Quest: Clear Baldur's Gate's Sewers--Slay all the monsters in the sewers for Sollus.

The nefarious thugs took some of the caravan group hostage into the Trollbark Forest and are likely headed toward Wayfork Village to raid and burn.

Level 2 (Cost: 2): +2 to AC per piece of armor worn. You may encounter a blocked passage here and there. When ready, enter the Keep! In the next large area, pull a loose stone on the northern wall to open a secret room. Battle through the cave exit; lure the melee goblins away from their archer support. Follow the winding hall past the flame tower trap (be careful when running by) and reach an intersection that leads west and north.

When you've finished exploring, enter the next area. Search the rooms along the hallway. Another objective appears in your journal. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Resist 1 acid/poison damage for 25 seconds. Avoid her fire spells and her chomp. Exit the Ossuary through the staircase in one of the alcoves. Inflict additional damage upon enemies with any melee weapon. Level 1 (Cost: 3): +90%/+30% primary/off-hand damage. You could also have moved north from your start position to get there faster; both paths connect in a large room with big rock-like behemoths. Follow the abandoned rail system to the split and proceed south (west leads to a broken track). Available for the Moon Elf Necromancer. Increases your Hit Point regeneration rate.

You'll reveal the map to him and note the connection between the Hands of Glory and the Red Fangs. Quest Reward: Destroy Mordoc Setanmere--Story continuation. Level 3 (Cost: 3): 15 seconds. For all warrior classes and Monks, the pool of abilities consist of abilities which can be accessed from the special abilities menu which can be used during battle. Search the racks and chests and battle a horde of tables en route to the entrance to the second level of Lyran's Hold. Wisdom reveals your character's "willpower, common sense, and perception". It's a small dungeon with a few chests to open and a handful of monstrosities to slay. He excels in melee combat so unless you can withstand his power, keep your distance and use ranged weapons or spells. Black Isle Studios' Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 duplicates the original's role-playing action hack-and-slash gameplay with enhancements including additional character classes, more feats, and magical item creation. He has the greatest starting strength and excellent constitution, which provides additional hit points per level. Beware of Habdazar's spells. Level 1 (Cost: 1): 3-18 damage. Level 1 (Cost: 2): 1-6 additional cold damage. You must start breaking pots because you gain access to these sections. The second and third part to the item upgrade is the gems. Defeat the enemies in the southwestern area to find a "decorative" stone that resembles a reptilian eye. For instance, search south from the start location and leap over the platforms to reach the enemies and treasures on the other side. By now you've discovered that the furniture in Lyran's Hold isn't just for sitting on or eating at--the furniture seems possessed and attacks like any other enemy! Dorn is out of luck, as are both secret characters.) He also possesses the ability to summon the dead with his animate dead feat. Every single character relies on two stats: strength and dexterity. Quest Reward #1: Destroy the Onyx Tower--10,000 experience points. Quest Reward: Collect the Music Sheets--1,000 experience points. Decreases the cost of creating and breaking down magic weapons.

Return to the warehouse (where you battled the Hands of Glory assassins in the first act) and find Jherek in the back room. A cutscene reveals several vultures feasting on the body of a trader. Before speaking with Randalla in the Purple Wyrm, find Bartley across the street from the inn and speak with him. It's also locked but the chest in front of the door contains a key. Weapons I've completed the game but I never did the side quest for my barbarian. After beating the game for the first time, the famous Dark Elf Ranger Drizzt Do'Urden becomes playable. You'll reach an intersection at the end of a north hall. You can battle through the gorge and its connecting caves for additional experience and loot. The Hands of Glory thugs "greet" you almost immediately. You automatically speak with Randalla upon reaching Baldur's Gate. Available for the Dwarven Rogue.

Whatever you do, stay as far away as possible and kill them with range. Quest Reward: Rescue the Caravan Master--1,000 experience points. If you plan to use spells frequently, Empower and Iron Will become much more valuable. Rummage through the treasure quickly! Speak with him to receive your next set of quests.

Although they're easily killed, the cyclones hurl rocks at range. The leader here is wearing another key. Level 2 (Cost: 2): +8 to Armor Class for 40 seconds. Level 2 (Cost: 2): 10 damage per second for 6 seconds. At the next intersection (at the save game pedestal), search the south route for a locked door. Available for the Human Cleric. The following feats are awarded to the Human Barbarian upon completion of the class-specific quest in Act III. Level 1 (Cost: 2): 10 seconds, 1 target. Level 4 (Cost: 8): 10-84 fire damage. High level class abilities are added the expansion Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

Choose your hero from five new champions - a Barbarian, Necromancer, Monk, Cleric or Rogue - each with unique abilities with which to face the gathering darkness. Take note of the stoned dwarves throughout this area: the basilisk lies just ahead! Level 4 (Cost: 12): +40% elemental damage resistance. Attack the other minions with area effect damage when they're grouped together and stay on the move. Increases your ability to fight with two-handed great weapons. The path to the right is a short alcove and the path to the left contains Captain Khoris guarding the entrance into the temple. Available for the Dark Elf Monk.

