He was also posthumously awarded the George Cross for his bravery later that year, part of the citation reading: “Without any regard for the hazards, Taylor intervened out of a desire to help in the preservation of law and order and gave his life in a gallant attempt to apprehend an armed and dangerous criminal.”.

Bullock yelled at the driver, “Stop! Gower later claimed he was unaware at the time that Redel was carrying a loaded revolver. Peter Scarman, by then aged 82, also attended the ceremony, saying he was very pleased that Bob Taylor’s heroism had been remembered. Whether through drink or panic, neither man sought to demand that the safe, which contained considerably more money, be opened. Discharged some years later, they had come to Britain and made one another’s acquaintance when working at the British Oil and Cake Mills at Avonmouth. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.
Redel pointed the gun at the guard and the cashier emerged. ", Bristol mayor criticises Government over four-week lockdown, Marvin Rees said the city was predicted to lose £44million over the next four weeks as a result of the decision not to follow the example set by Wales, Police officer left with broken leg after assault, The young officer needed hospital treatment and is now recovering at home, Lorry driver issued six penalty points after crash at Severn Beach, The crash happened at just gone 6pm at Severn Road, Plans for world's first 'Arc' to send visitors 69m above Bristol skyline, "A magical 20-minute scenic flight to see the City’s wonderful dynamic landscape", Two hospitals declared major incidents this week and GP surgeries are struggling to meet demand.

The 29-year-old was single and had been in the Territorial Army before the war, and so had been among the first to be called up in 1939. Roman Redel and Zbigniew Gower were both 23 years old, and in March 1950 were living in lodgings on City Road, Bristol. Their original intention had been to steal a motorbike, which could also be used for the getaway, but they were so drunk they took the bus instead. Not only had it ended in a death, but it was the death of a young man who had served his country for six years and who was killed for refusing to be a bystander. The defence did not dispute the facts of the case, but argued the charge should be reduced to one of manslaughter, claiming the pistol had gone off accidentally in the course of the struggle. COVID-19 (coronavirus) - Our response and essential information, Did you see anything? Redel waved the gun at him to go back into the office, along with Bullock. Seventy years ago this week, the local and national news was dominated by a bank robbery in Bristol.

Gower, meanwhile, had come in, wearing a beret and a pair of dark goggles to conceal his identity and while Redel covered the staff in the manager’s room, he climbed over the counter and took just £28 in cash, along with some cheques and worthless paying-in slips.

Robert Taylor’s funeral was attended by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Percy Cann, Deputy Lord Mayor Charles Gill and Sir Charles Maby, the Chief Constable of Bristol. By March 1950, though, they were unemployed and short of money. At his trial, Redel claimed that he had pulled out the gun from his pocket with the intention of scaring Taylor off. There were no indications that either or both of the men had set out to kill anyone that day. Most of us nowadays would steer well clear and leave it to the police to deal with – which of course is precisely what the police strongly recommend. The gun went off point-blank in Robert Taylor’s face. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. The city was accustomed to bank robberies, but this was different.

He Almost Got Away With It, Cops: Ex-Chief Wounded After Second Bank Robbery, Cops: Bank Robbers Were Girls, Ages 14 and 15, Uber Driver Reports Would-Be Bank Robbers, Northernmost Inhabited Area Just Had Its First Bank Robbery, Trump Reveals Election Night Plans to Confidants, Loss of One State Could Make Biden an 'Underdog'. Gower came back and punched him, allowing the pair to continue their escape. Get The Morning 8: The eight stories you need to know, bright and early. While one had fought, he claimed, in the Polish resistance, the other had been a conscript labourer working for the Germans. News & Information; Article; Pair jailed for bank robbery in Bournemouth. Gower and Redel then backed out of the building, Redel still pointing the gun at the staff as they did so, and ran for it. At the time it was one of only a few blue plaques which had been put up in Bristol for many years. At the trial in May both Gower and Redel were charged with Robert Taylor’s murder. By Clicking "OK" or any content on this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Steven Mark Henbest, aged 37 of Richmond Wood Road, Bournemouth, and Paul David Henbest, 39 and of Desborough Road, Eastleigh in Hampshire, were sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court on … Peter Scarman, one of the other pursuers, was awarded the George Medal and bus driver Ronald Cutler the British Empire Medal. His father later said this was an exaggeration, but there was no doubt he was a keen athlete at the peak of physical fitness. He was, in later newspaper parlance, a “have-a-go hero”.

