There are a total of 37 different wishes in the game. & v2.0 and later of the Enhanced Editions: It drains heat and causes 1d4+1 points of damage per level of the caster. Avoid. Projected Images can create Simulacrums of themselves who, for some reason or another, are not level-drained clones of the Projected Image. The target of this spell loses levels, Hit Dice, Hit Points, and abilities permanently. Description: This spell is much like the 3rd-level Monster Summoning I spell, except that this spell summons 5-HD monsters. The caster summons magically 12 Hit Dice of monsters, which appear in caster's range and will attack enemies. Spells affected by this are Minor Spell Turning, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Immunity, Spell Deflection, Spell Turning, and Spell Shield. It causes any weapon you have equipped (including off-hand and ranged!) When the spell is cast, it confers complete invulnerability to normal fires (torches, bonfires, oil fires, and the like) and to exposure to magical fires (fiery dragon breath, hell hound or pyrohydra breath, spells such as Burning Hands, Fireball, Fire Seeds, Fire Storm, Flame Strike, Meteor Swarm, and so on), absorbing 50% of all the damage dealt by such magical sources. This effect lasts for the duration of the spell or until dispelled. Even when playing with SCS, blinded enemies will not be able to respond to anything hitting them from outside their almost-zero visual range, so they will wander around at random in hopes of finding you.

Description: As Invisibility but the effects apply to everyone within 10 feet of the caster. Description: When the spell is cast, it confers 100% invulnerability to all magic-based attacks such as Magic Missile or Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting.
The silent, blade-shaped construct's cutting edges inflict damage just as those of a real sword do. Monsters with 5 Hit Dice or more are unaffected. Since Ghoul Touch lasts 5 rounds (and not simply fizzling after one hit or miss) it's all a matter of whether your enemy succeeds or fails their saves at that point, and a 30-second paralysis is plenty of time to beat down anybody who isn't straight-up immune to it. Keep using Protection from Magical Weapons. Luck has some say in how quickly a PC or enemy creature will move toward another creature to attack, though this effect is fairly minor. Description: This spell enables the caster to create a black, blade-shaped planar rift about three feet long. Does not protect against summons/gated summons in any way. Like most other spells, Stoneskin only scales up to level 20 so don't get carried away thinking you can tank anything using this with a high-level Bard. Finally, bear in mind this will hit everyone including party members, so if you just buffed up your fighter and sent him into the fray at the same time your bard is casting Dispel Magic, say goodbye to your buffs. Comments: THE defensive spell of Level 2. It brings the character back to life with only one hit point left. Comments: Extremely underwhelming spell when compared to others you can take. 12% chance to receive any one of the following wands (5 charges): "Create a random potion in the caster's inventory.". (Note: This spell may only be cast by the protagonist.).

By the same token, you could cast this on your party's thief and do the same thing to enemies. Don't be afraid to burn your new ally's abilities and spells since Domination only lasts for 48 seconds. Pick this up if you need it. The summoned animals depend on the area where it's cast.
Other uses for this spell include neutralizing an enemy who is about to kill a party member, or putting a stop to a fast enemy that hits many times per round. 1 attack/round at 15 THAC0 for 1d6 damage. Items dropped or put down by the invisible creature become visible, items picked up disappear if tucked into the clothing or pouches worn by the creature. Some ideas: Note: Characters who die with a sequencer active and then are resurrected have a non-functioning sequencer in their special ability menu, preventing this spell from being cast again until it is "discharged."

The monster summoning line of spells is great in BG1 because you get a certain HD's worth of monsters, but in BG2 and the EE's you only get 1 or 2 monsters, severely reducing the usefulness of this spell. "Heal everyone, party members and enemies included.". That said, it is far more lethal to you than your opponents who are more than likely not wearing any special equipment that gives them saving throw bonuses. Given this information, Chaos Shield is more helpful than a long as you're not targeting yourself.

Definitely get this ASAP. Furthermore, Mislead buffs you with Improved Invisibility which gives -4 AC and saves, making any counterattacks against you unlikely to succeed. Victims are allowed a Save vs. There is a 60% chance that a 12-Hit-Dice elemental appears, a 35% chance that a 16-Hit-Dice elemental appears, and a 5% chance that a 24-Hit-Dice elemental appears.

