Chris Paul was still so angry after the game, multiple individuals said, because a member of Rajon Rondo's family made "inappropriate" comments to Paul's wife, Jada, in the stands after the altercation. HAPPY BDAY to my ACE @jada_ap!!! CHRIS PAUL “ YOUR SAPOSE TO BE SON LOOK LIKE RUDY “…, DAT BABY LOOK JUST LIKE RUDY GAY……….“MIGHT BE HIS SON, Ya’ll are sum hatin @$$ B*tchz! Best of luck to this beautiful and strong couple.

So who exactly is Jada Paul, the wife of Los Angeles Clippers player Chris Paul? I WATCHED THE PREVIOUS EPISODE OF “REAL NBA” Cheeks, who has served as an assistant coach for the Thunder under both Scott Brooks and Billy Donovan, has spent nine seasons with the franchise. Please check your email for a confirmation. #DontWorryILoveLilChrisTheSame #ButDontMessWithMyBabyGirl #FaReal, A post shared by Chris Paul (@cp3) on Aug 16, 2014 at 2:19pm PDT, Jada recently posted a photo of Camryn taking a picture of Chris, with Jada joking that Camryn is “the artsy fartsy type for sure.”, Getting her photography #on Camryn is the artsy fartsy type for sure. It’s quite sad. A post shared by Chris Paul (@cp3) on May 24, 2015 at 3:20pm PDT. I am very happy for him and his wife and wish them all the best! congrats on the new baby & forget about the haters!!! These days, Chris Paul’s wife Jada Crawley Paul lives the good life with him and their sons. I love to love you. And she looks like a nice person too. Hey i think chrispaul3 is sexy and has the best body in sports he is fine and i am available.and has very cute eyes, and smile. While there, Chris and Jada visited the Apartheid Museum. Beauty fades but REAL LOVE lasts forever. One part of this foundation is a program run by Jada Paul called the Jada Paul Prom Dress Giveaway. “I saw my wife there towards the end of the game. So proud of him; he works hard and his game is improving everyday #balboapark #steal #behindtheback #passfirst, A post shared by Jada Paul (@jada_ap) on Jan 7, 2017 at 1:35pm PST, #wheniwokeup this morning I was happy beyond words. Here’s what you need to know. Jada and Chris’ son, Christopher Emmanuel Paul, was two years old at the time and attended the wedding with his parents. any body single. The couple just bought a posh 10,000 square foot mansion in Calabasas, California in December that I’ve taken a look at. Your email address will not be published. Nice work, CP3! Fun website. Both Chris and Jada wanted to return to their home state to have the ceremony accessible for close friends and family. Report: Rajon Rondo's Girlfriend Confronted Chris Paul's Wife in Stands After Players Fought. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend that just so happens to double as my WIFE!!!

-God Bless You Both and don’t listen to naysayers – Jada/Chris believe NONE of what you Hear and HALF of what you see. Chris has been with his wife for about 40 percent of his life. FYI dat baby is not mine and startin in da year 2010 iwill b officially available. I REALLY LOVE CHRIS PAUL.. He threw a party and hired a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for the occasion. Hey i think chrispaul3 is the sex and has the best body in sports he is fine and i am available. A former athlete himself, Charles Sr. taught his sons basketball and football and coached them in various youth leagues throughout their childhoods. BUT I HAVE TO SAY THAT I DIDN’T REALLY “Basketball isn’t going to last forever. The most recent Prom Dress Giveaway took place in April 2016, and Chris Paul himself posted about it on his Twitter and Instagram page. 1 Before a couple 2 Relationship 3 Marriage 4 Children 5 See Also Chris was a basketball player at Wake Forest University Jada was a student at Wake Forest University Both Paul and Crawley were born and are natives of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Chris and Jada Paul are one of the most popular couples of the NBA. They look SOOOO HAPPY! u thnk id b wit dat 4 dat long please, chris paul i reALLY DON`T THINK DAT BABY IS YOURS YALL DON`T LOOK NUTHING A LIKE….

