‘I watched every episode in a single night’: Have we forgotten how to enjoy TV?

Wesley goes to take his final exams for Starfleet Academy (spoiler: HE FAILS) while Admiral Quinn and Lt. Cmdr. How Colonialism Is Brought Full Circle By Capitalism In Television, Tiger King: Why Our Favorite Distraction is Actually a Call to Reality. Worf wants to kill the fetus. Nice. When they meet in the Observation Lounge, Picard presents the Ligonian party with a 13th century statue of a horse from China’s Sung Dynasty, because as he says, Ligonian culture reminds them of Chinese culture. Though the show boasts an outstanding ensemble cast, it often struggled with writing stories for the ship's empathic counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis). As absurd as the concept may be, it's a stark allegory on how to bring down the walls of communication that exist between societies. The Orville Proves ‘Derivative’ Doesn’t Always Mean Unnecessary or Bad. Plus every few days they get terrorized by a rogue Klingon. But then Star Trek Nemesis happens (although I’m sure many wish it didn’t) and there’s Wes, attending Riker and Troi’s wedding (spoiler, they end up together) in a Starfleet dress uniform with the rank of lieutenant junior grade (not making him a full lieutenant was some nice work by the writers). I am pretty firmly in the anti-Pulaski camp and have been since I was 4 or 5? She has also been coached in fencing by Picard, begun when she considered exercise to strengthen her arm in 2368. I’m not super interested in Wes’ future career though I do like that he’s forced to make a decision about who lives and who dies and gains an appreciation for Picard in the process (don’t worry! I’m just saying, when it comes to his studies, Wes reminds me of that mediocre dude from high school who all the teachers thought was brilliant but was kind of a fuck up? In "The Measure of a Man," when Captain Picard (Sometimes, Guinan's silence speaks louder than anything. Anyway, fully clothed Wes is about to be executed for falling into a flower bed.

I think we’re supposed to be alarmed? What. Troi “tricks” Yar into admitting attraction for Lutan. At first, Bev thinks her experience with Ronin is a dream and tells Troi about it. Her death occurs with surprisingly little fanfare, at the receiving end of a blow from the malicious and murky alien Armus. So….not the Federation’s best and brightest. This two-parter showcases the true brutality that comes with the art of war, as, Though references had been made to Picard's youth and his artificial heart, it took until now to bring that story front and center. Melona IV. WTF THIS EPISODE. I suspect Data can program customs erections to suit his and his partner’s/partners’ needs (variable length, girth, firmness, optional ribbing etc.). The birth scene is painless for Troi, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a traumatic pregnancy.

It’s awkward. Building an android daughter, he and the crew show her the human experience, as Picard fends off a Starfleet admiral looking to separate her from her newfound family.

A series of weird things happen before they realize they’re “rats in a maze”; my favourite of which is when Riker and Worf beam over to the U.S.S. The Enterprise travels to Ligon II for a needed vaccine, but the planet’s leader, Luton, decides he wants Tasha Yar to be his wife, stalling the mission.

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