comes with moderator With 1 x 10rnd magazine, The single-column magazine is significantly longer, even though of the same five-round capacity as the CZ. Any gun can be transferred to your local Rfd (Ask their permission first!) The prestigious Anschutz rifle is renowned for its superb accuracy and respectable presence in the rimfire market. Chris kept the Tikka T1xl ived for several months of day to day use and its polymer stock fended off bumps and scrapes, CZ’s 457 Royal is the sleekest design and superb value but the walnut will show the hard knocks during a working life, A: The conventional hollow point lead bullet fired by the .22 rifle has stood the test of time and is still immensely popular. A central position for the bolt handle along the length of the shaft — similar to the CZ’s — balances exerted forces to minimise the chances of leverage and friction interrupting the silky operation. Make: Anschutz Stock has been painted to metallic dark grey. The 1000-times proven Biathlon straight pull action with repeating device in connection with the match two-stage trigger allows very fast repeating which results in important seconds for the hunting success. With this rifle innumerous national, international and Olympic top results were achieved. .22 Win. 14" barrel Like all ANSCHÜTZ models the 1907 has been permanently improved. Nice well looked after rifle with case. Small bore model 1903 JUNIOR - match rifle In order to adapt our proven air rifle barreled action 9015 perfectly to this sport, the loading lever was replaced by the bolt handle of our biathlon rifle to get maximum speed when reloading. Air Rifles - new products: 9015 ONE - compressed air rifle: 08/2018.pdf: 995 kb: Download: … A009989 - Covered by 12 month mechanical warranty. The legendary Anschutz 1417 is known for unrivalled accuracy and reliability with its crisp two stage trigger and superb German build quality. Many target shooters prefer this rifle. The renowned ANSCHÜTZ accuracy and quality is... 1517-U2 G Walnut DeLuxe Thumbhole 22 Magnum Model1515-1516 Exc VAT Sprockers – the aftermath of ‘Sprockergate’, Tweets from, Our expert reviews three of the best PCP air rifles and reports back. A crisp, single-stage trigger offers 1kg to 2kg adjustability, with fast handling from the light injection-moulded stock, balancing neutrally with an 18.5mm diameter, 406mm/16in barrel that makes the rifle compact even with a moderator fitted — perfect for shooting from any improvised position and convenient in the cab of a vehicle. Great rifle for entry level target shooter.

0% finance also available with 50% deposit. 97 Threaded for a moderator that is included. For more information please check the Anschutz website or speak to you local dealer. The ergonomic thumbhole stock is made of walnut and allows for an optimal grip and hand position for high-precision shooting.

The rifle…, As new 1517 HMR , excellent condition , shot count 83 , only been used three times , comes with one magazine and sak moderator , other items available at cost , ammo , scope etc, Pre owned Anschutz package with parker hale moderator and scope - long barrel 24". The robust aluminum stock is equipped with a fast length adjustment. From junior to adult marksmen and seniors to bench rest marksmen. A detachable almost flush fitting magazine is a key benefit, with 10-round capacity rather than the five rounds as standard on the other two. The action is closed again with the thumb. £1,052.49, Was A totally new trigger unit hides within the stock with no more need to tweak and tune them with Heath Robinson shims and spacers. 5092 Two stage trigger £1,012.49, Special Price

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