Anyway, this gives you a decent attack speed, but very little critical hit chance. The second activation of this skill can help you position yourself on your enemy and deal additional damage. ... Works best when Argus’ HP is 0 while his ultimate is active. It also adds 10 permanent damage on your Nimble Blade for each monster killed. Although this would be more useful as the game goes on. It lets Argus to be able to initiate and tank against 5 heroes even including lord. Surprise Ultimate and Stab – this combo is great when you are about to die, especially when being chased. The item also gives extra HP and move speed, but less damage.

This item will increase your crit chance and increases your crit damage, which is important for the crit build. This can greatly help you to farm early and faster. Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. Tip, use retribution before buying Nimble Blade, since it refreshes Retribution’s cooldown. Works best when Argus’ HP is 0 while his ultimate is active. This can greatly help you to push towers easier. Mobile Legends codes and events. Try not to use this skill if not necessary, this skill can mean a kill, or life and death. Hayabusa’s ultimate can be nullified with Argus’ultimate. When at max effect, every other hit will be a double attack. 3rd Demonic Grip – Well, keeping it at level 1 is fine. Also this build will require you to be careful at early, since lifesteal is not the first priority. Waiting for it to cool downs better than waiting to respawn. But this is not recommended if facing burst damage heroes, especially in late game, since they can quickly kill you with huge amount of damage. Gives extra penetration and attack speed. Its unique effect also increases when your HP is low, so it works well with your passive and Argus’ play style.

Lane Guide – Game Experience for Beginners. Level 5 to 15 – The priority of leveling up skills would be. Thank you for supporting and have fun with awesome game MLBB! It also gives extra move speed. Argus is able to cancel Odette’s Ultimate with his 1st skill, since it has a stun. You can now harass enemy heroes more effectively and have better chance of survivable, especially when ganked. Can stop enemies from escaping or keep enemies away. Level 1 – The best one to take is Argus’ 2nd skill –Meteoric Sword. Share tactics and tips. Using the same build that I use, you can easily hit fanny while she’s flying around with Argus’s Extremely fast attack speed and huge DPS. Thank you for supporting and have fun with awesome game MLBB! I love Mobile Legends :) You should register and enjoy us :=) Follow us on social media!! Too slow and you’ll probably die. The grapple goes through terrains, which gives you better a chance of a successful pursuit or retreat.But, if your final travel point is a terrain, you won’t get through the terrain and just bump into it. But the reason this is a choice is that in case that the enemy tank’s Blade Armor is bothering you, this is to go over the 20% damage reflect that cancels out your lifesteal. For easy early farming, which you would immediately upgrade to Nimble Blade. Can knock Argus airborne for the whole duration of Argus’ ultimate. By the way, attack speed and critical hits will be your best buds. Although if the target chose to fightback head-on and the skill is not necessary at the moment, you can delay the Meteoric Sword and save it until the target chooses to run. Can be used to catch enemy heroes since it inflicts stun and propels Argus towards the enemy hero. The Nightstalker, His specialty Charge-Burst Damage. Hitting enemies with this skill will make them bleed, and walking on the bloodied path will enhance you and your teammates’ move speed. Since you will need it for burst damage against minions and monsters at early. But, it can’t be used while the other skills are in use. when should u enggage as argus? Your DPS depends on your attack speed, since huge damage is useless if you can’t dish it out fast. Cooldown 60.0s. Since you have a growing damage on your Nimble Blade, you now need attack speed. Up to a total of 10 stacks, which is 100 Physical Attack, which is pretty huge and useful. You can find the very nice guide and critical damage and attack speed build for Argus. Nimble Blade will give you bonus exp, life regen after killing a monster,bigger damage to monsters and minions, and it upgrades your retribution so you can use it on heroes. Level 4 – The long awaited, his 3rd skill or Ultimate –Eternal Evil. In late game, everything goes fast. When you got enough money for one, sell your boots, because around this time, you can easily burst someone and no need for that much chasing anymore (also the boot’s stats is not worth it at late game). Akai’s ultimate can stop Argus from being able to get near or attack. Lasts 5s. SunBros – Road to Legends: Episode 4 – MVP Alpha Domination, Lane Guide – Game Experience for Beginners. Mobile Legends codes and events. 1st Eternal Evil – Less cooldown, more fun. When upgraded with a jungling item, it can be a handy slow-inducing skill. You both have slow-inducing and stun-inflicting skills, so when skills are used properly, you both can easily kill enemies or protect yourselves. But the unique passive is the most important effect of the item, since it increases the damage of critical hits by 40%, which is advantageous for the crit build. With Argus’ ultimate, Fanny can’t kill him immediately. Argus Emblem Set Shortly Full Damage Build for Argus Mobile Legends Argus Full Damage Items Argus Battle Spell Inspire Mobile Legends Inspire. This item, even without bonus damage, gives you a storm passive (every 4 hits creates a magic projectile that hits up to 3 targets), attack speed, critical chance and move speed(you are going to need a lot of move speed since you are a melee hero and Argus is a slow walker). Hi everyone, here Argus! Unique Passive – Insanity: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. Oh no. The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25 pts of target’s physical defense and increase your hero’s attack speed 55%.

