MCNews covers all areas of interest for the motorcycling public including news, reviews and comprehensive racing coverage. I suspect that this is due to some sort of anti-stall feature, or the like, taking over and giving the engine more revs than I want it too when I am on and off the clutch at low speeds. The height can be reduced by up to 1.2 inches relatively effortlessly without tools. This World Sport Performance PLUS Seat has the following features: The World Sport Performance Seat for the BMW F 750 / 850 GS / GSA offers comparable seat height with improved rider and passenger comfort when compared to the OEM stock seat.

Nada, nothing, zip. Those that have more generous proportions can also opt for a Rallye seat that raises the in-seam game to 890mm. Likewise the ABS response is benchmark stuff. Braking power is typical BMW, strong and progressive. I was always over-compensating at low speeds, applying too much pressure to the bars, then having to bring them back again, made me look like a beginner! All in all the 850 is a very worthwhile upgrade from the 800, particularly with its extra on road performance. Light-weight, precision-molded seat pan design installs just like stock.

It is also a lot more manageable than a lot of the larger capacity adventure bikes, be that off-road, in the parking lot, or getting on and off the bike. The switchgear is great and intuitively laid out. The extra performance has also, for the first time, moved the F bike into my own consciousness as a genuine alternative to big brother R1200/R1250. Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities.

The seat foam is wider than stock and contoured for enhanced lateral support with a level, wider and slightly cupped foam shape that distributes pressure evenly and eliminates hot spots. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive Off a closed or ever so slightly open throttle, while negotiating traffic or with lots of stop-start work in traffic, I did not gel with the new engine.

The seat heights of virtually all BMW Motorrad models can be flexibly adapted: The requirements of a seat can often be very individual. It offers maximum comfort in cool weather with fully variable heat control. Seat Height Comparison The World Sport Performance Seat for the BMW F 750 / 850 GS / GSA offers comparable seat height with improved rider and passenger comfort when compared to the OEM stock seat. ABS. A new steel monocoque frame employs the engine as a stressed member and sports much changed geometry from its trellis framed predecessor.

Here you can find out more about the technical data and the standard equipment. Standard Seat: 33.9" You can feel it in every aspect. With individual adjustment solutions for almost every model, BMW Motorrad supports a custom fit between rider and motorcycle.

Your question has been submitted. In the ’Road’ and ‘Rain’ modes the shock response is, as you would figure, automatically set-up for those conditions while in ‘Enduro’ and ‘Enduro Pro’ the set-up is slanted towards the demands of off-road riding. Again, well done BMW!

The World Sport Seat for the BMW F 750 / 850 GS and GS ADVENTURE features our marine-grade, UV-stabilized, color-coordinated upholstery - hand-sewn specifically to maximize the qualities of the Super Cell Foam. So it is no trimmed down off-roader then, but instead a fully fledged adventure motorcycle capable of carrying a rider and luggage as far and wide as they dare. BMW F 850 GS has Tubeless Tyre and Spoke Wheels.

There is also an LS model for shorties fitted with a lower suspension package, which means 20 mm less suspension travel, and no ESA, but also lowers the perch to a more manageable 815mm.

This fine control is essential on a motorcycle where ambient temperatures can fluctuate drastically while riding. This promotes standing stability and therefore confident, secure handling at traffic lights or when manoeuvering. Bikez does not display, sell or misuse e-mail addresses. LED daytime running light), Multiplate wet clutch (anti-hopping), mechanically controlled, Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, integrated in the engine housing, Endless O-ring chain, jerk damping in the rear wheel hub, Steel bridge frame in monocoque design, load-bearing engine, Aluminium double-sided swing arm, directly mounted central spring strut (F850 GS: Travel-dependent damping),spring rest hydraulically adjustable, rebound damping adjustable, Hydraulically activated twin disc brake, Ø 305 mm, 2-piston floating caliper, Hydraulically activated single disc brake, Ø 265mm, 1-piston floating caliper, BMW Motorrad ABSas standard, disengageable. However, BMW seems to have addressed ergonomics for both shorter and taller riders. A new steel monocoque frame employs the engine as a stressed member and sports much changed geometry from its trellis framed predecessor. The quick-shifter, dubbed Gear Shift Assist Pro in BMW parlance, and fitted as part of the Dynamic/Lights package, is a two-way affair and amongst the best in the business. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. Available with or without heat front and rear. In fact, the amount of leverage from the wide bars and the very light steering can make you feel like a bit of a tool at first. Note that the F750 model is 1.7" lower than the F850 model. These can be ordered from the factory at no additional charge or retrofitted as a special accessory. R 1250 GS Adventure; Special Edition. BMW Motorrad offer a wide variety of seat heights. To add more peace of mind, in regards to future ownership expenses, you can also choose to purchase a pre-paid service plan that covers all scheduled servicing over the first few years of ownership. By infinitely variable adjustment of the spring strut and fork tubes by the rider.

You are certainly aware of its size, and the damage that may be done if you have a tip over, but, to be honest, I would say it feels a good 25kg lighter than those specs suggest and is certainly not as intimidating as its boxer powered big brothers.

770mm - Extra Low Seat (Optional Equipment), 790mm - Low Seat (Optional Equipment / Optional Accessories), 840mm - Comfort Seat (Optional Accessories), 865mm - Extra High Seat (Optional Equipment / Optional Accessories), 780/800mm - Low Front Seat Two-Piece (Accessory), 810/830mm - High Front Seat Two-Piece (Accessory), 820 / 840mm (790 / 810mm (Accessory Low Seat)) - Extra Low / Low Suspension, R 1250 GS Adventure - Edition 40 Years GS. Gel-Free! Despite the marginally shorter seat height, ground clearance is improved thanks, in part, to the move to a dry sump engine, along with a myriad of other changes.

This allows seat height to be varied by another 1.2 to 1.6 inches. Even on the base model you get a comfortable seat, great ergonomics, reasonable weather protection, long travel suspension, a massive range of luggage options, heated grips, cruise control, stability control, and a 12-volt power socket, even if it is one of those stupid merit style ones. Low Suspension Kit: 32.1 in Despite offering less travel than the 800, they offer much finer damping control throughout the stroke and are much more resistant to diving under brakes. Single disc.

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