All is right in the world…my High School WEST FORSYTH beat @jada_ap high scool Mount Tabor 2nite!!! Earlier, in 2012, Chris Paul at a press conference asked his son to make the “Blake face,” imitating Clippers player Blake Griffin. Paul and Jada married in September of 2011. Especially when it's a lil girl! The young women invited to the event are able to select their own prom dress, shoes, purses and jewelry, according to The Jasmine Brand. I’ve thought for a long time that the duo of Chris and Blake Griffin are two of the coolest dudes in the NBA. On several occasions, Chris’ son has joined him for press conferences.

Chris Paul went to Wake (Forest). LeBron James is one of his best friends. After the fight on the court Saturday, there was reportedly a fracas in the stands. One of the more interesting stories about Chris Paul’s wife and him happened back in the days when Donald Sterling was still the owner of the Clippers. THE WAY HE SHOULD BE LOVED.. According to Chris Paul’s Instagram page, he and Jade started dating when they were 18 years old. They had their first child together, Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, on May 23, 2009 and their second their second child, Camryn Alexis Paul, was born on August 16, 2012. His wife and son were among the audience watching the game using Microsoft Teams’ “Together Mode” with their faces showing around the court. In August, Jada took little Camryn with her to get a strange green goo poured on their feet. So proud of him; he works hard and his game is improving everyday.”, First game of the Winter season! Recently, Christopher had the opportunity to hang out with his father on the bench during a game, according to SB Nation. Happy Valentine's Day hunny. Los Angeles Clippers player Chris Paul has been married for six years to his wife, Jada Crawley, and the couple has two children together. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard spends his time in lockdown working out with his wife Jada and their kids, 10-year-old Chris Paul Jr. and 7-year-old Camryn Paul.

According to Essence, the wedding program said of him, “We never knew it was possible to love someone as much as we love each other until you came into our lives.”, Yes you can baby! I am a big fan of Chris Paul. Marriage is a serious committment and getting the prettiest or best looking person you can is NOT and should NOT be your main priority when making that committment. “I truly love Jada; she has been there for the ups and the downs,” he told Essence.

I can’t believe some of these womens comments on this site. listen the only reason y im still goin out wit her is because she is a loner. “Even when the thought of that, the virtual fans, that means a lot.

Paul for six years has been married to his wife, Jada, whom he frequently speaks fondly of off the court and on social media. Chris Paul looked into the virtual fans during the Oklahoma City Thunder game against the Utah Jazz and saw a familiar face. Witness her charming christmas sweater. Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has sold an opulent mansion on the affluent suburban outskirts of Houston, Texas, for $5.85 million. According to Chris, Vinny Del Negro ended up taking that bullet for the team. The same is true for Chris and his Jada. just glad its not me no mo… ps we went out 4 7mo. Chris and Jada Paul were married in September 2011. i would nevah say dat to her face. While there, Chris and Jada visited the Apartheid Museum. I think she’s very pretty. Jada told Essence that it was important for her and Chris to get married in North Carolina, where both of them met.

Sign up for the OKC Thunder Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. It was a pedicure that she said felt like warm applesauce but smelt good. 4 years down, a lifetime to go! The league's owners want next season to begin on Dec. 22, while the players are in favor of delaying the season for an additional month and beginning on or around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is January 18, 2021. It took him a little while notice, but it was worth it. Chris Paul’s wife has a wonderful sense of humor and never misses a chance to make people smile. Half of the women misspelled words and used Ebonics. Chris met his future wife at Wake Forest University, where both of them went to college. I am not a hater however I am a very opinionated person. They both declined. Pour on the green applesauce! Been together since we were 18 and she's even more beautiful now than she was back then! It sort of reminds me of Jabba’s Palace but in a pretty way. A post shared by Chris Paul, II (@littlechrisp) on Mar 13, 2017 at 7:17pm PDT, It seems that Christopher takes after his father, as Jade recently posted a video on Instagram of Christopher playing basketball; the video was accompanied by the caption, “First game of the Winter season!

His wife and son were among the audience watching the game using Microsoft Teams’ “Together Mode” with their faces showing around the court. I JUST WISH MY CHRIS PAUL WOULD BE ABLE TO FIND KIND, CARING AND UNSELFISH Powered by.

#tbt On Friday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski penned a report in which he laid out the owners' case for wanting to start next season so soon after the 2019-20 season concluded.... On Friday, the NBA and the NBA players union mutually agreed to a fourth extension of the right afforded to either side to terminate the collective bargaining agreement.

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