On 1 June 1943 a bombing raid destroyed the engine house, killing the three duty keepers. [5] Hood College named their career center after Shouse after her substantial contribution which enabled the college to obtain most of their modern technological equipment for worldwide career information. The views of the magnificent scenery and old-world charm make for beautiful photos and precious memories that you’ll treasure forever. During the construction of the Filene Center—named after Shouse's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Filene[9]—in 1971, Shouse even visited and assisted workers on site, even offering sandwiches and other refreshments when possible. Dezember 1964) ist eine französische Triathletin, die vorwiegend auf der Langdistanz aktiv ist. ocp.hul.harvard.edu/ww/shouse.html. And General [Omar] Bradley came back from the big horrible battle and that horrible experience that our people had in Luxembourg. [22], By 1932 the fog horn house was being undermined by erosion; it was demolished and a second (smaller) tower was then built alongside the lighthouse to house a new more powerful 12-inch siren. In 1964, the National Cultural Center was renamed The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts following the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When Television House was vacated in the early 1970s, it was again occupied by the government, this time by the General Register Office, where it housed the birth, marriage and death certificates of the English and Welsh populations. When first built the light was oil-fuelled; its lamp, with four concentric wicks, was set within a large (first-order) fixed dioptric lens, built by Cookson & co. and surmounted by 250 mirrors (which were later replaced with prisms). Catherine and Arthur were married on 14 November 1501. St Catherine's House. [16] The new apparatus, borne on a trough of mercury and driven by a large clockwork mechanism,[17] revolved much faster to give a much quicker flash, once every five seconds. Whenever she obtained extra money, Shouse would buy adjacent plots of land to add to Wolf Trap. That evening, however, while reading through the classified ads in the newspaper, she came across a property for sale advertisement. [4], The new lighthouse, built by Trinity House in 1838, was constructed as a 40-metre (130 ft) stone tower. Henry VIII told her that if they declared Anne their queen, they would be able to see each other. They were sent to Ludlow Castle in Shropshire, to take control of the Council of Wales. 1984 Advisory Board, Washington Conservatory. [2] Nearby there are the footings of a replacement lighthouse begun in 1785, but this was never completed because the hill is prone to dense fog. Months later, Catherine and Arthur became ill, possibly from a sickness which was sweeping the area at the time. [citation needed][14] In 2014, she did an in-depth interview about her life and career for the book Prairie Memories by Patrick Loubatiere.[15]. Katherine is a character in House Party. MacGregor's best-known role was from 1974 to 1983 in NBC's Little House on the Prairie as Harriet Oleson, the general store owner's wife and a comedic part. The divorce went against the Roman Catholic belief system, so Henry created his own church, the Church of England. [14], In 1904 the 16-sided optic was removed from St Catherine's (and installed instead in South Foreland Lighthouse). [2] When Katherine was a child, her mother Beatrice moved the family to Fort Collins, Colorado, where they lived most of Katherine's early life. [7], In 1868 a Daboll trumpet fog signal was installed in a building on the cliff edge;[8] it used an Ericsson 4 hp caloric engine to sound a reed attached to an acoustic horn, once every 20 seconds. 1979 Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Maryland 1975 Doctor of Humanities, Bucknell University
", McLellan, Joseph. Catherine Durant was an American politician, most recently serving as the 68th United States Secretary of State. Shouse believed children should have the opportunity to learn about nature and animals and she wanted her children to be closer to nature than would be possible living in her urbanized Georgetown residence. She was extremely popular with the people of England. [12], In 1982, at age 85, Shouse led a rigorous effort to rebuild the Filene Center, Wolf Trap's main performing arts venue, after it was destroyed by a fire that April. Catherine Filene Shouse (June 9, 1896 – December 14, 1994) was a researcher and philanthropist.She graduated in 1918 from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts.

Shouse received myriad other awards, including the Living Legacy Award from the Women's International Center, the Vienna (Austria) Medal of Honor for Assistance to Austrian Youth, and the City of Paris Award (both in 1949). The English ambassador reported a few days later that "the house of Guise ruleth and doth all about the French king".
Associated TeleVision (ATV) inhabited Television House for the first few years of broadcasting, mainly as office accommodation rather than studio facilities.

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