Once we found the hydraulic roller section, the first column lists each lobe by number.

If you need a new camshaft, it can be a bit confusing to put together the identification number of the camshaft you need for your car. The end of the cam is stamped 3709/3711 HR 114 followed by CC and 7661-11. Other examples include small block Chevys -12, big block Chevys -11, and 5.0L small block Fords -35.

Now turn the engine clockwise and stop at 0.050 on the opening side of max lift and record the degree wheel reading. For as simple as this product appears, it is actually a very complicated piece of engineering if you study it closely. Trying to find the specs on this camshaft. I have a cam trying to set startup timeing hr112 intake hyd .555 ext .576 duration .006 valve tapping lift 287 in 293 ex valve timing .050 open int 10 close btdc46 abdc exh :57 BBdc 5 ATC. Stock GM LS engine cams feature LSA anywhere from 116 to 121 degrees because GM is concerned with creating a very smooth idle. Your email address will not be published. Under that heading toward the bottom we found a tab for the Cam Lobe Master Catalog. can you help me to decode this cam . This will give you the intake centerline. The roller cam will have much more rounded lobes, like the big end of an egg. Hope we’ve helped you with a little more camshaft knowledge. The markings on end of cam is 300C6 and X6733. The lobes are also listed with various theoretical valve lifts–the one we’re interested in would be the LS1’s 1.7:1 rocker ratio that delivers 0.558-inch of lift. The 7661-11 is a serial number specific to that camshaft only. i have removed camshaft welsh plug to see numberbut can’t identify numbers help would be appricated.i nee to see what size converter i would need.

The greater number of degrees means there is less overlap between the intake and exhaust lobes. In the image on the left is a hydraulic roller cam, the rounded lobes are readily appearant compared to the flat tappet cam to the right of it. 139536 93B2B, I have a solid roller cam has cc 950 k5462 r6 292-5 296-6 stamped on front help with specs, I am just trying to decode the cam out of my 400m. i have some stamps on the cam that i can see EP236 and CWC can these be used to idetify the cam. The camshaft is an important part of your vehicle; it helps certain elements of your car run smoothly, from regulating the timing of your valves to bringing in fresh air to kick out exhaust. If your camshaft is for a custom vehicle or alteration, you may need to get even more specific. Optional camshaft number requirements are listed at the link in Resources.

The only thing we don’t know from these number is the cam’s intake centerline. However, most cams intended for street use are ground with several degrees of advance. If the number was 110 degrees, this would increase the amount of overlap. On other cams I’ve looked at, they just list the part number – which is easy to look up, but this cam has a bunch of numbers I don’t recognize. Take the 899C and add it to the model prefix.

But this comes at the cost of reduced torque in the middle of the rpm band. I have Comp Cams camshaft.

Thanks for any info I “”Think”” it’s a crane cam but I can’t match the stamped numbers anywhere. COMP Cams leads the industry in camshaft lobe offerings.

To decipher these codes, we accessed COMP’s website at compcams.com.

i have a 383 chev engine ibought and would like to know what cam is in it. Find the exhaust number and add it to the end of the list of numbers. I have a fessler roller cam trying to identify the grind specs. i have removed camshaft welsh plug to see numberbut can’t identify numbers help would be appricated.i nee to see what size converter i would need.numbers on cam end are z102 and also 14p. For the intake centerline method, once the cam is installed and TDC is established on the degree wheel, then roll the cam around until the dial indicator signals maximum lift. For instance, the number for a Toyota 3SGE would be CS 3SGE. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The model prefix is the first part of the camshaft number, and it describes the vehicle that the camshaft is meant for. If you want to know where the intake centerline is located, all you have to do is install the cam in the engine and then degree the cam. We continued down the list until we found the 3709 number, which because it is listed first on the camshaft, is the intake lobe. Depending on the model of vehicle, you may also need an exhaust grind number, which will be … Some enthusiasts just compare the opening and closing points of the intake with the cam card but this isn’t as reliable as the intake centerline method. This number should be on your camshaft, followed by a number of degrees. Ask Away!

COMP Cams uses two-number designations for all its engine families. Now zero the indicator and turn the engine backward until the dial indicator reads roughly 0.100-inch. This advances the intake centerline by that number of degrees.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. For example, you might have a camshaft stamped with the numbers 899C, followed by various numbers with degrees. with Jeff Smith: How to Decode a COMP Cams Camshaft, PERFORMANCE PARTS | My great WordPress blog. These spec are for cam install @108 intake ctr line duration @.050 intake 236 ext 242 lobe lift .3470in .3600 ext lobe selection 112.0 where do I set my timeing for first start ?

We have a hint because if a camshaft if ground with no added advance, the intake lobe centerline will be the same number as the LSA–114 degrees After Top Dead Center (ATDC). back of cam has 660 371079 front of cam has s42008L, i have a 572 hemi and i am in the process of pulling the cam but the harmonic damper is being a pain . Telling one from the other visually is relatively easy.

We compared these specs to the catalog and because there is no list number on the end of the cam, we will assume this was a custom-ground camshaft. First, 6V, Pink Stripe between dist. On the home page, we looked for the “Information” tab and then clicked on “Catalogs”. I purchased a used hydraulic roller camshaft from a friend that was originally used in an LS1 engine. And there is a CR inscribed as well off the lower left GM/Crane non-emissions vehicles & off-road, 2001 5.7L LS6, 1X RELUCTOR, 3-BOLT SPROCKET, 1997-99 CORVETTE 5.7L LS1, 1X RELUCTOR, 3-BOLT. The next information engraved on the cam was HR 114. The 3709/3711 numbers are references to lobe designs.

