It’s almost a year you dropped this on here and I am believing with fate that we can get along and know each other. function ml_webform_success_968652() { Thank you. The other nine signs are divided into three groups of fire, water, and earth. I can be a bit impulsive which catches him off guard, but I think secretly he quite likes it, it keeps things alive. I’m about 25 years his senior, but I’m telling you, the love is so “Sizzling Hot” and directly on point, that it will make you melt, by talking about it!! Needless to say, I had a fair share of relationships with my fellow air sign. There is where we can and will be together forever. I’m an Aquarius man with Libra rising and my most serious relationships have been with Gemini’s. You think you can “work” on him to make him change? Strength Training: Do I need to go to the gym, or can I get good results working out at home? In an aquarian woman dating a Aries man All Rights Reserved. We have a wonderful marriage but I get bored very easily because he is so shy and I am very out going. Towards the end, he became a big flirt–in not showing me respect in wanting to know me better. to hit the fan, and then he’s mine. As long as a Libra doesn't take the fun beyond what is acceptable in a committed relationship, they are free to flirt to your heart's desire. I also need him to try a little harder to make plans with me. 1. He understands me better than anyone. This strength of character also makes these four signs strong long-term matches for Gemini women. Out of my 3 children Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, my scorpio boy is my fave n he’s a double scorpio ‍♀️. It works for me so I stay. Scorpios are convinced they are right even when they are wrong. in Leo and he’s incredibly attentive. An Aquarian and Libra might start out as friends with benefits but this is a coupling that can produce enough passion to ignite a romance that can evolve into a long-term committed relationship. I’d love to be with him & would treat him like a King! All the best . Were thinking of getting married. I shouldn’t always be the one to send the first text. I heard every word in my head as I thought. Aquarius. I married a Virgo and it describes us to a T, I constantly question everything.

How Do a Cat’s Senses of Smell and Taste Compare to Those of a Human? The Sachs study appears in a book that is available for purchase on Amazon (The Astrology File). I could now see the that we were not compatible for each other. He is protective and requires a lot more attention. This means that they are usually most compatible with Libra, Leo, Aquarius, and Aries, all of whom are charismatic and confident. And another one was unreliable bully whom I had to kick out because it was between my sanity for my newborn baby or his shenanigans… But I got diferennce result in, If you really wanna love someone please go an look out for same interest instead of being attracted cus attracted love will end.Best friends, passion in same things,pushing each other to achieve the things you want to have in life is love .I am just 17.I will always be happy with my wife we share the same intrests and if she push me to new limits that I love anything else is affection.let me tell you a story i came into astrology 1 year ago and i was depressed that my zodiac is aquarius soon I started behaving like an aquarius detached aloof and depressed.After soom times some one told me your scorpio is strong in you birth chart so I started behaving like scorpio after some times some one said i am a leo i became very happy as leo is a very amazing sign proud loving and generous.Then I been into vedic astrology and find out about charts houses planets.I was shocked that all of this was basically me.but then I saw if people born on my date were sucessfull or not I saw they were not i became depressed again then.I read bhagwat geeta holy bible and got answers to all my questions.I promised to erase this zodiac myth from my mind.So made a list of people who were sucessfull and who weren’t all born on same date some of them in the same year.Then I got the real trick of them being successful some of them were persistence patience smart work perseverance discipline forgiving people who hurt them just giving love not being aggressive controlling their temper and staying focused on one thing this was it i got my answer.I sucess and failiure is all about these things not zodiac.Zodiac is just different shades of your personality some people used to change their birthdates in old dates I have met some in their comes vedic astrology that also gives a brief information.So please just stop wasting time and believing in zodiac because what you so shall you become.I am changing my self I am taking the ,character of an Aries ,patience of Taurus ,passion of Gemini ,love of cancer ,zeal and pride of Leo ,discipline of Virgo ,nature of Libra ,emotions of a Scorpio ,knowledge and good luck of a Sagittarius with ,persistence of Capricorn, the creativity of an Aquarius and determination of a Pisces.Believe is a big thing guys don’t believe in being an Aquarius or Leo everything comes down to morals and how you were raised that’s all Just focus on your work you will be alone but some point of time you will find someone.

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