Just to top it off.. this pup is turning into one of the best looking dogs Ive ever seen.

In 1981, Hodgens stopped breeding Bull Arabs and by 1989

documented incidents of Bull Arab attacks on humans and deaths have occurred

strong leader within the home to properly train and socialize them. The "BullArab" never shows any Saluki traits, and I doubt that Salukis were available at stud, especialy to pig dogs, back in those days ! Any dog or and human can be dangerous... retract your statement regarding bull arabs or I will personally have my lawyer contact you for defamation.

She is the kindest, most loving and caring dog.

work and on security detail; they can also be used in search and rescue.

They have the type of short undercoat that can float through the air and We have noticed a sign and would like to know if anyone has also experienced their dogs legs trembling during and after exercise. Its all about horses for courses and how big the game is or hilly or flat the country you hunt. pig. He is an affectionate dog but is also aggressive and has done nothing but bite feet and hands since we got him. "Supposed "Bull Arabs" who in reality are any cross bred dog that looks like it or have been bred as a hunting dog are being blamed for attacks already.

The eyes are bright. If you do not like clipping Their coat should never be fluffy, soft or long.

I have not found my puppies to be aggressive at all. Major kennel clubs have not recognized Bull Arab. Display as a link instead, × Spend at least an hour each day going

developed to hunt and hold pigs pinned to the ground by the ear. Aside from

She loves coming for car rides, runs on the beach, runs on our 86 acres, chases kangaroos but never hurts them. When we went on a holiday to New Caledonia, there walking on a lead along the main beach footpath was a dog so similar to him that it looked to be his father.

The question is whether the other 25% was contributed by the German

I think we have the classic problem where there is more than one type of Bull Arab being sold here in Australia. These dogs are also being counted as Bull Arabs when they turn up in shelters and pounds.

The Bull Arab has a smooth coat that is short and slightly Greyhound. The head and muzzle are strong and powerful, moderate in length in proportion to the face. I don't agree that any breed of dog is aggressive.

Such an amazing dog she is not aggressive at all but she is protective and will show it to people that walk aggressively towards my self or my girlfriend. The most affectionate dog been to puppy school and easily trained loves socialising . and is commonly called the Australian Pig Dog since they were originally

My recommendation would be if you’re considering a Bull Arab that has been sheltered for long periods at a young age, make sure you’re willing to spend the time being cautious and patient with them. Have to say that them Bullarabs are outstanding looking dogs. Many Bull Arabs in Australia are actually assistance dogs for people with PTSD including ex army and myself. Considering i met him at 4 years old and the bond we formed almost immediately hes doing so well now. He was 4 when i rescued him from a rather harsh situation.

The Bull Arab is symmetrical and well-built all over. To the girl with SARGE, I think you need some major obedience work and double the exercise he gets, just to see if it helps.

Other than that the hair everywhere and his susceptibility to skin issues and more commonly ear mites (had them when i met him and need to give him a monthly dose of tick flea and mites prevention to keep that under control) mites are microscopic problems and while ear mites are located in the ears they also cause them to itch their faces, and their bodies too.

The Bull Arab is a solidly built,

Can you please provide the source where Bull Arabs are killing people???

My very first dog was a Bull Arab called Kong 20 years ago and fell in love with the breed as they are affectionate, loving, loyal, active, goofy, protective, quiet and will only bark if something is there, obedient, intelligent, easy to train as they are food driven, love to sleep, giant lap dogs, love to be patted, love to play, kind hearted and gentle towards other creatures big and small. There are over 8000 on one rescue site that will tell you differently. as i write this Tyson is lying at my feet with my chicken ebony and her newly hatched chicks. Everyone that meets her loves her. Tyson also has his own group of human friends obtained in the many stores and supermarkets he has visited with us. Lill adopted me instantly she knew me from previous trips even then she would look for me, she justs wants to be with people and happy to do what people do but keeps her eye on me. He’s a beautiful loving dog but not for people who aren’t willing really put the effort it. Very friendly ..know how to react with small dog bog dog and even humans ..very protective.

like them 2 on the left mate sumit diff then the usual a.p.b.t xs nice pic. I want nothing but to love this dog but I feel the damage has been done and really don't have any more answers and if you have any to reverse his mistrust and fear I would greatly appreciate them. Interesting.There`s a lot of differing views. Shorthaired Pointer was used while others argue that this was not the case and

shedding to hasten the process.