Wish is only useful in the thick of combat and it offers you a chance to adversely affect your enemies in some way, buff your party, or debilitate them. However, failing the save does not display a saving throw in the combat log, meaning you'll take 2d4 magical damage once the 2 hours (10 minutes real time) is up. For the next 7 rounds, that creature cannot make any sound. Description: When a wizard casts this powerful spell upon himself, an outer skin of stone will move up from the ground, completely covering him. Rangers can use this spellbook from level 8. It may not even work if your ally's save vs. spell is low enough, in the case of shorty fighters. Description: Chaos Shield increases a Wild Mage's chance to gain a favorable result when a Wild Surge occurs. It also doubles as a ranged weapon for melee focused Fighter/Mages and Bards. Every party member re-memorizes 1 expended spell of levels 1-4, for both mage and priest spellbooks. Description: A Slow spell causes creatures to move and attack at half of their normal rates. A wizard can have only one familiar at a time, and the familiar summoned is dependent upon the caster's alignment. Creatures caught within webs, or simply touching them, become stuck among the gluey fibers. That target will be hit by this flame for 3d6 points of damage. "I wish for an adventure like none I've ever experienced before.". For example, an illusionist/thief buffed by Haste has Protection from Evil cast upon him by the party's cleric. The subject under influence of this spell is able to normally, even when magic affecting movement is upon the victim. It hits as a +4 weapon and does a bit of bonus fire damage, as well as being immune to fire.

Sometimes all it takes to beat down a group of enemies is to make some of them stop attacking you and run away. Creatures with more than 8 Hit Dice are immune to this spell with the exception of summoned creatures, which are automatically slain. The Spider makes a deadly caster killer in BG2(EE) because of its automatic poison on hit and its high number of attacks per round. This spell will only affect up to 4th-level spells, but as long as there are levels remaining, a spell will be reflected. Use it if you're into debuffing spells or if you're an Enchanter to make the save a huge -6 penalty. Combine with Web to make doubly sure nobody can move at all. Comments: Garbage.

Mage/thieves can backstab with every attack. On insane difficulty due to your party members taking double damage, it is possible to add up to a whopping 72 HP to each mage in your party and PC (if evil) by casting this on a tank and using a simple heal to top them off. The BG2 fire elemental has 96 HP, 18 STR, THAC0 9, and its saving throws are 3 points better. Pick this up ASAP! Comments: Lame. Anyone not protected from evil is on the demon's hit list, which means using this in an area with neutral NPCs is a surefire way to get them killed (reducing your reputation) or break their quests. It is often a better choice than Glitterdust because this spell has no save.

All party members lose 15% of their maximum HP for 1 turn.

Even the skeleton warriors from Animate Dead are better than this. Paralysis at -2.

Those who successfully save can move, albeit slowly, for the rest of the round (but will need to save vs. For example, if there is only 1 level left and a 3rd-level spell is cast at the wizard, the spell will be reflected while canceling the Spell Turning. The clone also cannot venture beyond your line of sight, unless you use Wizard Eye. This spell can target invisible enemies with the "Enemy Sighted" condition even if you can't see them, just as long as you're in range of them. Description: When this spell is cast at a target creature, it will dispel all of the magical protections that surround that creature. This effect lasts for the duration of the spell or until dispelled. Comments: Classic wizard spell. Allows the priest to control the action of the target, but is weaker than domination and the priest cannot cast spell during that time.

! Spell for half. The wizard only has one charge, and once an opponent has been touched, the spell's energies have been used. Does not prevent worsening off effects. The only thing they cannot do is heal themselves (and in the case of Limited Wish, you can still do that anyway!) Magically sleeping opponents can be attacked with substantial bonuses.

Comments: As the description says, its Charm Person without the +3 save bonus. Comments: Golly gee willickers, a spell which makes people and enemies faintly red in the dark making them slightly easier to see! Description: This spell lasts 1 turn per caster level.

It is home to the classic Fireball, as well as the very useful Haste, Slow, and Dispel Magic. The spell's duration is subjective to the caster.

New items in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, New items in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, New items in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Can cast mirror image and invisibility 10' radius 1x/day. Intelligence and 1 one additional depending on school. Great early-game anti-magic buff - get this. The elemental will do the bidding of the caster until it is slain or the duration of the spell runs out. Description: By casting this spell, the wizard makes the creature touched undetectable by divination spells such as Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Locate Object, ESP, and detect spells including Invisibility Purge. Attacks against the invisible character suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls, and the invisible character's Saving Throws are made with a +4 bonus. Poison at +2 or be sent reeling and fall down for 1d2 rounds 9 seconds.

If you make your save, it will be displayed in the combat log so you won't have to worry about it hurting you later. But BG2 is all about high-level mage fencing, so this spell is not going to work on the particularly badass mages until you can catch up to them. As with the previous spell levels, Level 6 has some truly powerful spells and a handful that just suck. It's far more useful in v1.2 and earlier, plus classic BG2, where you have free reign to beat down sleeping enemies.

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