Less overlap generally produces a more stable idle while more overlap makes the idle lumpier. cs1563l crk2090b e-1563 r607011 h10528l 17-621 cam140l cam -1.625 -37sp -16-1/8in early/ crk2122b late cs1564r crk2090b e-1564 r607012 h10529r 17-620 cam140r cam -1.625 -37sp -16-1/8in early/ crk2122b late cs1584r e-1584 h10817r17-624 cam108r camshaft cs1585l e-1585 h10816l 17-625cam108l camshaft That gives us our first clue where to look for the rest of the numbers.

Your email address will not be published. In the catalog, you will see the cams listed by configuration starting with flat tappet hydraulics and then hydraulic rollers–which is what we want. Take the 899C and add it to the model prefix. 25-12. Find the profile or grind number. With thousands of active lobes in the COMP library, the combinations are infinite for any given engine. Locate the ID number on the camshaft. COMP Cams uses two-number designations for all its engine families.

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The 3709 lobe is listed as 265 degrees of advertised duration with 212 degrees at 0.050 and 0.328-inch lobe lift. In this case, we don’t know what the opening and closing points are – although you could compare the intake lobe points to an off-the-shelf XFI RPM Hi-Lift cam and probably be pretty close. 1998-2000 CAMARO/FIREBIRD 5.7L LS1, 1X RELUCTOR, 1999 4.8L LR4 AND 5.3L LM7, 1X RELUCTOR, 3-BOLT, 1999-2000 6.0L LQ4, 2000-07 4.8L LR4, 2000-07, 2000 CORVETTE 5.7L LS1, 1X RELUCTOR, 3-BOLT, 2002-05 5.7L LS6, 1X RELUCTOR, 3-BOLT SPROCKET, LT4 H.O.T crate motor cam, use w/1.6:1 roller, GM 350 HP Cam, RPM Range: 2200-5200, Rocker Ratio, ∀A Stamped between gear and first journal.

Then do the same process with the lobe at 0.050 on the closing side. I have this small block chevy the guy says is a 418 strocker …a lifter lifted off at the track but now im looking at the cam and all it has on it is a S then another set of numbers is CH2 ..its a roller set up lifter ar comp cams and so is the rockers but i have no cam spec with car when i got it so im lost ….

Depending on the model of vehicle, you may also need an exhaust grind number, which will be stamped onto your car's exhaust inlet, and it will follow the same form as the numbers on the camshaft. Rear cam bearing journal is etched/engraved “Fessler Killer Cams #38” Any info is appreciated. When referring to LSA’s, the larger the number, the more degrees of separation between the intake and exhaust lobes. For example, you might have a camshaft stamped with the numbers 899C, followed by various numbers with degrees. The ID number will consist of either eight or nine digits; the last four numbers identify the cam and its specific application. gear and first, 4v 8v, ∀BA Stamped after last lobe first digit, ∀BX Stamped after last lobe first digit upside, 63 390-406 4v 6v 8v, 66 428 PC ∀B Stamped after. If we didn’t already know this was an LS cam, the first thing we would want to do is determine the engine family. The HR refers to this as a hydraulic roller camshaft while the 114 refers to the lobe separation angle (LSA).

Add the two numbers together and divide by 2. It is typically located in the center of the cam between the lobes. The 3709/3711 numbers are references to lobe designs. The second lobe number 3711 refers to the same family of lobes–this one spec’d at 269 degrees advertised with 216 degrees at 0.050-inch tappet lift with a lobe lift of 0.330 and a theoretical valve lift of 0.561-inch. Number Manufacturer Years Cid Lift Lsa Icl Duration Lifter Notes ; 1: 10134334: Chevrolet: … Can you tell me the specs on this cam from these numbers? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

With your cam it might come out to somewhere between 114 to 110 degrees depending on if the cam was machined with advance. This requires a little more time but COMP does not charge extra, which is a great service if you are into tweaking the cam a bit to do something special. Jeff Smith: First of all, the CC refers to COMP Cams. Pingback: PERFORMANCE PARTS | My great WordPress blog, it seems like you can barely write,you need education, I bought pair of cams for my 99 mustang 4.6 i was told they are stage 2 cams but i wanted to be sure before taking old ones off can u please help me identify them will they improve my pony thank u very much sir. Match the number to a Chevrolet camshaft part number listing. We found it under the heading of Xtreme RPM for LS1 lobes, Hi Lift. Find the exhaust number and add it to the end of the list of numbers. All you have to do to determine valve lift is multiply the lobe lift times the rocker ratio. Required fields are marked *.

Find the model prefix. i have a 383 chev engine ibought and would like to know what cam is in it. We investigated a couple of our Comp off-the-shelf LS cams and found they were ground with 5 degrees of advance, but that is no guarantee that your camshaft is ground that way.

Grind numbers are HR 224/339. This is the COMP Cams equivalent of the Rosetta stone for cam lobes. Other examples include small block Chevys -12, big block Chevys -11, and 5.0L small block Fords -35. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Often roller cams will be made of steel and will be shiny instead of a flat black/gray color of a flat tappet cam caused by the anti-wear treatment it is given. The LS engine is designated 54 and this number is generally the first two numbers that define the actual cam part number. Stamped numbers are 529506 and 031531.

A flat tappet cam will be much more pointed, similar to the small end of an egg.

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