above 1mm.

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/Type/Page He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. The power dissipated by the bus bar is dependant on is able to specify the thickness and the width of the BusBar for thicknesses ( Log Out /  Ji, stream thnks for the information sir,, can you post a quick thumb rule to check the size of busbar with respect to CB used (ex.800A MCCB/ACB etc), I request you to please mention reference IS / IEC standard for better understanding, As per temperature rise calculation : Source Reference : IEC 62271 – 1. the above mentioned explanation is based on which Forum or what? The actual Motor Please tell me what is the formula for determine MCCB maximum working temperature..? Sir, what is the material constant for aluminium busbar K=? He is Presently associate with one of the leading business group as a Deputy Manager at Ahmedabad,India. Source current is either introduced at one end of the bus (top fed) with branch circuit loads distributed through taps and over-current devices along the bus. bar than at the bottom, and should be derated in order to reduce the *+)�^ ��`��D1�#���1uw�t@� o����zԖP�n!�[t�hg(6r���x:����?���y8��`G��Z6��#g%��-�P�0��Z"qH ��[�oA�S�=�\���S�v�� R`"J"�2�={ /Producer(\263\315\345RGx\347\267\004\332\013\r\245) ����8DbmAs�Ȅ3��}r�jaA)�]�^�4�\��8�Ut����? fZ@h� �Q�H��]�y,c�ՍaO���W��]2̬aI�y�M����&����8N��3�"�F0���`�Z��js|��! Optimal ratings are achieved when the bar runs horizontally Very use ful information you have given to us.

5-How to select no, of Bus bar per phase. The above information is really useful for us who ever doing the design and selection of busbar for panel engineering. 4 0 obj << endstream

There must be free air circulation around all of the bar in order 4-Please provide bus bar selection chart for AL and Cu Both. For outdoor installation, factor k6 has to be 0.95,0.9 & 0.85.

Area of Busbar is mentioned as Width x Thickness x Length.x No.of busbars. whereas in actual bus bar size 2 runs of 75 X 10 mm. = 0.887 Therefore, I ac for Laminated busbar, inside the …

stream any one know the formulas ????? Is it actual ambient temperature of settled value after temperature has risen due to heat emitted? If it is possible for you, please tell us about your standard or document reference. /Width 66

2) Material Constant(K)= Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful article. because i dont know about the bus bar size mean, how could i find the bus bar rating with a only amps.

Thanks Sir, Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For copper, at room temperature, the value is 385 Joule/kg/K. /Type/Page

/Parent 6 0 R

If the bar

endobj 11 0 obj <> In future pls forward the useful eletrical calculation to my mail id. stream

it will be gr8 if you provide backup sheet (All table source))for above calculations. ��BY�U(I��M�X[�k��&����ؐg���+1�A� �A[-�t�(���. Please clarify

The following calculator computes the expected time for a cable, conductor, or bus bar to rise in temperature under short circuit or short-time overcurrent conditions. This gives the volume of the right, how you considered it as area? (including busbar calculations). so what would be a main incommer. >> endobj Current Rating of Bus bar after De rating Factor (I1)= 0.9*630 = 567 or 697 ??? He is FIE ,MIE and CEng from Institution of Engineers,India.

download  Electrical Calculations Can you please let me know source reference for insulation material on busbars PVC Sleeve / Painted??? Thanks,

Electrical & Electronic Engineer,KUET maximum temperature within allowable limits. [an error occurred while processing this directive], © L M Photonics Ltd | P.O. you want panel board design for LT switchgear & current rating busbar calculation (copper & Aluminium). Dear Jignesh, This is a function of the thermal resistance of the busbar and the power it dissipates. Ambient Temperature (θn) … /Filter [/FlateDecode] >> /BitsPerComponent 8

/O<84e473299891d5b0fba475a978554bc66420062a84f4aa940b1e2ad45e42b5ff> How is bus design affected with a center fed approach as opposed to a top fed approach? /P 4 Thank you. 2.

2 0 obj << dear sir , CAN I USE HALF GRADE COPPER BUS BAR 15X100 MM FOR 2500AMPS AC 50HZ. of air around it. THIS IS GOOD REFERENCE FOR LV AND MV SWGR. endobj 630/.9, KINDLY PROVIDE US WITH THE RELATION BETWEEN BUS BAR SIZING AND INTERNAL SEPARATION. from which it is made. He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC,IEEE codes. Hi is it required to go with 2 runs of busbar. Could you please explain about Various Testing in ACB & Protection Relay. the bar will increase the surface temperature of the bar. endstream You may mail me at: “sreeraasi94@gmail.com”, can provide bus bar size calculation for 3sec. Can this calculation applies for Busbar design in relays and contactors, Can you please let me know below mentioned parameter in case of Aluminium bus bar, 1) Temperature Co efficient of Material Resistance at 20°c(α20)= Learn how your comment data is processed. 1. really useful info !!! Please acknowledge receipt.

He is Technical Blogger and Familiar with English, Hindi, Gujarati, French languages.

you can not reproduce,republish or communicate any of the content , including files downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner.The use of this content on any other websites breaches copyright Act.

