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He emphasizes that if the steps are followed correctly, the end result is a beautiful custom-made board.

“Ernie! Did nobody else care that there was mess all over the yard? 0000001838 00000 n

Ernie spoke first. “Ernie, cut it out. “But now that we know each other, all the rest’ll be fives.” Then he grinned big. The fact that his parents had neither asked him about honey badgers, or even knew why he cared about them in the first place, never stopped him from offering up random info at random times. And the truth was, to him, the grits tasted like he was eating sand. An old man—Grandpop!—sat at the round kitchen table. He had known lots of girls in grade school, and most of them looked way better than Ma as far as he was concerned. She has devised a speech with nine main points. Throughout the novel, Genie demonstrates empathy for others. Reynolds' middle-grade debut meanders like the best kind of summer vacation but never loses sense of its throughline. Of course, if she did, it would be a loaner kiss, Genie decided. Some had already been answered, and some were still mysteries. 4. Who else struggles with guilt? Troy states in a speech, "Younger people aren't the biggest users of social media. novels by PBS’s The Great American Read.

The poop zipped off behind him, slamming into a window in the back of the house.

And he and Ernie will have to do chores, like picking peas and scooping dog poop. Genie’s notebook of questions—a wonderful literary technique—opens wide this thoroughly realistic narrator’s world of concerns and brings readers closer to him. That was sort of his thing. Always.” But that didn’t really answer the question, which made it clear in Genie’s mind that “figuring it out”—which, by the way, was supposed to happen in Jamaica, the first vacation his parents were taking without him and Ernie—really meant figuring out which parent got which kid, which, of course, meant this would probably also be the last vacation his parents would be taking without them. Tight enough to make one of Genie’s eyes close up. In the novel, Genie spends time with his grandfather, and he learns about his family history. Way too far to be awake the whole time.

If they were going to miss his rants and all his knowledge about random animals and insects, and if Shelly would be able to spot a bedbug like he had taught her. Greetings, President Weiss, the provost, the board of trustees, Dean Katz, members of the Lesley University faculty, proud parents, and, above all, graduates. No way was he gonna ever get to sleep. “Wow. Why do you think he created this room? A fast but fiery group of kids from wildly different backgrounds, chosen to compete on an elite track team. He let the gritty goo slip between the tines of the fork and plop back down onto his plate. Nope. “You see that tree over there?” Genie looked out at all the trees in front of them and wondered which one Ernie was talking about. Why are Ernie and Genie staying with their grandparents for the summer? Summarize the different response each of the characters in the book has to guns. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. %PDF-1.6 %���� He held the shovel low and let it drop back behind him a little so that he could get some good momentum. But there is no question as to why he and his older brother Ernie find themselves far from their Brooklyn home with their Grandma and Grandpop in rural Virginia: their parents are “maybe/possibly/probably divorcing” and are “figuring it out” in Jamaica. . “Now come on in, come on in. Looked like movie prison food. It’s just gettin’ old, just like me. “Your plate’s on the counter, but wash your hands before you eat,” Grandma said, low, as if Dad was still a little boy. He had been to North Hill once before, a long time ago when he was four. His older brother, Ernie, was luring the mutt to a cleaner spot in the yard with a big pot of leftover chicken, bacon, grits, greens, and whatever else was for doggy breakfast. What happened? But you save that money for these boys.

. The grease popped every time she poked the bacon, but she never flinched. Con: I don’t know if she can protect me from fire and thieves. Anna is having a hard time with all her social media accounts. He was different from Ernie in that way. He snapped awake, confused, fixing his shades and wiping spit off his chin with the bottom of his T-shirt. As Brave As You spills over with humor and heart. 14. He glanced back in the mirror. How often does anybody get to catapult doo-doo into a forest? Tight enough to almost make him ask, What’s your problem? Not-quite-teenager Genie Harris has a notebook full of questions, ranging from the superficial (“Why are swallows called swallows? Explain your answer using evidence from the text. Con: Which means I’d have to protect her, and I don’t know karate! The level of commitment and attention that listeners devote to a speech is referred to as ____________. And to make it even weirder, it was crazy quiet! But he just couldn’t help it. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Pro: She never ever stinks. Based on context clues, how do you think you play the game? Do you think he is a good friend? He wasn’t usually scared of dogs, and he wasn’t really really scared of this one either, but it was definitely comforting—and weird—to know that this Samantha dog was chained up outside in the dark. In this New York Times bestselling novel, two teens—one black, one white—grapple with the repercussions of a single violent act ... A National Book Award Finalist for Young People’s Literature.

