Steve Moss must have that key. An Achievement section that will focus exclusively on what is required to unlock all achievements. Access to Trisha's room on the 2nd floor of the Mansion. Thomas Episcopal Church' by Richard Upjohn. Photo: a closet somewhere has a secret lock on the side with a cross-shaped key. Second drawer from the top of filing cabinet in office. In the bottom drawer of the night stand in Wanda Tyler's room on the 2nd floor. A wooden biplane toy has the date May 3rd 1985 written on its bottom. On the desk in the Dorothy room on the 2nd floor. Scott was reading a book about hidden rooms and how to build hidden doors. He is the oldest man to ever hold the Middleweight Championship in professional boxing. You can find the explanation in one of Steve Moss' diaries. This guide aims at uncovering all the secrets of Painscreek. I finally can get rid of Mickeysoft.

In a cardboard box in Derrik Tyler's room on the 2nd floor. I suppose I'm guilty of leaving as well (jumped ship for Penny Arcade, great comic BTW), am I just glossing over old memories or have things actually slowed down? Underneath the key cabinet in the security room on the 2nd floor. There were three biplanes on the poster covering the secret safe. As such, while it is very well possible to get stuck, it has a general flow that is easy to follow most of the time as long as you heed the following ‚rules‘, In general, there is no prescribed order of how to solve the mysteries of Painscreek. In a box in the tree stump next to the bird house between playground and hunting cabin. Lastly, I'm kinda bummed that I haven't made the narration yet.:(. By .

There is a hidden compartment in the reception area of Ann's Inn. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. In the bottom drawer of a small desk in the bedroom on the 2nd floor. Take a closer look at the combination lock! In the bottom drawer of the cabinet right next to the door of Derrik Tyler's room on the 2nd floor. I hope there will be dual-core processor and 1Gb ram on the white phone, that's all i am asking for. In the second drawer from the top of the desk in the hidden attic room. Scott was the last person seen with this key. According to Steve Moss' diary 1997-3 there are clues on the outside walls of the Sofia's and Matthew's favourite places in Panscreek. In a cabinet to the right of the bed in the master bedroom. It is only visible to you. Apple will be stupid, make their TV the same shape as the others and be sued by everyone. The diary also mentions Sofia's favourite places. Mary Martinez knew who used the shed regularly. On the passenger seat of Steve Moss' car in front of Ann's Inn. The key is in one of the drawers of Father Matthew's desk in the study on the 2nd floor.

I don't believe this. The clues are 'Stream', 'Playground', 'Bird', 'House', 'Stump', and a four digit code. In a cardboard box in the hidden room of the study room on the 1st floor. To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. Thanks for your kind words ... and for commenting at all :). Dorothy Patterson was Trisha's nanny and quite fond of her. I bought a round trip ticket for my mother to come out here for a two week visit. In the bottom drawer of the night stand in the bed room on the 2nd floor. In the drawer of the right night stand in the bedroom on the 2nd floor. The door is located half way up the stairs leading up to Maple Drive close to the entrance of the Mansion. IN the bottom drawer of the right night stand in Trisha's room on the 2nd floor. The hidden compartment is mentioned in Steve Moss' diary 1997-2 in room 201. In a cardboard box in the closet right next to the door to Wanda Tyler's room on the 2nd floor. Access to the locked part of the garden of the Mansion. In bottom drawer of a little desk with a gramophone on top in the main room. The fax machine mentions a Steven, who stays at Ann's Inn, and a package. That belonging has a four-digit number on it which is the required combination. The Roberts' do not have the key but someone that was serving them. Photo: red darts at 18 (*2), 20 (*3), and the bull's eye, and yellow darts at 2 and 7. In the right bottom drawer of the closet in the maid room on the 2nd floor. Did you follow all Tutorial directions in the Sheriff's office? I think he went to the Hospital. i don't know if i would use it that much, but this could be a good thing. We all know about the record sales of Macs, iPods, iPhones, etc. It's the date he got the plane from Matthew Brooks. Others have mentioned the error regarding "Truth Revealed". The key is in a drawer in the Nurse Room. One of the servants saw Mr. Roberts at the safe. Mary Martinez diary of 1995 mentions that Trisha and Scott often met at the garden shed and call it their secret hideout. In the top drawer of the desk in room 201 on the 2nd floor. Twenty thousand people under one roof in New York City two weeks after 9-11. Jan 26, 04:06 PM. In the hidden safe in the gallery on the 1st floor.

In the closet in Trisha's room on the 2nd floor. All rights reserved. In Scott Brooks' chest in the storage room on the 1st floor. Very early stage of the game, the key must be somewhere nearby. Post-it mentioning where to find the key to the Church.

© Valve Corporation. Wanda Tyler had terminal cancer before she died. I will change the guide accordingly. When Scott had a falling out with Father Matthew, he moved somewhere else. Post-it mentioning where to find the key to the servant room in the Mansion. I just hope Apple already has the name "xPod" trademarked. The person that called the outpost last has the key. Find the windup key in the Master bedroom, a note in the Attic explaining how to use the key, and a note on one of the balconies mentioning 3:20. Trisha and Scott met at the garden shed, their secret hideout. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. Scott lived in the cabin and he was Trisha's friend. Wed Oct 14, 2020 at 9:22 am. Finally some really good news. In a hole next to a large rock oppsite Jessie Elliot's grave on the cemetery. Oct 16, 08:55 PM. The key is in one of the locked rooms in the Mansion. Enough info to point you in the right direction without giving too much away. There's a note on the door of the servant room that is pretty clear about it. In the bottom drawer on the left of the desk in the study room.

In the safe in the burnt room on the 1st floor. awwee thanks when I was done with the game I noticed that I just missed two documents (Grrrr).

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