Shooting Times Digital Staff - December 11, 2018.

It was the company’s initial foray into the 3 ½-inch market and it was reliable, fast, elegant, and versatile, with the ability to cycle all 12-gauge shells from 2 ¾ inches up. With a nickel plated and engraved receiver, the Ethos 20 gauge was an ideal complement to an old-world-style hunting experience at SouthWind Plantation near Attapulgus, Georgia. Half the excitement with quail hunting like this is that you never know how many birds are going to flush out of that point or where they’ll go. "Have you ever had your M1 come out of battery?" "When you load your M1, do you slam the bolt closed?" We walked cornfields for guineas, sat along tree rows for doves, and waited in blinds in plowed dirt fields for pigeons. Before I get to the aesthetics of the Ethos Sport, let’s review the multitude of ingenious engineering features that make it exceptional. The property is located on 3,000 acres of picturesque Georgia pine country, with rolling hills, lakes and tall grasses that provide ideal cover for quail. The wind was howling, and the fine dust from the plowed fields coated every surface of the guns — inside and out. The Ethos Sport is designed as the ultimate clays target gun, so the barrel is ported to vent powder gases and reduce recoil. My M1 Field, bought 15 years ago, has churned through thousands of rounds and withstood filthy hunting conditions and a consistent lack of cleaning that only a lazy gun writer can inflict. Perfection takes practice, a little skill and the understanding that not all steaks are... From trajectory to penetration to recoil, we evaluate this cartridge for the big-game use case. This allows the user to do a couple of things. It is composed of just three main parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring, and the bolt head. In addition, the Progressive Comfort System incorporates more than just a replaceable buttpad; it has a series of flexible synthetic "fingers" inside the stock that compress at a variable rate depending upon the load, so the pad absorbs recoil regardless if the load is a 2 3/4-inch light, 2 3/4-inch magnum, or 3-inch magnum load. The plantation also teems with duck, geese, turkey and deer, and the main lodge sits on a massive lake that’s stocked with 10-pound and greater largemouth bass. This unlocks the lugs on the bolt head from the barrel extension, and the bolt and fired shell move rearward together. It’s a slower paced hunt but allows you to take in the scenery at the rhythm of a horse’s trot. ), I was grinning from ear to ear.

The Ethos Sport is offered in 12, 20, and 28 gauges and comes with 28- and 30-inch barrels. Although he didn't shoot as well as he'd like, the. Like all Ethos models, the new Sport has Benelli’s innovative Inertia Driven System that is simplicity itself. Called the Easy Locking System, which enhances the Inertia Driven System, Benelli slightly changed the bolt body on the ETHOS and added a detent mechanism that allows the bolt to engage when closed slowly as well as to re-engage itself if it comes out of battery. Checking has become a habit. The wind was howling, and the fine dust from the plowed fields coated every surface of the guns — inside and out. To demonstrate this feature, the bolt was slowly closed, and at the moment where normally the bolt would hang up just out of battery, it rotated clockwise and locked into the receiver. The trigger group can be removed for cleaning by pushing out a single retaining pin. Over the course of a week, 14 shooters fired nearly 17,000 rounds. BENELLI ETHOS 20 GAUGE Type:    Semi-automatic, Inertia Driven Stock:    AA-grade satin walnut Barrel:    26 or 28 in., Crio System treated Receiver:    Nickel plated Weight:    5.6 pounds Overall length:    47.5 or 49.5 in.

This time five birds got up, three to the left and two straight ahead and slightly to the right of us. But the ETHOS just kept chugging through the cases of shells. I had a ball anyway. More than that, the Ethos is a sweet-swinging beauty, as graceful in motion as it is to look at. In a word: great. If you are so inclined, it would certainly be up to the task.) "Well, neither is an issue anymore on the ETHOS.". It has failed to cycle only twice in all the years I have owned it. I’d like to say it was a one shot, one bird kind of experience, but quail are a hard target, after all, and we couldn’t keep the ratio even. The Sporting Ethos: Benelli Ethos 20 Gauge Review. Most importantly, this makes the barrel’s pattern better. Give a Gift   Here’s the reality, though: When you’re as passionate as many of us are about game birds, a Benelli is an investment worth making. Plus, no tools are required to make the change.

The mid-rib sight is a 0.06-inch metal bead.

The Ethos Sport’s barrel is cryogenically treated through Benelli’s Crio System to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. It has failed to cycle only twice in all the years I have owned it.

What didn’t slow us down was the Benelli Ethos 20 gauge, a new introduction in 2015 and an addition to the original Ethos 12-gauge lineup. There were no bird seasons open when I tested the Ethos Sport, but I shot it on skeet, sporting clays, and targets thrown by my Do All Outdoors trap in the back pasture. The famous gunmaker – Springfield Armory – stakes its first flag in the hunting world with the... Massaro with a Mozambican Cape buffalo, cleanly taken with a Heym 89B in .450/400 3" Nitro, What's The Best Coyote Cartridge?

As I was to learn, in a quest for absolute perfection, Benelli decided it could improve on a few things. We hunted with Grasslands Safaris, which is owned and operated by Carel Coetzer and his wife Carine. Except for size and weight, Benelli’s 20-gauge Ethos looks identical to its older 12-gauge brother and is built on the same tried and proven Inertia Driven System. While not as fast and furious as dove shooting in Argentina, it was close, and the conditions were quite a bit tougher on the guns.

The wood on my test gun was excellent, well figured with nice grain and plenty of dark streaks running through it, augmented by precisely executed checkering in all the right places. The light loads cycled flawlessly, and everyone commented on how easy the, The walking guinea shoot was just like pheasant hunting in South Dakota. The "grit test," as we soon began calling it, should have been enough to stop up any gun, and if it had, we would have forgiven it. And yet the, On the dove shoot, editor Mike Schoby tested the Easy Load System and the ability to cycle even the lightest loads, burning through thousands of rounds of light 7/8-ounce loads in the course of a day. As long as I got the leads right, the gun seemed to track the clays like radar and crushed the target. If you want to change the rib height, it is easy to do. It used to amaze me when I’d travel across the country, either for duck or other game birds, and see so many Benellis in the hands of poor college students and working class folks. That final day's shooting was pleasure mixed with a bit of sorrow, as I knew my M1 was going to be relegated to the gun safe because the new ETHOS was just that much better. Click here to download the full issue. Plus, the length-of-pull can be adjusted with optional ComforTech recoil pads. Benelli really put in the research and development time with this one, however, which means the gun will function flawlessly with 7/8-ounce to 3-inch loads. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. It was a pleasure to shoot, and recoil, perceived as well as actual, was nearly nonexistent. To lock the bolt back after unloading the gun, the cartridge drop lever must be activated.

George, a product manager at Benelli, killed three birds with ease on the left side, while I managed to knock down one bird with two shots.

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