The entrance into the next level is located in the eastern edge of the map.

You'll reach a save game pedestal in the distance before the path continues on toward the west. Level 1 (Cost: 1): +5 Level 2 (Cost: 2): +10 Level 3 (Cost: 3): +15 Level 4 (Cost: 4): +20 Level 5 (Cost: 5): +25. It is also helpful to get at least one rank in power attack or sunder armor to use as a guard break against creatures that tend to block a lot. Proceed to the mausoleum. Repels and damages nearby undead. Otherwise you will be wasting a rune stone or a type of gem. Level 5 (Cost: 5): +6-15 damage, 5 arrows. Level 1 (Cost: 2): -4 enemy armor class.

This one likes to run away from melee and has a rather wide-open area to do it in so range works well, as does any character that can stun or catch up with sprint. This activates a special menu with the level warp submenu and invincibility toggle.

Temporarily boosts your Great Fortitude. Battle the towering statues through this level. Talk to Jherek in Omduil's Manor to open the four elemental quests. Picking up from the cliff-hanger ending of the original Dark Alliance, BG:DAII once again calls for brave adventurers to take up arms and protect the besieged city of Baldur's Gate.

Summon a shadow ally, higher ranks improve the pet.

Quest: Rescue the Kidnapping Victims--Rescue kidnapping victims from the Hands of Glory's warehouse hideout for Randalla. This is a long map but it's a straight shot that winds to the west, north, east, south, and back again.

They use the fighter avatar for their appearance. Beware of the numerous traps, including floor spikes. After the battle you automatically speak with Luvia through the closed gate. You must escape but can also earn additional reward by rescuing some servants trapped by the fire. It's the Skull Gorge. Temporarily boost your Strength.

Shield Restriction

Some of these paths lead to chests and additional goblin enemies. Level-up Gain Argesh is quick on his charge but not too accurate.

Explore the western path to follow it back to the section's start position. Dwarves are a short but stocky race that inhabits Toril. The monk excels in hand-to-hand combat. Level 4 (Cost: 4): +40 Hit Points.

That said, Ysuran is very good at range, especially if you have the skeleton minion or shadow creature summoned in order to absorb hits.

Find a couple chests at the northern end. Addressed to "Lady F," the letter makes it clear that Luvia has sent something to the warehouse, a thing called Argesh, and that the Hands of Glory need to know that fresh--and live--supplies will be needed. Wait for the Chimera to land before engaging him in battle.

Go east down the next corridor. Quest Reward (Dorn Only): Slay Baragoth, the Green Dragon--8,000 experience points, Dorn gains access to new spells and feats. You gain as many points to put into your "feats" as the level you just were at (so you gain 1 feat point when you get to level 2, 2 feat points when you get to level 3, 20 points when you get to 21, etc.) It reveals the location of Lyran's remains--in the cellar--and your goal is to destroy them and banish him from the world of the living. February 2011 edited February 2011 in Help / Advice Forum. Follow this path past another save game pedestal and more behemoths until you reach the entrance to the next section. Speak with Sollus, Baldur's Gate guard captain, for your next quest. Shop his wares and consider upgrading some of your weaponry and armor with his selection of stones and gems (which will increase once you reach the second act). Open the cells to face more skeletons and scamper past the fireball traps. Consider Flame Strike for spell damage, though it's weaker late in the game when the enemies are stronger (be sure to strike enemies in the flame's center for the most damage).

Level 2 (Cost: 2): +4 damage per hit. Other enemies lurk about the room, including a second magic user (the Red Queen being the first).

Level 4 (Cost: 8): Stun target for 3 seconds, inflict 13-24 damage. The basilisk has the power to turn its enemies into stone with just a gaze. Move north and use the wall like a door to enter a small secret room.

Level 1 (Cost: 1): +1 to AC per piece of armor worn. Intelligence is 100% useless, regardless of the character you are. Explore the branches to find additional enemies and loot. Level 1 (Cost: 1): +4 to Armor Class for 30 seconds. Avoid sticking in front of the gigantic green dragon and instead maneuver around its side. Level 5 (Cost: 20): 28-38 damage.

You should place an equivalent amount in each of the three slots for the best possible weapon.

But it's a long route and filled with many enemies, both humanoid and furniture. You must contend with Illudra and the tentacle beast in the depths of the water elemental.

Level 3: (Cost: 6): Equip half plate and plate armor. Affects on additional enemy per rank. Find Randalla on the side of the city street and speak with her...she looks different.

Moving north from the start position will send you toward Dibtolpt, the reptilian boss creature. Shadow Spray will become your new main offense, with claws of darkness allowing you to fend for yourself in melee quite effectively. Continue following the single forest path (making detours into the small goblin camps for additional experience and items). He is the only character where dual-wielding weapons is viable because he has access to the "Hero's Arm" feat, allowing him to equip great weapons such as great axes and greatswords in one hand. Level 1 (Cost: 2): Stun target for 1 second, inflict 4-9 damage.

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