He said that, coming up from behind him, Taylor had clasped the barrel of the gun while Redel’s finger was on the trigger. It was quite shocking.”. Alas, real life cannot be so easily scripted. Not long after, a police car picked up the pursuers and Redel and Gower were apprehended on Clarendon Road.

We use cookies. Bullock threw his milk bottle at Redel but missed. He was the first to catch up with the robbers. In his summing-up to the jury, Mr Justice Oliver said: “No argument in the world can dispose of the fact that a young man, doing nothing but his duty as a citizen, was by reason of so doing, shot down.”.
Deaf, Hearing-Impaired or Speech-Impaired. His sister Muriel Leonard was one of those who attended the ceremony. Kenneth Hoyd … Eugene Byrne looks back on the story of a bank robbery and its tragic outcome 70 years ago, THE BIGGEST STORIES ACROSS BRISTOL IN YOUR INBOX. The driver, Ronald Edward Cutler, stopped and Redel and Gower jumped off, running towards Westbury Park Road.

30 October 2020. Bank robberies would remain commonplace from the war’s end and into the 1970s and this was the third raid on a Bristol branch of Lloyd’s alone in just over a year.

One of them, Peter Scarman, caught up with them near the corner of Queen Victoria Road and grabbed hold of Redel. A robbery in 1949 had resulted in the cashier of the Knowle branch, George Black, being shot dead. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story from a modern perspective, though, is how many civic-minded people were willing to “have a go”, even though they were up against armed robbers. Then Came the Oxy Prescription, Cops: Dying Bank Robber Robbed Banks 9 Days After Release, A Bank Manager Stole $4.3M. Both had come to Britain from Poland, having experienced the horrors and loss of the brutal Nazi invasion of their home country. B2 Bank Robbery News Report; B2 Binning the Books Article; B2 Crime News Reports; B2 Job Market Article; B2 Pollution in the World Article; Especially helpful are exercises that are focussed on a theme or topic as these provide word retention practice so you can be confident to read, write, speak and listen successfully.

Feelings about the case ran high. In court later both would testify that they had jointly hatched a plan to rob a bank, but could not remember whose idea it was. He was pronounced dead at hospital not long afterwards. Two men in their 20s, both drunk, one armed with a gun, raided a branch of Lloyds and attempted to make their getaway – by catching a number 28 bus. For news tailored to your local area, powered by In Your Area: Scarman had also been a war veteran and told reporters: “I was caught up in the chase for about an hour and a half, and we were running for most of that. A trip back to Hotwells - seen as Bristol's most knocked about suburb, Bristol 2009-2019: How Bristol has changed over the past decade, The horrific railway disaster and the 91-year mystery about its victims, The long-running Indian restaurant in Clifton with good food, but rushed service, Bristol's worst council homes could be demolished and replaced with brand new houses, Sky History series The Chop scrapped after investigation into Darren Lumsden's tattoos, Sky History has scrapped the series and apologised to viewers, Bristol hospitals under ‘extreme stress’ as lockdown looms, Two hospitals declared major incidents last week and GP surgeries are struggling to meet demand, Bristol builder to give tiny house away for £3, It was inspired by American reality show Tiny House Nation, Martin Clunes spotted filming new TV drama in Weston-super-Mare, He even stopped to chat to one local and stroked his dog, Bristol tattooist says he will open shop in lockdown and wants a 'party', Aron Walton claims he has no plans to shut Gloucester Road tattoo parlour Holey Skin, How students and staff at the universities in Bristol feel about staying open during lockdown, 'I think I would feel safer and more comfortable at home', Fury as maple trees near M32 chopped down despite long-running protest, There is now just one tree remaining - and they won't let it fall without a fight, Avon Valley Farm in “survival mode” as huge fireworks weekend cancelled, Bristol Zoo makes public appeal as it's forced to close again, "Please be assured that our keepers and vet teams will continue working hard behind the scenes", Bristol Rovers boss Ben Garner has been given a 'good problem' as Peterborough United test looms, Sam Nicholson scored his first goal for Bristol Rovers against Rochdale, with the Scottish midfielder hoping to build on his strike when the Gas take on Peterborough United, Transfer policy, Josh Barrett and is it time for Alfie Kilgour? When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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