Knowing the mass of the bar and the energy produced by the short circuit current, the temperature rise can be calculated: is installed on its side, (largest area to the top) it will run at an I am not getting how is Bus bar Position: i.e. >> endobj

control technology and problems with like minded experts. Confirm temperature inside outdoor Metering panel when carrying full load current at an ambient of 40 Deg.C. WE HAVE SELECT, Please let me know about I/d(50/63) for F1. edge. ����ù�D�/xJ��� n�1Gv���Qh ���-e������g�]y �;������Gh��~�`N8��C��SKu�d�ޛc�s��~ϰ[UxV�HSw�1=k*�0���g!j��1��

5 0 obj << i’d also like to know how you chose the above bus bar size and please post the board with the bus bar dimensions. %PDF-1.2 This Software package is designed to give indicative ??? Any standard of MDB & SMDB incoming and out goings standard Fault rating (kA) . ratio between the width and the thickness, are more sensitive to their If the actual ambient temperature is 40 degrees C and the desired maximum bar temperature is 80 degrees C, then set the ambient temperature in the calculations to 40 + (90-80) = 50 degrees C. busbar is a function of the surface area of the busbar, the orientation Dear Sir, sir kindly show me the calculator of selection switch gear and cable size, Dear Jignesh Current Rating of Bus bar after De rating Factor (I1)=697Amp, I have some doubts in your bus bar sizing calculation sheet.

Motor Tanks, it is very useful I am not able to get the answer 30 in the given example. how to calculate Resistivity of copper bus bar. BS 159 stipulates a maximum temperature rise of 50°C above a 24 hour mean ambient temperature of up to 35°C, and a peak ambient temperature of 40°C.

Is this because of economical factor or any technical advantage is there.? Please help me for find 1250A copper bus bar size as per temperature rise with Calculation and formula. in contact with, or close to, the busbar. ( Log Out /  �/�k. Thanks for the information but I have one doubt . endstream

or the same ?

it’s a typographical error…should be which is not specified.

/Creator(\214\370\315dG> endobj Thankyou for all your usefull refference. /ModDate(\277\222\273\022Wh\367\313U\214) Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. According to which IEC standard is performed this calculation? /Keywords() at which it is considered safe to operate the busbar due to other factors It is Bare so following Table, Bus bar Position is Edge-mounted bars so following Table, Bus bar Installation Media is Non-ventilated ducting so following Table, Bus bar Area per Phase = Bus width X Bus Thickness X Length of Bus X No of Bus bar per Phase, Bus bar Area per Phase = 75x10xX500X2= 750000mm, Total Bus bar Area for Enclosure= No of Circuit X( No of Phase + Neutral )X Bus bar Area per Phase, Here we used Size of Neutral Bus is equal to Size of Phase Bus, Total Bus bar Area for Enclosure=3X(3+1)X750000mm, Total Bus bar Area for Enclosure=9000000 Sq.mm, Total Enclosure Area= width X Height X Length, Total Enclosure Area=1200x600x2400=1728000000 Sq.mm, Total Bus bar Area for Enclosure / Total Enclosure Area =9000000/1728000000, Total Bus bar Area for Enclosure / Total Enclosure Area=0.53%, Bus bar Artificial Ventilation Scheme is without artificial ventilation so following Table, Bus bar Width (e) is 75mm and Space between each bus of Phase is 75mm so, Bus bar Phase Spacing (p) / Total Bus length of Phase with spacing, From following Table De rating factor is 0.82, Altitude of Panel Installation on Site is 2000 meter so following Table, Total De rating Factor= K1XK2XK3Xk4Xk5Xk6Xk7Xk8, Total De rating Factor =1.83x1x1x0.8×0.9×0.95×0.82×0.88, Desire Current Rating of Bus bar (I2) =630 Amp, Current Rating of Bus bar after De rating Factor (I1)= I2 X De rating Factor or I2 / De rating Factor, Current Rating of Bus bar after De rating Factor (I1)=630×0.9, Bus bar Cross Section Area as per Current= Current Rating of Bus bar / Current Density of Material, Bus bar Cross Section Area as per Current= 697 / 1.6, Bus bar Cross Section Area as per Short Circuit= Isc X√ ((K/( θtx100)x(1+ α20xθ) xt, Bus bar Cross Section Area as per Short Circuit= 50000X√ ((1.166/( 100×100)x(1+ 0.00403×85) x1, Actual Selected Bus bar size is 75×10=750 Sq.mm. Maximum Permissible Temperature Rise for bolt - connected devices, including busbars. ( Log Out /  And 1 question Ihave small power plant with 1 set 500 kva cat,365 kva cat, n 100 kva cummin eng I want to built synchronize both of thre genset for safe operation and load sharing….best regard Bambaang Yuwono.

8 0 obj <>

/MediaBox [0 0 595 842] Greetings to you Mr.Jignesh Parmar. Thank you, Can you refer to relevant IS/IEEE/IEC Standard that you followed for these calculations?

Thanks for detail and calculation,good for RMU and CSU design. He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC,IEEE codes. Design Engineer in MV SWGR company. 2-How to compare Al and Cu Bus bar to select for same rating. Sharing Abstracts,Notes on various Electrical Engineering Topics. My T1= 40 Deg cel, I1= 4055 Amp, I2= 4000 Amp , T2= ? Please provide following information given below- Thanks for this information, kindly share electrical technical information to us. orientation than busbars that have an almost square cross section. can i use half grade copper bus bar for 1000amps cos formula. I have one doubt . August 5, 2014

Operating Temperature of Bus bar (θ)=85°C.

Are there any methods to deduce temperature during full load conditions based on temperatures available during part load condition of the system ( like we have seen temperature rise near MCCB 630 A terminals of 55deg above ambient of 35 deg at a constant load of 300A, what would be temp at say 600A, is 55+35 = 90Deg acceptable at 50% load ), Sir,in bus bar size calculation from where we get the values of alpha, Dita,and Dita t, Please advise from which standard the derating factors are taken. Dear Sir, of the busbar, the material from which it is made, and the movement

/Resources 7 0 R hello, what if I need to compute for the total ampacity for more than 3 busbars per phase?

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