Applicants must be physically qualified and aeronautically adapted in accordance with the physical standards established by the Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (CHBUMED). Students in the Maritime pipeline and E-6 TACAMO pipeline will go to the same training locations. Your best bet is to do as many practice tests as you can and familiarize yourself with the layout and flow as much as possible so there are no surprises and just let the chips fall where they may. To prepare for Carrier Qualifications (CQ) pilots will perform Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP). The basic requirements for selection to the Flight Officer Candidate indoctrination and training for college graduates. Individuals will be required to complete several solo flights. This article with cover the basic and advanced requirements for pilots, the complete training process and what happens after training is completed. The Aviation Selection Test Battery is an exam consisting of seven sections. Becoming a Navy pilot might be an aspiration, or maybe you are just curious about the training pipeline. Your Fleet Replacement Squadron will provide more advanced training on specific aircraft including practice landing on sea vessels. At Kingsville students will also train on the Goshawk. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Pilots are placed into a shore rotation and can attend advanced training opportunities upon completion of their first tour. The US Navy has the 2nd largest air force in the world, 2nd only to the US Air Force. Student Naval Aviator: The selection process for an SNA uses the applicant’s AQR and PFAR score. Background Testing: Becoming a pilot will require passing background testing including citizenship verification, employment, and interviews with references. Student Naval Flight Officer: The selection process for an SNFO uses the applicant’s AQR and FOFAR score. The ASTB is much more competitive than it use to be. Related Article:  Army Helicopter Pilot Requirements. Each branch requires a different minimum score depending on what scoring category they use. Related Article – Navy Electronics Technician (AT): Career Details. Education: Although this career path requires a bachelor’s degree, joining with a bachelor’s degree is not required. The worst part is that there is no real score to shoot for. Applicants must be a citizen of the United States. Students learn the impacts flying has on the body, what to do in a water survival situation and how to navigate in extreme weather. Training at Meridian will include both intermediate and advanced training through Trawing 1. Not only do they receive training to learn how to fly specific aircraft, but their training also involves learning one of the hardest tasks, taking off and landing from an aircraft carrier at sea. Navy pilots will go through an in-depth screening process that includes entry testing, medical processing, various background and character checks, and meeting physical requirements. Training at Kingsville, Texas also includes intermediate and advanced jet training through Trawing 2. if eligible), and basic officer military pay based on years of service and paygrade. Also, field of vision must be full and applicants cannot be color blind. As for sitting height, you must be between 26 and 31.4 inches overall, and sitting eye height requirements are 26 - 31.4 inches. Responsibilities will vary based on specific aircraft and other assigned duties. The other stages of training include Familiarization stage, and Weaponry. Officers or former officers of other branches of the armed services (active or reserve) are not eligible to apply for the Officer Candidate program under this program. Phase 1 Familiarization stage consists of aircraft maneuvering, landing, two-plane, four-plane and night formation flying. Not all will end up with the aircraft they choose.

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