Our TransAction Fleet Card will grant you access to dynamic card controls, enhanced reporting and evolving services and network access. Jessica used WEX’s TransAct Global (TAG), a proprietary processor of WEX, which allowed her to provide immediate results for Tenet.

Chevron is currently undertaking the largest shipbuilding and fleet modernization program in recent corporate history. Do not save this computer if it does not belong to you. They called WEX on Sunday, March 22, looking for help. I want to make a difference and make people feel like they belong here and WEXPats empowers me to do that by giving me a community of people who have the shared experience of immigrating to a new country for work and the passion to make the transition easier for others. Rebates are on cents per gallon based on the number of gallons purchased at Chevron and Texaco locations per billing period.

With many stores shuttered, that type of freight is drying up, and we are doing more delivery transactions with brokers. The code has been sent to your Phone number ending in. Online and mobile account

We are following individual state mandates regarding closures of full-service restaurant dining and are continuing carry-out services in these areas where we are able.”. Can I pay my TransAction card by Visa or Mastercard? We are positioned to create a community that sustains and supports us as individuals and leaders, while also helping us to drive positive impact to our business. A smart choice for a corporate gas card. https://chevron.parkland.ca/commercial-industrial/our-offering. This allows us to see the company through a different lens or perspective than we normally would. Detailed reports show who purchased The TransAction Fleet Card will help you simplify your fuel purchases while offering you both security and flexibility. Although we are spatially apart we have grown closer as a team through daily online huddles as well as sharing momentous pictures of our home life and pets. When the provinces of Ontario and Quebec announced lockdowns in late March due to COVID-19, WEX supported AllCard in their efforts to gain “essential service provider” exemptions from the lockdowns. Also, the people that are working from home are doing their best to keep business going as usual so that customers, vendors, and partners alike don’t miss a beat even though they may be working with limited resources or without all the tools they are used to having. Synchrony HOME™ One card. See what’s different about each card at a glance with our card comparison chart.

They are paying high rates to haul, which had included bonuses, but there are no longer offering bonuses. Tenet is a client Jessica Cook implemented in the summer of 2019. No setup or monthly fees; accepted at nearly 8,000 Chevron and Texaco stations in the U.S. Best for businesses that drive far and drive often. You can use your TransAction card at all Chevron-branded and Ultramar retail service stations in Canada. Go online or use our mobile app to view spending in real-time, or in detailed, one-click reports: Our U.S.-based customer adviser team takes pride in being there 24/7, ready to answer your calls quickly and help keep you moving. We’re working together to provide energy that drives human progress. With over 175 service stations, you’ll always be sure to find one on the road. These numbers have since leveled out to normal levels of pounds shipped.”. © Chevron U.S.A. Inc. All rights reserved. We’re here to help with any questions you might have about the program or the application process. A majority of our freight is shuttle movement within a 125-mile range for food manufacturing businesses.

In this installment, we gain the insights of a captain of one of our newest LNG carriers.

The 3¢ per gallon rebate will begin from gallon one and apply to each gallon purchased at Chevron and Texaco locations using the Business Access Card. Some of our mariners call it the “most difficult job on the ship.” The chief steward and members of a ship’s galley department have the challenging task of preparing and serving satisfying and nutritious meals that accommodate the varied tastes of a diverse crew. Are there any other perks or loyalty programs associated with the card? More than ever before, we understand the importance of work and family balance. See how a big purchase can fit your budget with manageable monthly payments. As Brian Helton describes it, “So here’s the crazy part. Signing up to access your account online is easy. what, when and where. We do the busywork, so you can focus on business. That’s an awesome story from the field.”. — WEXer LaTaschia Velasquez, Account Management Team Lead, Fleet, “I have been passionate about helping my customers and making sure that they have the tools and resources that they need to keep their trucks running during this crazy time. At Chevron Shipping Company, you’ll put your maritime skills to the test. I’ve been working with Rusty for 19 years and his passion for trucking has always impressed me. During a nationwide shut down as we are currently experiencing, the resources they provide are crucial for these drivers to make sure critical supplies, including medical supplies and equipment, are delivered in the most efficient and timely manner possible,” says WEXer Lynn Alexander, Vice President of Client Service Operations. (Mercer Owner Operator). During this pandemic, it can provide drivers with a feeling of comfort and security to know that places like TA are open and welcoming them in as they continue to work hard out there providing essential services for those of us sheltering in place. The immense size of our Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) helps lower the total cost per delivered barrel of crude oil. As Cook describes it, “With WEX’s flexible technology, we are able to create a virtual card instantaneously. Fuel anywhere with your Chevron and Texaco fleet cards—and earn rebates up to 6¢ a gallon at nearly 8,000 Chevron and Texaco locations with a business access fuel card. Synchrony bank not only allows you to log in to your account but also offers other services. management and bill pay. Over a million locations. As Helton describes it, this is what happened: “Just two weeks ago, when things were just starting to get kind of spooky with COVID-19, we had a driver over in West Virginia, Jason Miller, who had just left home that afternoon and after driving for several hours was ready to get a bite to eat before settling in for the night. What Mercer did back then to get their business off the ground is what is now referred to as trip leasing. These include showers, restrooms, registers, doorknobs, tables, menus, chairs, booths, counters, and all dishes, utensils and cooking surfaces. Miller ended up picking up a can of Libby’s Vienna Sausages at a local convenience store to satisfy his hunger for the night: that was dinner. By serving them, we’re participating in getting America’s vital goods, including medical and food supplies, delivered throughout the country. Click here, then click on the registration button for first-time users.

They built a fleet of over 2,000 trucks that way. While they do have a few employees working from home, they feel it’s important that they be in the office for the constant interaction needed with the company’s drivers.

*Applications must be received by December 31, 2020. I have been amazed at their dedication to not only keep delivering the goods and products that we need but their dedication in taking care of their drivers. All rights reserved. Standard text messaging and phone rates may apply.

It just so happened that he’d hit the road on a day when people in the area were beginning to be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus.

Their biggest single day to date was 2.3 million pounds shipped which last weekend went up to 3.2 million pounds.

Women play an important role at WEX. Your bill can be paid via the Online Portal. Earn a 3¢ off per gallon rebate* on all gallons at Chevron and Texaco stations with the Business Access Fuel Card. And neither one of them drove a truck. It was essential for Tenet to find creative ways to pay suppliers for the goods they needed. We are grateful to them for providing critical fuel and a safe environment for over-the-road truckers. Mercer now has 2,300 independent contractors hauling freight for them. I have one client that I know has loaded extra funds to their drivers’ cards so their drivers could purchase cleaning supplies to keep their trucks safe.”, “I would say that whether we are talking to a client or a vendor, it is great to hear that so many companies (including our own) are doing their best to get employees working safely from home whenever possible. We want to help you through this crisis.’ Our customers who are sheltering in place find they don’t have access to the systems they normally have in their office. We strive to enable human progress in a sustainable manner to serve the world’s growing population and create a better future. Standard text messaging and phone rates may apply. When you think about it, that’s a lot of supplies to keep stocked.

With 113,000 employees, Tenet serves 65 hospitals, 24 surgical hospitals, and 480 outpatient centers. The app also gives real-time location updates, including weather and construction updates.

The use of this site is governed by the use of the Synchrony Bank Internet Privacy Policy, which is different from the privacy policy of Chevron U.S.A. Inc.. Beginning of confirm your identity process dialog.

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