Some dolls have got great personalities too. They have beautiful names! J Foxy W DJ.

I also like Tina. Even the name ‘China’ is lovely I think.

Pre-order Quick View; L.O.L. Question: What name should I give to a soft rag doll, if it’s a girl? Her name is so beautiful that it describes everything about her. Welcome to, a website that’s dedicated to helping kids live their best lives ever through fun games, crafts, facts, cooking activities, self esteem advice and more! I like them Thank you! wish I read them before...I took for ever to find a name for my made to move Barbie...after days I found a name it's Amethyst...I named her that because I'm born in February and my birthstone is an Amethyst and I love the color purple...and an Amethyst always reminds me of a sparkly,happy,brave,talented,beautiful, healthy and lovable personality.....well thx for these wonderful names hope u good luck in your life and who ever's reading this comment!! In Ihrem Browser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Answer: It is a beautiful name for a very particular doll, I agree! Answer: Algay, Pepita, Leisha these names came to mind for your green doll.

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Why not try reading them out loud to your doll, one at a time? My sweet Doll name which I want is Bella I am like the name Bella cute name my Doll also like this name I love this name. If you prefer a shorter version of those comfortable sounding names, your teddy could be Chad or Kenny. O.M.G. Do ya think I should name my doll Hannah?????????? I'm going to name my baby doll twins Hanna and lacey. One of the most completely engaging learning toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers; the Fisher Price Learning Home has delighted every child I've seen interact with it. 10Beim Kauf einer Oral-B SMART SENSITIVE erhalten Sie durch Eingabe des Codes 9812817041005 im Bezahlvorgang einen 10 € Sofort-Rabatt.

Try these Cornish baby names for tradition with a twist. Teddy isn’t a doll though. Select type of name change.

Gretel is nice too (from the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ fairy tale) and so is Crystal. Jericho Deo T Del Rio on August 11, 2017: I really LOVE the doll names you gave.

Looking for an unusual name for your baby? You mean USA don’t you? Question: What is a good antique doll name? Penelope has three grandchildren, two girls and one boy- so far.

Sale Sold out New. I named my doll Nina and I love it thank you those names are cute and pretty, I need a name for my reborn doll she is a girl do you no any girl names, I need a name for my go bye bye baby alive.

Körperpflege & I hope you like that name. Question: What is a good name for a barbie doll starting with V?

Princess Twinky is very pretty.

Answer: I’m not at all sure because I don’t know your dolly but sweet names like Luisa, Daisy, Lucy, and even Ava if you want a slightly more sophisticated name. I like Verity the most for a Barbie doll I think. Do you have any water names like real life ones for barbie dolls for an example violet, I like the names. My brother called his Sooky.

Camelia is a Chinese flower, so that’s an appropriate name. E Boss R Sassy. And June is a very pretty name for a doll. is an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a small commission for products that are purchased through Amazon via our affiliate links. My dolls name is sienna and another is called annabell. Beim Kauf einer Oral-B GENIUS X erhalten Sie durch Eingabe des Codes 9812817032003 im Bezahlvorgang einen 20 € Sofort-Rabatt. The generator will automatically add special characters to League of Legends names and check to see whether they're free.

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