Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere) shares candid photos of her British-French style. As a relative newcomer to the Instagram style influencer world, Pia has rapidly gained a passionate following. She is frequently compared to Brigitte Bardot for her curvy frame and blonde locks. If you already know Cyprien and Norman, we are sure that you also know Squeezie. , Une publication partagée par Marie Lopez (@enjoyphoenix) le 27 Mai 2019 à 8 :57 PDT. Who wouldn’t be charmed by the gorgeous Constance Arnoult, a former ballet dancer from Paris with extra long blonde hair? Thanks for the beautiful cut and, Part blazer, part dress. Here are some of the most followed French Instagram influencers, like Youtubers, beauty bloggers and reality TV personalities. Her feed is a dashing mix of casual French style and vintage design inspiration. Following these girls on Instagram is a great way to start working French girl style into your wardrobe! With a love for vintage clothing and supporting local designers, the 23 year old Parisian-native has an enviable style. He has been on and off with Manon Marsault, but the two reality TV personalities got married in May 2019.

Who are your favorite French style influencers? My favourite would have to be Sabina Socol shes oozes effortless chic style. French Indian Italian Japanese ... 15 black style influencers to follow now Get ready for an influx of serious style inspo. Je vous souhaite une belle journée ma Sananas Fam !

In the United States, Instagram influencers tend to shoot posed shots with professional cameras and then heavily edit them in Photoshop. Une publication partagée par Manon Tanti (@manonmarsault) le 24 Mai 2019 à 12 :12 PDT. Monica is a dear friend of Camille Charrière, but has found her own following in posting effortless street style looks in Paris. Whether browsing a vintage market or sipping on a coffee en terrasse, Lucia’s appreciation for French style and culture is clear. This influencer list features the major well-known Parisian style influencers, but stay tuned for a list featuring the lesser-known up and coming French style influencers, too! She wears lots of Re/Done jeans, oversized sweaters, Realisation Par dresses and handbags by Tila March. Learn french online for free on French Bien. Your email address will not be published. 8 French Influencers You Need To Follow. This Canandian has taken the French Instagram world by storm. Yes, you already know this last name, since we’ve used it in this article. French culture has historically spread itself across a diverse range of industries such as fine art, food, architecture and of course, fashion, where the classic use of berets and deep red lips come into play. You might know his signature phrase, “FAUX !” or one of his videos about classic everyday situations. PS : Je suis actuellement à Athènes, je vous explique pourquoi dans ma story et je vous prépare un vlog ! T’es un chou @davidbeckham ❤️ ( nb: je t’ai mis des slips propres dans ton sac d’entraînement pour demain ). Her love of photography and creative content is clear by her uniquely artsy feed.

She definitely has the most daring style of the influencers listed here! Bonjour and welcome to French Girl Daily, a digital destination for women who love French style, beauty, and culture. You might have seen her in La Maison du Bluff, Les Anges de la télé-réalité and Hollywood Girls. Her café-casual looks and Parisian street style is enviable, to say the least. Louise Follain . This influencer list features the major well-known Parisian style influencers, but stay tuned for a list featuring the lesser-known up and coming French style influencers, too! This reality show candidate, businesswoman, hairdresser and model lives in Dubai with her husband Thibault and their baby. Their shots are often completely candid, and while they probably do pay attention to the lighting, most everything about their posts is totally natural. At only 27, Thibaud is a blogger and Youtuber who owns a gym and a clothing brand. Constance Arnoult (@constancearnlt) is a former ballerina and current PR and event manager for Maison Caulieres. She wrote a book and created a makeup line, Nab Cosmetics. Obviously, his Instagram is full of chest selfies! In Paris, there is a small but passionate group of French style influencers shooting natural looks on their iPhones, editing them very minimally, and posting directly to Instagram. Keep reading to discover our favorite tips for dressing like a chic French girl. Is it because he’s posting more behind-the-scenes stories? Pia (@pia_mbd) is a social media manager for a French fashion brand, who also shares her own outfits and experiences living in the heart of Paris. Chloe Lecareux (@chloelecareux) is an influencer who runs her own fashion label, Bleu de Vous, which makes jean jackets out of recycled plastic bottles.

