Not yet joined as an active member, but regular visitor to the site and have always found the road scheme section really useful. However, as one of the principle reasons I visited today was to find what latest on the A14 upgrade is I'd be sad to see them go.

This is personified in RIS1, the upcoming RIS2 and the ring-fencing of all VED tax to road building. I am a big fan of the 'Road Schemes' section of the website, as it was the first reason that brought be here. To illustrate the point, there are 113 schemes currently listed on CBRD but only five of them have been updated in any way in the last month. [specify] New routes have also been allocated 3 or 4 digit numbers, for example the Edinburgh City Bypass is the A720.

The road schemes section is a large part of my motivation for visiting the site. Some A roads are designated trunk roads, which implies that central government rather than local government has responsibility for them. As you said, if there's no other place to summarize the stuff it probably should continue. As an ex-pat I find it interesting to see what's going on around places I used to live. I'd be interested to know what you think and whether you would strongly oppose option 3, which is the current front runner. Zone 8: North of the A8, west of the A9 covering northern Glasgow, Zone 9: North of the A8, east of the A9 covering, This page was last edited on 10 August 2020, at 14:43.

All I can do is hope that people will continue to do this and your comments will drive this further. In reply to Road Schemes is the only… by Perhaps a stripped down "Start of Scheme / Completion of Scheme" protocol would be more manageable? I do agree it is sad that it is not working as intended. You can let me know in the comments below or by email. I always take it's relevance with a pinch of salt based on the fact that it is updated by user feedback, so only tend to glance through every 3-4 months now. I fully realise that it’s your hobby and we can’t expect you to continue with something that’s time consuming and reading between the lines, unrewarding for you. It originally ran only from London to Amersham, but was extended in 1935 to reach the A4 near Maidenhead, giving it its present rather silly route. That said, it would be sorely missed ( very surprised that it’s only 1% of the site traffic ) and would urge you to consider your second option of farming it out. The A47 runs from Birmingham to Lowestoft via Nuneaton, Peterborough and Norwich, but the "A47 corridor" to which Highways England refer is the trunk road from Peterborough to Lowestoft.

I know about the Poole Link Road, which was planned in the 80s, although I would be interested to know if any other road schemes were ever proposed in the East Dorset conurbation. Perhaps if resources are tight you may want to consider confining it to a certain criterion, let's say designated (T) trunk roads, components of the strategic road network, or more ambitiously anything receiving a central government grant and just leaving out the ones that are totally dependent on the local authority. Suffer no longer - here are the answers!

Is it the UK's most misunderstood junction? Now I know that because I can see that from my office (and local news bulletins) but I don't know enough to update the page. It goes slowly because the timescales for major road projects are sooooo long, and often long periods of time pass without publicly-visible announcements. only a quarterly monthly update of all schemes based on user information sent in (with an accompanying disclaimer to any unwise hacks who attempt to generate headlines from the current 'status' shown), or divide the schemes into 'regions', much like the Highways website does for major schemes, and see if there are sufficient regular users of your site in each region willing to take on the 'updating'? I'm one of the regular contributors to Road Schemes, and unsurprisingly I want to see it continue. It can be very hard to work out what is happening with ongoing schemes. This website contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Primary routes include both trunk and non-trunk roads. In London, Cycleways are designated and signed using the C prefix. The Great Britain road numbering scheme is a numbering scheme used to classify and identify all roads in Great Britain.

Keep up the great work, especially on the Ringways! Perhaps a small team of volunteers managing it would be good. This classification has nothing to do with the width or quality of the physical road, and B roads can range from dual carriageways to single track roads with passing places. to answer your question if you have a willing group to maintain that would be my pick. Road Schemes is the only reason I visit your site! Recruit a group of interested volunteers to actively maintain Road Schemes pages. Two schemes exist; one for roads of motorway standard (and classification), and another for non-motorway roads. I would support the idea of others assisting you to continue to provide what is a very well appreciated service. I've visited your Road Schemes quite regularly since I first discovered your site over 10 years ago. Although i'm an infrequent visitor I hope you don't bin this section.

Maybe the solution is to allow user editing to free yourself from the time it takes to update each scheme..? Your comment won't be visible immediately. The numbers of the roads changed quite frequently during the early years of the system, because it was a period of rapid expansion of the network and some numbered routes did not follow the most usual routes taken. Originally along the Great North Road, it then moved to the Tyne Tunnel, causing some of the roads in Zone 1 to lie in Zone 6.

In essence the bridge is in place but not open to traffic. And of course because there are very few updates, they aren't as useful as they could be, so people don't visit. Please don't discontinue it! I view it a couple of times a month and find it of interest; it will also make a valuable historical resource in the fullness of time. It is very valuable resource because collects both national and local schemes in one place and is the only location I have seen this information. Comments, questions, errors, omissions, cash donations... get in touch! I'd even consent to being emailed by the site to ask if there's any updates on projects that haven't been touched for (say) six months, as long as there was a way to positively indicate "no change".

If, after a period of say, 18 months, you feel it’s not working, then you can revisit? I would like to do things well or not at all, and in its present state, Road Schemes is half a job. The work was interrupted by the First World War. The Wikipedia model worked for them, perhaps initially delegate some editor rights on the road schemes to a few trusted people who are willing to do it for free? Your request to see a non-existent page generated the error code 404. Danny.

Unlike the document you wanted to see, the A404 is easily found. A short and insignificant route, matching this short and insignificant page, the B404 is in Covent Garden in London's West End, running from Shaftesbury Avenue to William IV Street just off Trafalgar Square. [9] There have been occasions where this designation has been used to indicate motorway bypasses of an existing road, but the original retains the A road designation, for example A3(M), A329(M), A38(M), A48(M) and A627(M).[9]. We are no longer accepting progress updates or changes to these pages, and the information below will date from March 2020 at the latest. It's a shame that our own government and agencies don;t appreciate that there needs to be an authoritative central resource of this sort of public information. It is very useful to see what changes are planned.

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