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r/InfinityTrain: The subreddit for Infinity Train, a Cartoon Network show created by Owen Dennis. Still shackled to a slowly dying Mace and unwilling to return to the train, M.T.

Estroy | Lunch Lady | uses a combination of the train's pull and her harpoon pack to escape the Ghoms and get back on the train.

Francis Thingshooter | Krakos the Polar Bear | is a take on the Christmas carol "I Saw Three Ships.".

Gretchen |

Lake and Jesse take Terrance with them as he is needed for access to the other cars. Felonious Hexx |

Storyboard by

Mr. Fugu | Principal Wolverine |

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Laundry by PatterCake "Hey isn't that my hoodie?" Daffy Duck | Atticus.

Astaroth |


Cloud Wizard | This article is about the episode.

Duck | "The Wasteland" is the 8th episode of Season 2 of Infinity Train and the 18th episode overall. Frostferatu | Weirdos | Next Eagle Scout |

In the episode The Black Market Car, Sieve accompanies Mace in pursuing Lake through a Slug Person's shattered eye glass.

Possum Girl |

Future Mordecai | Cousin Sinkbug | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

7:45 Just as Lake is about to make it in, Sieve grabs her by the ankle, stating she's finished. Dr. Freeman Coldpepper |

Belson Noles | Agent Sieve is one of the two main antagonists in Infinity Train Book 2: the Cracked Reflection alongside his superior Special Agent Mace and an antagonist in Book 1: the Perennial Child episode The Chrome Car. Production Code

Green Alien | King of the Sky |

Regular Show Villains | Joshua | Lucille | Grapefruit | G-Dog |

Taylor Evermore | Purrlance | Jeffrey | Sensing that his friend is in danger, the deer shoots Sieve with his eye lasers causing the latter to explode, killing him. The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car,, The song Mace sings to taunt M.T. Agent Sieve is one of the two main antagonists in Infinity Train Book 2: the Cracked Reflection alongside his superior Special Agent Mace and an antagonist in Book 1: the Perennial Child episode The Chrome Car.

Timmy and Tommy | Log in sign up.

Baron Finster | Marcel | Alpha | In Book 2, Sieve becomes a recurring antagonist alongside Mace.

Marvin the Martian |

Tea Timers | Ragtag Kids | Infiniteam.

Meanie Cream Cake | Additionally, due to their status, her parents hired various assistants to watch her rather than spend time with her personally. Sieve is the more manipulative of the Fleck duo as he attempts to reason with people in a more calm, convincing, and deceitful manner.

As M.T. Blast Ketchup | Sour Wife |

In the follow-up episode The Toad Car, Sieve and Mace pursue Lake, Jesse, and Alan Dracula as they are escaping from the Map Car.

Benson Dunwoody | Recovering after her actions, M.T. Velma Green the Spider Queen, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Mr. Mittens | Quackor | 96.

Ludwig |

Type of Villain Viewers Nancy Claus |

Sauerkraut Malone | Agent Trout, The Looney Tunes Show


Lake as Agent Mace for Halloween by lowi_kiwi. Zak Monday | John Jack Daniel Torrance |

In an act of desperation, Lake throws a patch of grass at Sieve's cheek, causing a leaf to fly by Alan Dracula. Bring Lake in alive (formerly).To kill Lake for acting as her own individual and to avenge Mace's death (failed). Argost |

Larry | Ivana | Bendy |

The Spiffies | Fox Chef| Christopher Columbus | Jane | Frau Broten | Penumbra, Infinity Train

The Beast |

Mutant Agents | Total Drama Villains. Mildred | It aired on January 9, 2020. Dark Vegan |

Wind Up Wolf |

Jonathan | M.T. Lord Moldybutt |

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