It bounced off the wood floor and the yellowy walls, making the entire room seem orange. In a question-and-answer period, a speaker may respond to a question by saying, "If I understand your question correctly, I think you are asking how I interpret the legal battle. an informative purpose statement and a thesis statement. Grandpop released his grip and Genie, happy to finally have his hand back, massaged his fingers. Dad nodded to Genie and Ernie to get moving, and led the way, lugging the family suitcase to the top step of the porch. Ernie snatched the sunglasses off. a forest. 0000003055 00000 n Task:.Using Roberts-Miller, Selzer, and Campbell as guides (and also as professional rhetorical sources to quote when needed), write an essay that rhetorically analyzes and criticizes (evaluates) one of the following speeches: Ernie, on the other hand, was the kind of kid who wore sunglasses 24/7 just to make sure everybody knew he was cool, and to him, the biggest mistake anyone could make was not to be. After the lineup, Grandma herded them up a set of stairs, Ernie, Genie, Ma and Dad, all in one room with two big ol’ beds. This is referred to as ____________.

Everybody out,” Dad said, and by the time all the car doors had opened and Dad had popped the trunk, a light outside the house flickered on. Ernie had run over to check on him and when he saw the coin, most of the snow knocked off, he commenced to karatisizing Down the Street Donnie, all the way . Write a descriptive essay about your dream hideaway or secret room, or draw a detailed illustration. 0000541018 00000 n What does this story have to do with the themes of guilt and learning to admit to your mistakes? He just said that tree over there as if one of the trees had been marked with a sign that said THIS TREE, DUMMY. 5. During her presentation, however, the battery in her laptop connected to a digital projector begins to die. As a matter of fact, this was his first time really going out of town at all. Genie quickly patted the space beside him on the seat, searching for his pen. When Grandpop tells Genie about his family history, he mentions Jim Crow and the murder of Emmitt Till, but Genie doesn’t really understand this era of American history: “Genie had learned some of this in his social studies class—racism, slavery. Genie focused and counted off. Describe Grandpop’s special “outside” room. A mattress so thin he could feel the springs in his back, like lying on a bed of fists. But there were no sidewalks here in North Hill, Virginia. That made Genie wonder if maybe Ernie got the idea of wearing sunglasses in the house from Grandpop too. Choose an elderly relative, neighbor, or family friend to interview about their life and document your interview in a report. Actually, the skin on her face had been looking heavy for a few months. Long time no see.” Genie wasn’t sure what “a month of Sundays” meant but figured Ernie must have known because he reached a hand out and gave Grandpop a five. Yet through his inquisitive young protagonist, Reynolds movingly shows that while sometimes love hides, it still abides. Genie tried to mimic Ernie’s every move. This is an example of a(n) ______________. “Hey, Genie, what my toe smell like?” Ernie busted out laughing from beneath the covers. Why was there so much of it in the first place? Genie's efforts to fix his mistakes (including accidentally killing one of his grandfather's beloved birds), his realization that the Web doesn't have all the answers, and Grandpop's struggle with guilt and forgiveness after he pushes Ernie to participate in a dangerous family tradition create a multifaceted story that skillfully blends light and dark elements while showing children and adults interacting believably and imperfectly. (Fiction. Next, there's no Internet, so the questions he keeps track of in his notebook (over 400 so far) will have to go un-Googled. He had been to New Jersey, but that didn’t really count.

Make your own version of Genie’s question notebook and list all the questions that you have over the course of a day (or week). The dog, the trees, the little house all alone on the top of a hill—this, Genie thought, was definitely the makings of a scary movie. “Smell like your butt!” “Genie!” Ma snapped. He finally moved his leg and sat up. Maria is trying to build her audience's trust in her speech. When his parents decide they need a summer alone to try to save their marriage, he and his older brother Ernie are sent to rural Virginia to stay with grandparents they hardly know. Genie wasn’t about mistakes. Ernie seemed just as worried but lifted the fork straight to his mouth and tasted it anyway. It was friendly, but not . 0000007829 00000 n Con: Dad can’t cook. Ma gave him the Don’t you dare! 205 0 obj <>stream

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