I am going to try your technique on the next sweater that I have been planning – a bottom up raglan. Part II touches on shoulder work. PREVIOUSLY in #fringeandfriendsknitalong: FO No. WARDROBE PLANNING 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, FO-2016.21 : Striped pullover | Fringe Association, Hot Tip: Bury your ends | Fringe Association, Top-Down Knitalong FO No. | Fringe Association. Basting ensures that your zipper turns out looking like it was professionally put in. Her latest addition to the CzechMates family is the Crescent, an incredibly thin wedge shape that ads texture and elegant beauty. Your technique adds on the aesthetic value of a knitted garment.

But it got me wondering why you couldn’t knit a seamless garment in such a way that you built in stitches that were meant to be seamed out later, the way you design steek stitches into a garment you’re going to cut open. All content and images on this website belong to DIBY Club and are protected by the DMCA. BEGINNING TO KNIT

For this post, we’ve knitted a sample with 8 mm knitting needles and the Petite Wool in the color blush.

Since the spray can only be washed away with water, you should only use it on projects that you plan to wash in the future. This is a very cool technique and I love how simple it is to achieve. On newer machines you’ll select your straight stitch and then change the length to about a 5. Adjust the stitch length to get the zigzag desired. Using 2 layers of thread will give you a stronger temporary seam, making it less likely that your fabric will slip or bunch as you sew. I just reached the join and have been working on the yoke but feeling dismayed at how flimsy the raglan seams are. I love a top-down sweater. A question: Have you ever tried to create seaming stitches on a Fair Isle yoke? I’ve got a striped sweater going right now in which I’ve added a faux purl seam, so I might give your technique a try. Pick up the running thread to the right of the basting stitch — see upper left photo above — and pull your yarn through, leaving a tail to weave in later. © 2018 DIBY Club All Rights Reserved This is the central conflict of knitting, as far as I can tell. Maybe you can edit “step 1) to include this detail to make it easier for new readers? You may have solved a problem that’s been plaguing me for awhile now. You’ve inspired me to have a go at it, with shawl collar, I think with Bartlettyarns Fisherman 2 ply/Schoolhouse Sheepswool. By using our site, you agree to our. Pin the fabric area together that you plan to sew.

It doesn’t provide any structure whatsoever. Simply take your seam ripper to it in a few places and pull one of … Plus, a well-basted sewing project is almost a guarantee that you won’t have to unpick any of your stitches, so it can actually save you time! It does the important work of temporarily holding your fabric in place until a more permanent stitch can come in and finish the job. References. And I kept thinking about that trusty blue sweater and pondering the notion of reinforcing it. It will really change my knitting world also!

Amanda’s raglan “seam” is a single stitch of reverse stockinette — 1 purl stitch, in other words.

When I was a brand-new knitter, though, the idea of knitting four or five large pieces (a big time investment) and seaming them together (further investment) and only then knowing how I had done — whether it fit and whether I liked it — was unimaginable. “Now that I realize all I need to do when knitting seamlessly is insert a single column of purl stitches wherever a seam should be.” It sounds like with the Amanda pattern this stitch was built into the pattern.

If you haven’t built in an extra stitch for this purpose, you’ll be eliminating those stitches from your total stitch count and changing the finished dimensions correspondingly. Or like in sewing where you baste pieces together temporarily knowing you’re going to go back and add the finished seam later.

As I was nearing the yoke of my Amanda cardigan — having chosen to knit the pattern in pieces as written, prepared to seam the sides and sleeves — I became increasingly preoccupied with the seamless yoke on the horizon.

Can a baste stitch keep a design from puckering? SLOW FASHION This is absolutely PERFECT. I registered for workshops and got some fun projects done quickly. After experiencing frustration with tension in three dimensional designs, I discovered that a simple baste stitch will eliminate hours of “redo work.” The technique has been used for ages in sewing and lends itself well to beading, too. Here’s a regular straight stitch next to a basting stitch so you can see the difference.

Your Amanda is gorgeous, btw. Urgh.

| kmkat & her kneedles, Pingback: Top-Down Knitalong: Meet the Panel! For instance, basting garment seams allows you to test the fit or a specific placement (such as for darts) before sewing more permanent stitches. Karen, any suggestions for how to do this when the sweater is mostly knit and doesn’t have the purl stitch? Genius! 1: Jess Schreibstein | Fringe Association, Pingback: “Improvised” top-down sweater – Part 2: the “pattern” | woolventures, Pingback: Top-Down Knitalong FO No. This article was co-authored by Lois Wade.

It is especially nice on yarns like Tsumugi, which I use a lot. All you have to do to seam this basting stitch closed is pick up the running thread on either side of that stitch and work it just like standard mattress stitch. And on older machines you’ll simply rotate your stitch length dial to the longest length. A pattern will almost always have you place a marker at each side anyway, so you just need an extra stitch next to that marker for your basting stitch.

Nichole, wife and mother of 2 boys (ages 7 and almost 5), is the Director of Starman, a Starman TrendSetter, and a bead creator. Set the stitch length on your sewing machine to a long stitch. Thank You! + Stadium Mitts. Installing zippers can be difficult and basting makes it painless.

First we will demonstrate how to use the slip stitch to move yarn across stitches. Pingback: Super-cozy Bedford | Pans & Needles. I’ve had this dilemma for aged and now I can finally see a great solution! Pressing can set the stitches and make them harder to remove. We’ve used yarn in a contrasting color to work the technique so that it’s easier to see, but ideally, the basting is worked in the same color that you used for the other part. Top-down or bottom-up, I’m not opposed to the act of seaming; I genuinely enjoy it, and it doesn’t even take that long. Thanks for the tip, Pingback: Knittity linkity. If you’re working with leather, using double sided tape can hold your hem together without poking holes in it (like pins would). You never back stitch when starting or stopping a basting stitch since that would make it difficult to remove. Editor’s Note: Did you enjoy this elementary sewing stitch? Business this time meant having Nichole in our studios filming a few of her signature and groundbreaking two-hole stitching techniques. Know you shared that you can’t possibly be the first to do this, but you are the first blog post I have read talking about it. Or maybe I could track down a flat-knit pattern for such a sweater and see what that indicates? Granted, it might be too much on a design that is already busy with cables and such. But then I ended up really liking the look and structure.

It’s also a great way to sew two pieces of fabric together quickly – especially useful when the layers aren’t going to be pulled apart at all. Baste stitching makes this process easy peasy. Seam ripping can sound like a chore, but it’s so much easier to rip out these wide stitches than standard-sized ones. You should still be very careful when testing the fit, as basting stitches aren’t as sturdy as normal stitches. You can sew slowly on a machine and take your pins out one by one to keep the fabric in line without the danger of breaking a needle. Your finished sweater is beautiful. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It was just never going to happen. June 27, 2018 by Karen Templer I recently saw Bristol Ivy saying on Instagram that she had incorporated my “basting stitch” idea into a sweater she had made for herself (among other fascinating mods detailed in her caption). Sewing over pins can break or bend your needle, so it isn’t worth the risk. Basting by machine is great for fabric that you’re holding together for longer than just a fitting, like quilt layers. This is brilliant, Karen!

Thank you for sharing this! It looked awful, with a huge bump on the right side. As I was reading this, I was asking myself how you learned to make all these modifications…and you answered this question as I read on – by knitting a top down sweater and changing things as needed. All you have to do to seam this basting stitch closed is pick up the running thread on either side of that stitch and work it just like standard mattress stitch. It worked perfectly!

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