But ever since they went public on the stock market it been less about the employees and the customer and more about the mighty dollar and stock holders. If you require a reasonable accommodation to search for a job opening or to apply for a position with AutoZone, please contact us by sending an email to: [email protected], Gogch.comIf you are experiencing technical issues with the AutoZoners App or website, please call 1-800-HELP-US1 (1-800-435-7871), https://www.gogch.com/autozoners/az-login. I asked my store manager to give me a copy of why they are demoting me and where in the policy it justifies their cause. If you aren’t sure, ask your manager or another member of management. to help us meet our ambitious goals. What are autozone rules in regards to piercings? i have the aytendance sheets of psm and zoner psm shows 81 points zoner 29 be glad to share for your suit contact me at [email protected]. I say we get together gather our statements and file for a class action lawsuit against these crooks. As a store manager for Autozone, the requirement for management is that you have open availability. And you know all those ANNOYING questions we ask you when your just trying to check out like "We have llucas on sale right now" and "Two flashlights for $5 now too" we dont want to ask you and ... https://autozone.pissedconsumer.com/im-an-autozone-employee-please-read-20111119276065.html. I dred the hours cause I know I really have to be on top of my game because I feel like I am being critisized on everything I do. This was confirmed by the district manager who was sitting in on my interview. well the dm and store manager walk in and tell me because of my availability they want me to step down from a full time manager to a part time manager. I have so many great ideas and suggestions that would make more money for the brand as well as make employees feel the only thing that brings them to work each day, APPRECIATED! Answered July 5, 2019 . Informieren Sie sich über Paid Holidays bei AutoZone, inklusive Unternehmensbeschreibungen sowie Kommentare und Bewertungen, anonym von gegenwärtigen und ehemaligen AutoZone-Mitarbeitern gepostet. @PeenWeinerstein When I inquired about this one, I was told that Autozone only does one review a year company wide, and this occurs at the end of the fiscal year. there attendence policy basicly goes like this for every day you are out of work due to excused illness they put a point against you and when you exceed 12 pionts your terminated. they are very evil, don't know how they sleep at night treating their employees like that! I was fired from az this year for not pushing the rewards card to all customer. this is my 2nd time around with autozone trust me i would not have gone back to them if i had another choice but my dealership shut down, i had used all my unemployment..the first time i was with them it was a good company they paid there people good and give them hours. Asked September 25, 2017. They're big on it. They sit in there ivory tower and for get were all the money is made and who make it for them. AutoZone may review or ... https://ignition.autozone.com/pwm/private/Login. If only AZ didn't play favorites because they absolutely do!!!

AutoZone dress code aloud to were short pans. I've never seen employees abused like they are at Autozone. Drivers can wear black shorts it's in the handbook.. As long as it is not deemed "to wild or unprofessional" by the Store Manager. assist job seekers requiring reasonable accommodation in the job Actual policy only matters when they want to fire or demote someone. Can I wear a long sleeve t shirt under my shirt in the winter?

No batteries or Headlights either!

stores, many distribution centers, our Store Support Center, and our as to when I would have this 90 day review. Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Ontario, California, Akt. What I suggest is that you consider it from the other way. Friday through Sunday are “double point” days because of how hard it is to call someone in on the weekend. Azpeople.autozone.comLoading... AutoZone OpenAM. If you (AutoZone) wants employee retention then suck it up and take care of your employees and maybe you would have a 1 employee loss a month out of the 7 stores around me. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. Is he (expletive) dreaming?" Every manager in that store wants their days off and if that's disrupted, changed or otherwise screwed with then its not only you that's pissed. Since I seemed to be a permanent parttime employee (with 25 years selling auto parts experience) this amounted to about $2.50 a week. 5 paid holidays a year, but business is only closed 2 days a year. anyone with kids knows how hard it is to find a babysitter for nights and weekends. Wa was a loyal employee Feb 06, 2020. I really believe it was because my age 60 Craig Blackwell is the worst, and should absolutely be in jail. What is the work environment and culture like?

most of this action towards me stems from me not finding a babysitter for christmas eve. Or so I thought. [protected] . I had the unfortunate experience of being an Autozone employee for 18 months. Informieren Sie sich, wie Sie Cookies zulassen können. Using this site, we hope that you will find everything you need to … Autozone doesnt eveluate their employees by performance or attendance or even how they treat their customers. ... Dominiq Dominiq Nov 17, 2019 #1778284. Mexico, Brazil, and China, AutoZone is on the lookout for team members @indymom101 We offer opportunities to all job seekers including those individuals with disabilities. impossible! with disabilities. The best questions are directly relevant to AutoZone. Oh and in regards to the hours question, management reserves the right to schedule you as they see fit. Reset generac generator maintenance light 6 . Once you log in, you will find a powerful website with interactive tools and videos to help you learn more about the company, your benefits and other topics of interest. application process, • The job title and location for which you are searching or

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