answer choices . He said he would give him all the treasure he owns if he kills Grendel. This shows what an honor it is to perform such an action. In the last battle, Beowulf has ruled as the . Grendel doesn't like the men being loud, partying, & socializing, Describe Grendel's heritage, including why he is cursed, Grendel is cursed because he is a descendant of Cain, How many thanes does Grendel kill on the first night that he attacks.

king of the Anglo-Saxons. answer choices . What does this action reveal about Beowulf's personality? The dragon hunts down the thief through breathing fire. There words "fate" and "destiny" are used less frequently. How does the dragon respond to the theft?

Not very detailed description. Beowulf lies dying while Wiglaf brings him water, and after Beowulf's request, enters the barrow and retrieves some of the treasure for Beowulf to behold. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. king of the Geats. Repeating consonant sounds EX: Peter Pan, Pope Party. 1. … How do the deer react when chased by hunters to the perimeter of the lake? king of the Danes.

Why does Grendel become angry with Hrothgar and the men in the hall? According to Beowulf, how did his race with Brecca being? How does Grendel react when he encounters Beowulf, who grabs the monster's arm? What is the only thing that Grendel will not touch or approach in Herot, and why? What is the result of Grendel's repeated attacks on Herot?

How does Beowulf make a final act of retribution on Grendel. Oh no! … How long is Beowulf king before the trouble with a dragon beings?

30 seconds . Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 165 times. Tags: Question 6 . Start studying Beowulf's Final Battle. Why do Beowulf and a group of Geats travel to Hrothgar's kingdom? How is Grendel described?

Start studying Beowulf.

It looks like your browser needs an update. He is the only man who comes to help Beowulf, when all his other men run from the dragon in terror.

What monster does Beowulf have to fight now, What 3 items does beowulf take with him in order to fight the monster, How did beowulf know when he was getting closer to this monster, Which item of beowulfs does the monster destroy first, Which warrior remained to help beowulf fight, What did the ofher warriors do when beowulf needed them, Burned by the dragons flame, wounded in the neck, What was the first request that beowulf gave to wiglaf, The woven item that wiglaf saw inside of the tower was a, When wiglaf returned to beowulf how did he try to revive him, What does beowulf want to be built for him, So the sailors can see the tower from far and wide, Name the four items that he leaves to wiglaf, Why were the other warriors consideredto be traitors.

What does Hrothgar tell Beowulf before they separate for the evening?

Why does this person perform this ceremonial act when they arrive in the hall? Start studying Beowulfs last battle. How many warriors does Beowulf bring with him?

The queen is the one serving the mead cup.

Start studying Beowulf's Last Battle (Close Reader) Midterm Exam Review. dpfotzer. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What does Beowulf reveal about Unferth's past?

a literary term used a lot in Anglo Saxon Poetry (specifically Beowulf). The dragon is defeated, Beowulf is the winner. He revealed that he created a blood feud within his own family. In what way is the author's perspective shifting from a pagan viewpoint to a monotheistic viewpoint? This reveals that Beowulf is fair and honorable. The narrator recounts one of Beowulf's feats: in the battle at which Hygelac was slain, Beowulf swam back to the land of the Geats carrying the armor of thirty men on his back. He expects him to attack during the night. SURVEY .

They were young and they wanted to see who could swim the longest.

Edit. They stop running and get killed by the hunters.

Beowulf is pleased he is able to leave a treasure for his people, and gives Wiglaf his battle gear while saying his final goodbye. Where is the final monster located?

When does Beowulf expect Grendel to attack? K - University grade.

It gaurds a mountain of treasure. The quiz will ask you how Beowulf's preparation differs in this battle and what occurs when his sword melts. Who serves the men with the mead-cup?

He fights with a sword. What does the slave remove from the cave? Beowulf's Last Battle - Section VI DRAFT. In Geatland, Hygd offered Beowulf treasure and rulership of the kingdom, fearing that her son Heardred was too young to rule. Why does the author describe him this way? What trophy does Beowulf take from Grendel and place on display?

Beowulf discards his weapons in order to be on equal ground with Grendel. However, with his infected neck wound, Beowulf dies shortly afterwards, leaving Wiglaf in charge. What can be discerned about Beowulf's personality by his response to Unferth's insult?

He cannot touch the throne because it is sacred to God. He is described as ruthless. The dragon lives in an underground cave. Q. Beowulf in the last battle is confident of his strength but he is also aware that he may not win the fight. Beowulf, who stabs the dragon in the flank (side). To ensure the best experience, please update your browser.

He wears a helmet and a mail-shirt. 4 years ago. answer choices . How has Beowulf changed from his last two battles? This gives mystery to his existence.

He has already killed monsters on land and sea. English. What is it guarding?

Wiglaf stabs the dragon in the belly after the dragon delivers a fatal blow to Beowulf's neck.

Edit. Hrothgar needs men, so they come to defeat Grendel. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. When Beowulf says, "I mean to stand, not run from his shooting flames..." supports which epic heroic quality? 63% average accuracy. What is Beowulf's only request if he is killed in battle? According to Beowulf, why is he qualified to fight Grendel?

How confident are the Geatish warriors in comparison?

Test your understanding of his last battle with this quiz/worksheet combo. Why is he set apart from Beowulf's other men? Beowulf is now King of the Geats, and he is very old. Herot is emptied of all people for 12 years.


According to the narrator, why do the Scyldings hold heathen sacrifices "to their old stone gods" instead of praying to God? What does Beowulf use to fight the dragon? Beowulf is extremely cocky but determined.

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