They are labeled Brisling or sometimes “double layer”. No adjustments to prior purchases. Will try some of the other brands you have checked out. In the early ’80s I would go to my ex father in laws mobile home that he was trying to make habitable. I’ve read extensively on the subject and both BPA and its “safer” replacement BPS have been shown to be severe endocrine disruptors. I like to eat sprats like whitebait. Both my son-in-law and myself are in love with these tiny little taste delights. They were very good. All rights reserved. One column says Estd 1873. I have been eating sardines for a very long time. I actually import this product into the US and grew up eating these things.


This stops me feeling guilty about the amount of beer I drink. Needless to say, I was not popular. Please check the coupon details. Actually one of the prettiest cans I’ve ever seen.

It was really a mental block more than anything. The problem there is the aluminum cans. Wild Planet for certain.. Also I find it noteworthy that Wild Planet cans are BPA free.

Just tasted the “Wild Sardines” brand purchased at Costco. OMG I just finished a lovely salad from our garden (lettuce, mustard green, arugula, cilantro, basil, tomato, shallots), with two (2) cans of Brunswick Sardines in tomato sauce (not Spaghetti’O like at all) made of Tomato paste, salt, sugar, paprika and a slurry of chemical preservatives (why?).

Would make a nice little hors d’oeuvre on a cracker. Anyway, it is interesting how so many people seem to re-discover sardines and how their taste and sophistication changes/grows. I enjoyed this but that’s coming from a person who puts pickled jalapeños on everything. They are fresh catch of the day and consumed everywhere in their “pintxos”, it is pronounced “pinchos” in Spanish. One can eat Vidalia alone but sardines must have a Vidalia. Fortunately, I don’t need to go to a speciality store. The item you selected has already been subscribed to notify to this email. You make a good point about updating the review and honestly I’ve got a collection of about 6 new brands in the pantry I’ve been meaning to taste and review.

A few years ago, I found 12-15 cans in my attic (yes, in the original red box ) where my thoughtless contractor put them in the process of finishing my basement. I love fishing and seafood and to me there look like white bite, pilchard or blue bite how we call those in Australia. If you can find Montano Sardines from Dipolog City in the Phlippines, I suggest you try them out. So I feel that I can help you undertand a litle more about the sardines. Yes, they are higher on the food chain so I don’t know to what degree they have mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.

mouth full of sardines. Forty years ago I loved Moosebeac sardines. But Conservas Ortiz sardines are easily the best sardines on Earth. Can remember them at a few cents a can up to now. They were marvelous but unfortunately I can’t remember the packers name and can’t find such a product online. . i did research and brisling are the actual sardines while others just means small fish hence the different sizes in the above cans. Thanks for writing. Then the sardines are individually hand-packed, naturally seasoned, and delicately stored in premium refined canola oil. Today the taste of the tiny Norwegian sild sardines has no competition. Hey, Nuri is my last name! KO is a well-respected brand and these spicy jalapeños Brisling sardines were a good example of why. I’m also weirded out by chicken bones which is why I haven’t yet posted about fried chicken but I think maybe I could do that now, too. Nice flavor and texture.

Wild Planet advertises that they don’t strip their fish of the natural oils, but I haven’t found info on any other company. Those sardines turned people that dont like sardines into fans and I have never located those again. I love Nuri but a bit expensive. Love them. Much like the fish are processed in Poland. Quick View There, they are wild caught in the Baltic Sea and hand-picked through the quality selection process. I recently tried Bumble Bee. They might become your new pantry staple! Most oversize, heavy or oddly shaped items (Freight) must be shipped alone via a freight trucking company.

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