Demonic Grip gets you into position and/or stun at the same time,which also helps you to be more successful in hitting them with Meteoric Sword.Other than dealing damage, Meteoric Sword will enhance your move speed which is useful if the target tries to run away.

Slow-inducing skills which can increase your slow-inducing capabilities. His skills can keep Argus from being able to attack. Argus’ ultimate can let Argus dive into Odette’s ultimate without dying and can kill Odette at the same time. The regenerated HP is not seen immediately, use this to trick your enemies into believing that you are low in health. Probably around this time, you already have around 300 dmg, so we need more attack speed and critical rate. Based on my experience, the best ones would be: Reminder: Countering Fanny is more possible in late game. Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. There are two choices in the 8th one, more damage or better survivability. Now you think it’s all about damage? So you should comment when you say about this post. In exchange, you get also get the passive – Judgement, which gives you additional normal attack damage every time you use a skill and can enhance your bursting capabilities. Enjoy the game. This is a fan website. Lasts 5s. You are going to need that extra 40 move speed since Argus’ move speed is only 260 and can be outrun by anyone easily.Also, it gives a bit of extra attack speed. Reminder: Whatever build it is,Argus is weak at early game, since his strongest traits rely on his normal attacks, which means you gotta farm fast and build the needed items immediately. In early game, most of your damage will depend on this, so make sure you hit the enemy. It can also turn the tables when being chased, just grip on the enemy and stab, then add some extra hits if needed. Retribution has small damage, but can still kill,especially in early, and will also slow the target down.

Level 3 – 2nd Skill again, since its damage is use ful for farming and harassing. Has a defense nullifying passive which is advantageous for Argus, who is a physical damage hero. Once you have enough money, sell your Nimble Blade/Raptor Machete and buy this one. This skill is what makes Argus special since it gives 5 seconds of death immunity, full rage bar (Instant double attack) and will convert 100% of damage done while the skill is active, into HP after 5 secs. Each basic attacks grants 3% health stealing for 4s up to 4 times. Cooldown 60.0s. Level 2 – of course, no other than the 1st skill –Demonic Grip. Now you can grapple wherever you want. If Fanny is caught by Argus, even when with full items, Argus can kill fanny within 10 secs. 1st item – Raptor Machete (when you will go to jungle). Share tactics and tips. Its fine since you still have 300 move speed, but this also means that you need to be more accurate with your Demonic Grip and Meteoric Sword so you can catch someone easily.

If you manage to be/get near enough to the target to be in range of your Meteoric Sword, do the stab first, and then you can save Demonic Grip if the target tries to run away. This increases your damage and crit chance. It has 35 more damage than the Jungling item and has bonus attack speed and damage when you stun an enemy. Don’t think twice using it when you feel you are still in danger or about to die. Enjoy the game. This is even better with the element of surprise, like hiding in the bushes or a sudden Demonic Grip onto the enemy.The ultimate will keep you alive and the Meteoric Sword will quickly damage the enemy and regenerate you some HP.

Akai’s ultimate can disable Argus during the whole duration of Argus’ ultimate. This is a fan website. First, why Nimble Blade? Buy the legion sword first to get the extra damage immediately. Now we are adding some damage. Same with the BoD’s first steps. If you have fast reflexes, you can try to activate it when you only have one or two bars of HP left. start team fight or let people strat first? Unique Passive – Frenzy: Crit strikes will increase the hero’s attack speed 35% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2s. Can turn the tide of a clash when used properly. Ranged and can keep you from being harassed. The dangerous hero in Mobile Legends, Argus! Go get this attacker items and destroy all! When less than 20% HP, after the 1st activation, this will activate every after 1 normal hit. Argus can easily catch Odette with his skills. For best effect in lanes, hit the minions in a straight line. The more HP that are missing,the faster the rage bar gets filled. Unique Passive – Doom: Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s. Now we add some damage. The skill’s actual AOE and range is bigger than you think it is. Unique Passive – Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled). The dangerous hero in Mobile Legends, Argus! Tanky and can keep you from being harassed. Don’t worry about survivability, since you will level up in no time and be able to get his 1st skill – Demonic Grip for mobility. Hayabusa is squishy can be easily killed with Argus’ burst. At last! The Grip and Stab – this is the common approach when charging into an enemy hero. You can find the very nice guide and critical damage and attack speed build for Argus. Can be used to quickly kill minions and creeps. Unique Passive – Devour: Basic attack will deal %10 of the target’s current HP as additional physical damage (up to 80 against monsters). This is effective against heroes that has fast move speed, skills that helps them move quickly or flicker spell. 1st Skill – Demonic Grip. Has a skill can slow down opponents too, which is useful for melees. Since you are going to do a lot of farming, why not make it more efficient? At this point, you have 1.9 attack speed (2.0 when scarlet phantom’s passive is activated) which is kinda fast already and you can probably kill some squishy heroes easily with Grip,Stab and normal attacks.

Dangerous fighter, damageful hero! The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25 pts of target’s physical defense and increase your hero’s attack speed 55%.

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