On se retrouve ce soir à 16h pour une nouvelle vidéo . McFly and him met while in high school and both decided to work in the media after graduation. Anti-reflets, comme t’as demandé ! Jun 12, 2017 11:56pm. McFly, whose real name is David Coscas, has a few more followers on Instagram. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

Since then, she has become a regular amongst the show. Lamia Lagha (@lamialand) is a creative director who moved to Paris about 10 years ago and quickly found her place in the fashion world. #teamshape, Une publication partagée par Tiboinshape (@tiboinshape) le 2 Juin 2019 à 10 :11 PDT. Exclusive Member of Mediavine.

Tamara Mory (@tamaramory) is a Parisian girl who shares moments from her daily life in the capital of France. If you're in need of some relaxed style inspiration.

Une publication partagée par Calvo (@rafcarlito) le 9 Juin 2019 à 12 :26 PDT. Her style is feminine and vintage chic. You’ll have to follow them both to be sure. But you can find French influencers talking about your favorite subjects too. Under the blog name Adenorah, Anne Laure Mais Moreau began publishing her outfits online in 2009. If you’re looking at fitness videos online, you might have seen Tiboinshape, or heard one of his famous “daaaaamn”. Addicted with sport and bodybuilding, he uses his passion to give advice to his followers and train with celebrities. Sananas is one of the most famous French Instagram influencers, since she started her channel in 2013.

Required fields are marked *. La LamboInShape ! Louise is regular about sharing her casual chic Parisian looks. Quelle est votre voiture préférée ?? Since her height didn’t allow her to become a model, Caroline Receveur took another road to fame : reality TV. From the little black dress to the striped Marinière shirt, there are so many style rules we can learn from the French. She tends to wear long wool wrap coats, cozy knits, and oversized sunglasses. She also created the makeup line Le Regard and the boutique restaurant Chez Jeanne. Michaela Thomsen (@thomsenmichaela) is a Scandinavian model who grew up in Nice and poses for cult brands like Rouje and Reformation. You may have noticed that FGD doesn’t feature all of the most popular French fashion influencers. You should know that you can learn French with Instagram. French style inspiration and Parisian style guides. Gabrielle Caunesil (@gabriellecaunesil) is a French influencer married to an Italian. Lena Simonne (@lena.simonne) is a French model who shares her work for some of the coolest fashion brands, and her lifestyle with her French friends. Squeezie, Youtuber (6,1m) Another newcomer is Bordeaux-based Léa-Elisabeth who publishes under the username @syderale_. This is a great list of French style influencers.

Cyprien Iov, also known as Monsieur Dream, is a French comedian, actor, dubber, cartoonist and blogger known for his comic YouTube videos. It means that if you’re scrolling through Instagram during your daily commute, you could follow some French Instagram influencers!

We believe style should give us confidence and help us present the best version of ourselves. quelle est la plus belle lumière que vous avez eu la chance de voir ? In 2008, she participated in the second season of Secret Story, but was eliminated after only two weeks. They got their own show, called Le Fat Show, during three seasons, before being part of the Golden Moustache collective in 2014. She regularly wears basic outfits but adds a cute pair of shoes or a colorful handbag to the mix.

Julien Tati is one of the reality TV celebrities with the most female conquests throughout the shows. Une publication partagée par Nabilla Vergara (@nabilla) le 10 Juin 2019 à 8 :35 PDT. Une publication partagée par @ xsqueezie le 31 Mai 2019 à 12 :06 PDT. For this list of 15 influencers, we chose to focus on French Instagram influencers for whose it’s their job. Annabelle Belmondo (@annabelle.belmondo) is an actress and the granddaughter of one of France’s most famous New Wave actors. Sabina Socol started out in the publishing world, as the social editor of L’Officiel. Jeanne Damas | @jeannedamas. She’s probably one of the most well-known French influencers and considered by many as the ultimate French girl.

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