6) DNA replication is bidirectional in prokaryotes with circular chromosomes. Bloom’s Taxonomy:  3-4: Applying/Analyzing, 4) A protein region with a specific function and structure is called a. 11) Proteins and RNA molecules that are needed in the cell at about the same level under all growth conditions, require constitutive expression. B) citric acid cycle intermediates and glycolysis products. 10) DNA replication always proceeds in only one direction because the ________ of the incoming nucleotide is attached to the free ________ of the growing DNA strand. 27) Giardia intestinalis and Trichomoniasis vaginalis lack ________ and have ________.

A) The two regulators themselves must respond to different signals, which enables both to control the operon differently.

A) prevention of inappropriate protein subunit aggregation. 39) The codon on the ________ matches with the anticodon on the ________ to direct the addition of the correct amino acid to the growing polypeptide chain. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. This is the TEST BANK for Brock Biology of Microorganisms 15th edition Madigan. When students download and study test bank files, go through hundreds of possible questions and their {correct|appropriate} answers, they are guaranteed to pass all the examinations and get a very high {grade|mark|score}. Answer:  During replication, only one of the two strands is used as a template (called the parental strand) to form a complementary strand called the progeny (or daughter) strand. Instant access. B) Some bacteria are able to use nitrates or nitrogen gas as their nitrogen source. Answer:  There are several causes of increased antibiotic resistance in biofilms. B) is not a good candidate for eradication. Brock Biology of Microorganisms is the leading major microbiology text on the market.

D) activation of pentoses to form glycogen for energy storage. B) Cells will never consume all of the phosphate, because N is needed in higher quantities than P. C) The final biomass of cells will be no different than if only 50% of the phosphate was provided. C) acting as an inducer that then binds to an activator protein to allow transcription to proceed. 9) Parasitic helminths only disease in tropical regions; they do not cause disease in subtropical or temperate regions. 4. A) Cells in a growth phase that have not used up all of their energy will be the only ones to make endospores, which is why relatively few endospores are often made from a large population.

Catalytic RNAs are also involved in splicing the introns of mRNA in Archaea and Eukarya.

A) it holds together the antiparallel strands of DNA in the double helix. Fermentation uses substrate level phosphorylation to generate relatively few ATP, while respiration uses oxidative phosphorylation to generate more ATP. 27) When the nontemplate strand of a gene is transcribed into RNA, what is likely to result? 12) During elongation of a cell during binary fission, small gaps caused by transglycosylases are formed before cell membrane precursors can be inserted. 13) Throughout the living world, the genetic code is generally universal; however, there are slight variations. A sigma factor then dissociates from the template after a short stretch of RNA is synthesized. B) enhanced growth of a bacterium due to faster growth substrate uptake by a weakened membrane.

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