thanks so much and it looks GREAT! Sanding, deglosser, liquid sanding? I lofted my attic and am not happy with the dry walled ceiling. I would love to do this in my basement. No? Then wipe it down with a cheesecloth or better yet…a tack cloth. Would love to know if there is a sealant of some sort that has to be over the white wash boards if I do this on my bathroom ceiling? If I want to whitewash my outdoor deck, do I need to use different product since it needs to be water/weather proof?

Sorry I am late to this party but I googled white washing planks and you came up I want to do a tray ceiling and wanted to ask what kind of “new” wood to buy and where. Thank you, beautiful work and very helpful article. In other words, squeeze your brush out on a paper towel, get just a little watered down paint, and then brush it onto the surface of the board. I have been looking to do this for a while just dont like the long process ideas. I’m basically a simple girl dreamer with simple needs and it only makes sense that my painting techniques are equally uncomplicated. Use the brush to create the texture you’re looking for and don’t wipe it off. You could try saving a bit of the whitewash paint in a small cup and then touch up the nails. I’ve been pondering how I will handle it, and have really just not seen it anywhere, so I’m quite excited to see yours. Hi Michelle. If it were me, I would probably try a deglosser and strong cleaner first (becuase you’ll want to remove oils, too) and then test an inconspicuous area. Thank you so much, Nicole!

You have to keep going until you love it... To help you reach the "love it" stage, here are some tips I found that helped. The images of the boards are great! A handy tip when painting is to lay the paint off before it goes tacky for a finer finish.

Otherwise, there are certainly possibilities of creating a faux texture using dry brush techniques, though it would be a lot of work. Without knowing what kind of sealant you have on your wood, I’m not sure exactly how to direct you, but for the whitewashed look, you want the watered down paint to soak into the wood, which can’t happen if it’s sealed. Each plank has its own identity, and each plank will take a certain finesse, but the overall result is wonderful... isn't it? Have a great week! This is gorgeous! If they have previously been treated with a sealer or oil, though, that might be why you’ve been told you need an oil primer. This is why I’m pretty much obsessed with this farmhouse table painting idea. Thanks! Reply. This all just depends on how you want your washed wood furniture to look. The only problem is that chalk paint needs a top coat. I love the new old look… I am featuring you tomorrow. Hope this helps! Hi!

do you have any other suggestions for painting a paneled wall that is just a little out of the ordinary? It sounds like it will be beautiful!

Good luck with your project! Thank you so much, Barbara Ann! We did not have any drywall on the ceiling at all, so everything has been planked (including the well for the skylight). I’m not a beige lover personally, but I do love the Rustoleum brand American Heirloom color paint (comes in a spray AND a can). Floor is unfinished so no stress there, ha! .

It’s true that wasn’t our experience. Anywhere that there has been grease or oil that may have gotten onto the wood may have trouble taking water based paint. Tip 7: If you are layering any pieces a different direction (like our faux beams below), try to whitewash them before you install them so you don't mess up your brush strokes. I hope these ideas help get you started! And I’m assuming it’s new wood? My question is that all of my shiplap runs horizontal. Thank you so much, Amanda! You have given very good information about whitewash wood in this blog. I’m so glad you found the tutorial helpful… I hope you’re able to achieve what you want in your son’s room!! Your space is lovely and you did an amazing job. While we could mix them up some, we knew we needed to try to match the new and old boards first, so we started by staining all the new boards to a color similar to dark wood of the aged ones. Your rooms looks fabulous. I can’t wait to set the table for some fun posts to share coming your way soon!

Thank you so much, Rayana!! It is water based and not oil based paint. What do you suggest I do? Check the Amazon questions and answers and thanks for stopping by.

Hi Hilary, Correct…the legs are painted white. Any insight?? With a little know-how and the right materials, you can get the modern look you are going for. You said you used acrylic paint but the link to the rustoleum is LATEX paint. Thanks!! Hi there! Hi Rachel! Could you whitewash over a pine paneling that was lightly stained many years ago? Do you have a piece of furniture that you would like to lighten up by whitewashing? And how could we cover up all that beautiful woodgrain and texture with solid white paint? SIGN UP FOR MY LATEST FREE DECORATING GUIDE! I am so glad to see yours looking so beautiful; it reassures me that my plan is going to yield the pleasing result I imagined. I hope this helps! Maybe you already answered this in the comments (haven’t read all of them) but how many coats did you do? Lexi…just catching up here and wanted to answer you. Latex paint generally will not bond with oil based paint, but I didn’t have any trouble with this because I used a penetrating stain, not a paint. We have just had the dark exposed wood for many years. So we just bought a house back in June and a majority of our walls and ceiling are carsiding and wood planks.

Am I right ? I consent to collecting and storing the data I submit in this form. That’s a great question, but it doesn’t have an easy answer, unfortunately. Thank you so much, Kristi!

I am assuming because this is latex paint you did not apply a topcoat or sealer of some sort…on either the ceiling or door. If you can’t achieve the lighter look, you might consider trying that. I hope this helps!

Your ceiling turned out beautiful! Every type of wood and varnish will take the paint a little differently. I change my mind about design choices all the time! You could try an inconspicuous corner, give it a week, then try scratching it off. In that time, though, I did not see problems with tannins seeping through. I would suggest experimenting. I love the ease of it and I just love how it turned out.

We only stained the new wood, but you could certainly stain it all if you wanted a darker base color. You can also use a chemical deglosser as well. However, you might be able to get a very similar look with some dry brushing and rubbing… but you will still need to sand or degloss the poly to make sure the paint will adhere and not peel off. See if it works out for you. But be sure to test some first because adding the stain will give more depth and variations to the grain. I’m warning you, it’s addictive! I hope this helps! You can find the lights at Ikea here. The varnish won’t apply the other paints to adhere to the wood and this is going to cause a problem later on. (because who really has time for that?!). I also read in some other article that you can shellac over the knots before white washing, and I’m not sure the purpose of that. I love your style! I am thrilled and cannot wait to finish, you are truly an inspiration ❤️! Thanks! Is this true or can we use waterbase? Going for a modern dollhouse theme. Should we plan to be showered in paint? I finally found something that I like so that I can fix this ugly paneling. I’m so glad you shared the entire process! Good luck with your project! My husband and I went out last weekend and looking for our forever home. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you ever feel your paint is getting too thick, just squirt a little extra water in.

I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post on 4/8 at Simply Creative Living if you don’t mind. Also, my top is painted in black chalkboard paint, will I need to paint white over it and then whitewash? So pretty. The other thing to remember, though, (especially if your paneling really is raw) is that if you change your mind later, you can always prime and paint over it. The table top feels and looks like raw wood and very porous. If it is completely untreated, then the world is at your fingertips. We want to match them, but it seems most people plank ceilings with tongue and groove, so I was curious what you guys did here.

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