Only had him for a three weeks and he's learning slowly, Chad is a rescue dog who is the kindest sweetest most gentle boy ever. No words?! Would recommend this breed to everyone.

harsh. During I’ve been around many bull arabs for years and none have been aggressive. The color of the eyes depends on the coat color.

They are friendly, easily trainable, low energy, cuddly dogs and each bull Arab Ive ever met is GREAT with children, adults and other animals. became Australia’s   Your previous content has been restored.

best recommendation, train/socialise early as a puppy and you will be well rewarded. She is a great guard dog at home. Clean their ears will need his toe nails clipped every few weeks. Plays happily with one other dog in the park but if there are 2 dogs present then his hunting instincts come out and he will pull the smaller dog to the ground but is never aggressive, in fact we are yet to witness aggression in him. He tends to listen to us speak, even to each other and pick up words.

Zeus is full of energy and very excitable but is very gentle and calm with my 91 year old grandmother. These dogs have a very strong hunting instinct and when Loves chasing me and my other dog, but also loves being chased.

our 4 year old grandson gave her hell whilst he was growing up. the English Pointer was really used as well as the Saluki and the Bloodhound. Hes extremely aggresive to any other dog that comes in a three metre radius of him. She was a hunting dog now retired and our daughter said she would be good for me whilst i were going through chemo.

Junior is very wilful where as Jeff aims to please. My Bull Arab has been the opposite of this article. The best dog I have ever owned I totally agree with everything stated above except her fur falls out 24/7 no difference summer or winter she sheds all day everyday. bathed often; it may be wise to bathe them with warm water when they begin

not acording to the guy that started them of. Our children would wrestle on the ground with our dogs.

My boys still think they can lay on me to watch tv but it’s getting hard when they are over 40kgs now.

their aggressive and tenacious natures the Bull Arabs have been used in police He’s a beautiful and loving dog. We paid $500 for him. Before making and publishing your assumptions maybe you should actually talk to Bull Arab owners. There is Sooky for affection, but still very head strong. he had completely stopped breeding dogs. Haha. Unlike many breeds, the bull arab doesn't have a set height and weight, rather the breed's size is supposed to be in proportion with their body. The dog was 50% Bull Terrier. Kato loves being inside in his special spot by the window, he enjoys playing hide and seek with my boys, is highly protective of us all and we do find if my boys are in a scuffle we need to remove kato fast as he will try to pull them apart and it’s not something we want to encourage for him or that he should see and be upset by. LOVES the car, 4 year old from next door comes across the paddock to pat lill no problems at all. used their nose to follow an interesting trail. Darker colored dogs will have brown eyes, lighter colored

I was very disgusted at the write up of what you think is a Bull Arab. season changes they do need to be brushed more often to keep the loose hairs

I have had him for 6 months now. Norman is very gentle and very food motivated.

Hodgens began cultivating the breed in 1972.

i was out in oz for a good while and went hunting a few times with different lads... whilst thy're dogs might be game as hell they are bit too heavy and cloddy for most work i'd have for any of them... bull arab's are a handsome thing and i was hoping to bring over a pup until i discovered what it took regards cost and quarantine.. by the time the pup had passed quarantine he would have been feckin half grown.

Pepper is the calmest friendliest dog I know.

I have bought them a clam shell pool to swim as Jeff loves to snorkel! She is a great friend a much loved member of the family. × He’s tends to be skeptical of anything he’s unsure of.

Suggest more research, and a rewrite! I’m surprised as a professional dog business you don’t actually know more about dogs fullstop! hound and part scent hound meaning they will chase anything they see move and Foams at the mouth and takes all my strength to hold at bay.

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He isn't as easy to train as my Rottweiler or Black Lab were.. but he seems to pick up on things quickly. moderate size.


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