This is a must do.

Expecting a run-of-the-mill establishment where my Ugg boots and ice-cream-eating loose fitting lounge pants would suffice, I was overwhelmed when I arrived at the red carpeted nightclub-esque shopfront that is Gelato Messina.

Enter the Gelato Messina shop-front and you'll see a qualified barista pumping out double shot ristrettos all day long. Oh, and it even whipped up a batch of sticky lamington-scroll hybrids as well. This is the ultimate choc-mint flavour explosion. - See 2,382 traveler reviews, 253 candid photos, and great deals for Sydney, Australia, at Tripadvisor.

Messina's range of sorbets are made up of 3 simple ingredients – water, sugar, and real-life fruit! After the news was shared on social media, customers quickly tagged friends in the comments to share their excitement. And the production process is nothing short of mind-boggling – created using pear milk. The Incu x Messina range of flavours will be available for a week from Tuesday, October 20, in-store and via Deliveroo, with a new flavour dropping each day. Out.

Truly a must try for any self-respecting coffee drinker. The hazelnuts are imported all the way from Diomonte in Italy, and are hand-milled in-store to create a hazelnut paste. This year alone, it has released cookie pies in choc chip, red velvet, choc-hazelnut, and peanut butter and jelly varieties; 40 of its best flavours; and full tubs of Iced VoVo gelato, Messina's own take on the classic Viennetta ice cream cake and a gelato based on Italy's famed cremino dessert.

The selection features three different flavours, including chocolate hazelnut, caramel and peanut butter.

one woman said, another added: 'Way too dangerous.'. This is one for the sweet toothed, and one to dabble in if you feel like being taken on a rollercoaster ride of reminiscence through your childhood, when there really was nothing that could compare to a Bounty Bar.

Each 350-gram bottle contains 17.5 servings and is priced at $12, or $30 for the trio. So, upon arrival in Sydney, I embarked on a late night mission to seek a much-needed ice-cream fix, and see for myself what all the fuss was about. As with all their 'get-in-and-around-my-mouth-immediately-if-not-sooner' chocolate-based flavours, the Messina White Chocolate isn't your average chocolate of the white variety.

If you're a fan of chunks in your ice cream, or you go nuts for nuts, this is an absolute winner, with chunks of the three best nuts readily available in every single scoop. There's not much to say with this one, except as above…with berries. - See 2,382 traveler reviews, 253 candid photos, and great deals for Sydney, Australia, at Tripadvisor. Its pretty nice. Made with a mango salsa created daily in-house and infused with homemade salted caramel. Now that summer appears to have officially hit Melbourne, the newly opened Gelato Messina on Smith Street in Collingwood is undoubtedly set to receive similar crowds and lines on a daily basis.
Keep an eye on the Messina website for further details. As the toppings are made from rich ingredients, they might be quite thick but Messina recommends microwaving the blend for 40 seconds to soften it. Described by the head chef as 'not your average chocolate' and 'reminiscent of the flavours of Italy when growing up'. This is a classic milk based gelato, smashed with real chocolate chips. For more information see our privacy and information policy. Using only the finest quality imported dark chocolate, bitter cocoa from Italy and mixed with homemade hazelnut paste and Messina secret spices, put into layman's terms this one is Kinder Surprise gelato for adults. A true pick for chocolate fiends. Maybe it's how sophisticated we feel when we say foods in other languages (Australian phrases such as snags, pav, and dead horse just don't quite have the same romantic ring to them…), but dulce de leche is a true indulgence. Next, you can lick your way through Café Kitsuné's 'Tea-ramisu', a take on tiramisu with Japanese matcha gelato and coffee-soaked biscuits. Well, although this query has likely never popped into your brain before, now you can find out.

As its nougat name would suggest, this is one of the sweetest offerings at Messina. By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia, Published: 00:45 GMT, 29 September 2020 | Updated: 01:09 GMT, 29 September 2020. Gelato Messina, South Brisbane and Fortitude Valley: When it comes to big names of the gelato game, Messina is one of the biggest. For Messina's next tastebud-tempter, it's answering a question you've probably never, ever thought of asking yourself: what would gelato inspired by fashion labels Rag & Bone, Café Kitsuné, State of Escape, Paloma Wool and Patagonia taste like?

From the mouth of head-chef himself – 'Melbourne people are foodier and more open to different flavours. Arriving first is the Paloma Wool-inspired 'Island Souvenir', which is based on ensaïmadas from Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, uses brioche-like pastry as the gelato's base and then layers in chocolate custard. Committing again to the finest ingredients, this sorbet is produced using only the best – Kingston Mangos. Add in water and sugar and raspberry sorbet perfection is made! Using Romcafe coffee beans, Messina simply adds double shot espressos to their homemade gelato base to produce this authentic coffee flavour. As with any juice, there is a marked difference between a concentrate and a fresh squeezed, and the latter is superior in every imaginable way. Described by Messina's head chef as 'heroin'. Ice cream sits securely with avocado and peanut butter in my list of top 3 things ever. For those of you not familiar with pear milk (i.e. By using our website, you accept our use of cookies. This isn't just to cater for Melbourne's said coffee addiction, but also to create the base for this gelato flavour.

Rich and decadent, this flavour is made up of a homemade nut paste, secret Messina spices, real dark chocolate and cocoa. As the toppings are made from rich ingredients, they might be quite thick but Messina recommends microwaving the blend for 40 seconds to soften it. This nation-spanning chain made a significant splash in the ice-cream scene when it arrived in South Brisbane in 2016, following up with another location in … You haven't lived until you try this one. Something different – this is made using coconut cream infused with Pandan leaf. The only problem – I don't like rum, hence my first Messina experience was unfortunately an epic ordering fail.

Australia's beloved Gelato Messina has released a new range of take-home toppings for customers to add onto their favourite ice cream or gelato, The selection features three different flavours, including choc hazelnut, caramel and peanut butter. This is a simple, yet absolutely delicious classic. Real passionfruit throughout creates fruity bliss. Stir through the world's finest Marsala (a sweet fortified wine sourced from the Marsala Wine motherland – Marsala in Sicily, naturally) and you have a truly winning flavour combination.

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