", "There are regulars here. Than again, this is the person who called her viewers' life lower to hers because she streams and gets mad because her simps dont donate ( its only a matter of time before this post gets removed and i get banned from here too but whatever), More posts from the BadBunnyTwitch community, The only official BadBunny of Twitch Reddit. Your email address will not be published. User account menu. Leyla Meaning, BadBunny is both a popular and controversial streamer, and as a result has accrued several Twitch bans. Thank god. BAN #6: While sitting on the couch with her then-boyfriend Tanner, Bunny shifted position while wearing shorts. Buy Grape-nuts, Social Media: BAN #7: While streaming IRL from a beach location, a nearby toddler suddenly pulled down his pants, exposing his penis. BadBunny Banned from Twitch. Updated: 21/Nov/2019 10:08. Obsessive nerds using freeze-frame technology revealed that this action caused the appearance of what might possibly have been a nipple. People should be more concerned with how terrible Twitch's banning process is as opposed to her being banned. we need better fools to trick pic.twitter.com/AVsrA0AKki. Special K Blueberry Protein Bars, As linking to pornography is against Twitch TOS, she received her first ban. BAN #5: During a particularly nasty summer heat wave and due to Seattle apartments not containing air conditioning, in an attempt to remain cool, Bunny streamed from a bathtub while wearing a swimsuit. Sugar Bear Hair Discount Code May 2020, Teach Account, 64. Hillstone Dessert Menu, No one owes you SHIT in this world. Published: 21/Nov/2019 6:21 Updated: 21/Nov/2019 10:08. by Andrew Amos. How Many Calories In Special K Biscuit Moments Chocolate. Don’t think I heard her say one original thought and she prided herself on forward thinking. It’s not clear how long BadBunny will be off the platform for, but we will update you with more information as it comes available. Ctv Election Results, Welcome <3 Thankfully, the ban was lifted after roughly 24 or so hours once Twitch admitted that the events were well outside her realm of control. BadBunny has had her fair share of controversy in 2019, being struck with a suspension in April for breaking community guidelines on sexual content, as well as defending herself after homophobic and racist comments emerged from her Discord account. BAN #2: While streaming IRL as she attempted to pack up some belongings for a move (which never ended up happening), Bunny leaned forward while wearing a loose-fitting shirt without a bra. EDIT: turns out her channel has been unbanned, The amount of white knights in her replies holy Jesus, “Let us know what we, the viewers, can do to help you get unbanned”. That’s the way that I register your respect. Do you understand?”, This then sparked a rant from BadBunny who claimed, “My value is so much more than all of your value put together everyone in this chat.”, “Like I know every life has value but like my life is far more valuable.

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