It’s going to be impossible to find someone like him . Chas was very helpful and friendly, spoke with him on many occasions over the years. 72.

1,019 He had been with Stern for decades. He was such a joy to work with and we were so lucky to have him just a phone call away. 2,381 8,722 1y 43

58. In the early 1930s, Slim also wrote novels, short stories, and other publications under the pen name Anthony Mills. [43] By the end of 1944, the majority of the men serving in the British 14th Army were in fact not British as of the 12 divisions that made up the British 14th Army, 2 were British, 7 were Indian and 3 came from Britain's African colonies. For his services to the Queen during the tour, he was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) on 27 April 1954.

His Official Secretary throughout his term was Murray Tyrrell. adborto . He was a true gentleman.

[9] They had one son and one daughter. 59,800 3X PLAT. 206 [25] The corps was under attack in Burma by the Japanese and, heavily outclassed by the more mobile and flexible Japanese, was soon forced to withdraw to India. On 21 January 1941, Slim was hit when his position was strafed during the advance on Agordat. now it’s too late. Updated daily. 24. Frank Ocean went on Tumblr immediately after Prince's death to pen a beautiful tribute letter to the late musical icon. 11. Omar has been in entertainment for 12 years working in production and writing. As Slim later wrote: "I was, like other generals before me, to be saved ... by the resourcefulness and the stubborn valour of my troops". Hard to believe. Pinside member . [33] The various hill peoples of Burma such as the Kachins, Karens, Chin, Nagas and the Shan collectively amounted to about 7 million of Burma's 17 million people, and unlike the Bamars, who had welcomed the Japanese as liberators, had stayed loyal to the British when the Japanese invaded. 7y He was twice mentioned in despatches during 1941. I didn't know him personally but we had several conversations and emails over the years and he was always super helpful. 8y Irreplaceable. RIP, 9y Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? 36 1, Oh no ! 3,178 [30] By 1943, the Burma Death Railway, which cost the lives of thousands of slaves who built it, was finished; this allowed the Japanese to reinforce the Burma Area Army, and made invading India barely possible. Slim saw active service in both the First and Second World Wars and was wounded in action three times. 64 replies @hiphop: 3 118 Yeezy Been Tryna Divorce Kim!! I am going to miss him. [48] It was considered necessary to capture the port because of the length of the supply lines overland from India and the impossibility of supply by air or land during the monsoon.

The lyrics in questions can be found peppered throughout the comment section: Slim switched sides on me, let niggas ride on me/I thought we was cool, why you want me to die, homie? In June 2019, the government of the Australian Capital Territory announced that, after considering allegations made to the Government, submissions by the Slim family and the royal commission into child sexual abuse, it had decided to change the name of William Slim Drive, which connects the town centres of Belconnen and Gungahlin. We talked quite a bit over the years solving problems. 542 Chas was awesome. da f**k outta here.". Slim was the head of Black Hand Entertainment - an infamous hip hop management company. 38,974 On 1 January 1946, he was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE). He will be greatly missed. 14,650

65,150 To distract the Japanese from his campaign in central and southern Burma, Slim ordered the Chinese in northern Burma to begin an offensive, which for a time led the Japanese to the erroneous conclusion that the main goal of the Allies was to open the Burma Road to China. Only dealt with him a couple times. He was my go-to guy. [59], ...I see him clear, with that robber-baron face under that Gurkha hat, and his carbine slung, looking like a rather scruffy private with a general's tabs, which of course is what he was. 100K 90,300 3

7 #13 71 days ago DAD. Chas, an amazing tech support engineer at Stern has passed away :(.


[42] In December 1944, during a ceremony at Imphal in front of the Scottish, Gurkha and Punjabi regiments, Slim and three of his corps commanders (Christison, Scoones and Stopford) were knighted by the viceroy Lord Wavell and invested with honours. 11

"Good doctors are no use without good discipline. [46] The differences between Slim, who was determined to save the lives of his men as much as possible vs. the fanatical desire of Japanese officers motivated by Bushido to have every man under their command die for the Emperor led Slim to estimate that for every man killed under his command, the Japanese lost a hundred men.

[8], On 1 January 1926, he married Aileen Robertson, daughter of Rev John Anderson Robertson (d.1941) minister of Cramond near Edinburgh. 6y One of those artists mentioned above, however, isn't feeling anything about Williams' passing. On 24 April 1959, he was appointed a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter (KG).

He was without pretension, devoted to his wife, Aileen, their family and the Indian Army. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle" show hard times from Toya & Reginae. After going to jail, Chaz continued his bank-robbing career. Sad to hear. 8. Ski Mask The Slump God doesn't need permission to mourn. 8y He was the best person over there period.

[33] The hill peoples of Burma had suffered under Japanese rule, and were more than willing to wage guerrilla warfare against them. 3,239 [50], The Japanese garrison in Mandalay chose not to surrender, using the forts built by the British and the maze of pagodas in downtown Mandalay to fight to the death in an urban battle that destroyed much of the city, which finally fell to the British 14th Army on 20 March 1945. Jamaal "Mally" Gaines opened the store with the dream of being able to support his family. He had already published his personal narrative of the Burma Campaign, Defeat into Victory, in 1956.

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