male threads don't compress and all the "give" comes from the female PVC. Corrugated dual wall pipe connection in outdoor drain is clogged nexus hi way road drainage pipe iplex nz china large diameter pe corrugated pipe drainage pipes single wall dual. Do not use a plastic female threaded connector with a metal male connector! My existing waste line is 1 1/2" pvc, but the brass drain seems to be someplace between 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Some pipe dopes made for metal pipe are not compatible with plastic. Installing Sprinklers to Upgrade a Sprinkler System. Read the step by step information below to find out how to do this fairly simple, and very economical DIY project at a fast and pretty easy pace. Some Teflon tape, sold typically at discount suppliers, is very, very thin. The result is the female PVC is stretched beyond it's strength limits by the hard metal, resulting in tiny stress cracks and leaks. If using pipe dope spread it on the male threads. suggestions. If pipe dope gets into the pipes the water will carry it to the sprinklers and it will gum them up (using pipe dope also voids the warranty on most sprinklers.) Compressing is generally not a big problem, but stretching too much can be bad news for the strength of the material. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Installing pvc p-trap .. how to connect to metal pipe from wall (no threads) A few days ago our pedestal sink started leaking, so today I started looking around and noticed that the pipe going to the p-trap is leaking.

If you are looking for an economical way to change your pipes, try attaching PVC pipes to your steel pipes. Stick to Teflon or PTFE materials that are labeled for use on plastic.

Saving Money on Basement Foundation Repair. Fernco Corrugated Pipe Couplings Us. You will first want to remove the old steel pipe. Taking the female adapter, you will want to apply it to the male pipe threads. To adjust for this effect, female threads on fittings and valves are often reinforced by making them thicker.

home improvement and repair website. After you have tightened as much as you can with your hands, you will want to use either your pipe wrench or pliers to finish the tightening so it becomes very secure. Hold the pipe in place until the glue sets. The exception I hinted at is that there are some specialty plastic fittings available that have a combination of heavier plastic and metal reinforcement rings to give them sufficient strength to withstand stress cracking. This is done by taking off the pipe to the point where you are wanting to change the pipe to something new.

If pipe dope gets into the pipes the water will carry it to the sprinklers and it will gum them up (using pipe dope also voids the warranty on most sprinklers.) Using just your hands at first, tighten as much as possible with your own force. After the PVC pipe is dry, you will want to use your PVC glue to cover the end of the pipe.

I prefer to use the pink colored "extra-heavy", "full density" PTFE tape. I am replacing the drain in the bathroom lavatory. Pull the tape tight around the threads as you put it on, but don't stretch it too much. Because of this, you should (almost) never use a female PVC fitting with a male metal fitting. They will harm the plastic resulting in future failure. However this creates a problem if you are joining two different materials together. I have a big hole in a 24" horizontal lead pipe that bends at 90 degrees and connects the only toilet in the house to the hubless waste pipe.

Text and Images by Jess Stryker unless noted.

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