The coaches are wonderful and encouraging. It certainly comes across this way to me! I received. FREE ACTOR'S GUIDE. To anyone considering a career in voice over, THIS is the place to go! The coaches, marketing team, producers, and technical support have all been easy to connect with and willing to jump in at any moment if I was in need. The environment in the studio is great because everyone is all there wanting the same thing and are all very encouraging. Melissa is a brilliant, unselfish, and friendly mentor. Such a Voice & staff members have been super great! She gave me lots of support, a wide range of scripts to read, and drilled me on my basics and then the fine points. We learn from our favorite singers in order to master their technique and make it our own. She uses different techniques to help you understand her direction and ultimately find your own voice. excellent! And, I’m closing in on recording my demo disc. One has signed a record deal with Sony, and the other accepted and…", The Classes I Offer: I'm so glad I chose to work with Such A Voice! Having been on a 15 year hiatus, I resurfaced to the acting world with a keen interest in Voice. They are an outstanding company. Note taking is light, and much of each class is spent listening to each of the students step into the booth, try their chops out, receive feedback, and then try again.

"She's awesome. Equipment when you attend in person is top notch and they're super accommodating to online learning through zoom. narration demos in November 2016). CONTACT. I’ve heard it said that people need to hear things multiple times before it sticks. She truly supports and believes in her students, she is SO giving of her time inside and outside of class. Taking classes at The Voice Actors Studio I has been one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. I am ready, open and ecstatic for this connection and gift that Lisa and her well established company is offering. Great support group all around. Commercial Acting; Voice-Over; CONTACT US ; Select Page. We're extremely supportive of each other, and we all cheer each other on. When my sister first came to Faith, she learned she had polyps on her vocal cords. I took a Skype course with Such A Voice in early 2015, recorded my demos, and I'm now working on a long Audiobook titled "Riding for the Lone Star", about the history of the Texas Rangers before and during the Civil War. Most VO artists are usually marketing during regular business hours...while I am working. and the Vionela Vaughn-Austin express thru and as God and I was set free again! I don't normally write reviews, but I'm so relieved to have finally found Susan Rumor. final result! Nowadays, you might see me up in the front of the class teaching too, which is super-fun! Her use of voice techniques combined with fluid character breakdowns and a smattering of movement and posture make this a great class to take your acting to the next level.

I was able to grow so much as a voice artist. I wish everyone knew about her just so that you too could gain the tools to best share your gifts and navigate this crazy town.

Such A Voice has the best voice over talent in the nation! * Voice Class for Actors and work with you(me) and my goofy schedule.

definitely what I needed to hear. The coaching and vocal technique training I. received from Angela Castonguay and the other SuchAVoice coaches was outstanding. Absolutely the impressed by Such A Voice staff very engaging and concerned about students needs. 1 other review that is not currently recommended, in Musical Instruments & Teachers, Guitar Stores, Find more Performing Arts near The Artist First Voice and Acting Studio, Find more Vocal Coach near The Artist First Voice and Acting Studio. As a working voice actor she has great knowledge and experience in the industry. Angela Castonguay and Perry Geyer: Just a couple of days out and I can’t wait to get final demo material - but I also, want to share how delighted and grateful I am for your help for my ‘debut’ and the development of the raw materials for this demo with which I’ll be able to ‘hang out my shingle’. After going through the museum I'm not sure I can be a…". Great coaches and support, even after you're on your own. Voice Over students participate in live recording workshops where they receive helpful constructive feedback from industry leaders. They are consummate professionals. I've completed my technique courses with Nick Kaiser.

They were so patient with me and totally.

The interactive session, conducted by Rich Henkels, offered practical insight into the world of voice-over plus offered a chance for my voice to be evaluated by a professional voice actor. A history of success in a fun world of voice over is what I found, and SAV delivered! I'm very happy with the SuchaVoice VIP program and would recommend it to anyone interested in getting into Voice Over. I always feel great after this.Vocal Warm-Up: Susan tailors the scale work to the students in the class. You have been.

★Exclusive access to SAV Web Seminars in which you can sign up for online, prior to start time!Once the Web seminar begins, you'll be in the comfort of your home & have the privilege to participate in it, along with Professionals in the VO business, VO coaches, and other SAV students just like you! Stay tuned, I know that I will not only be able to recommend (with the highest regards) and promote this company, but I will be no doubt be filling in any gaps or questions as you too embark on this exciting journey.

Stepping into this space always made my heart flutter; kind of like that feeling I would get before going on stage. After the experience the previous day, I was more convinced than ever that I wanted to pursue voice-over as a new career direction and that I should start now before retirement. I've taken 2 workshops (Intro to Voiceover and Audiobooks 101), and plan to continue with ongoing workshops. After years of wondering how to get into voice acting, I stumbled upon The Voice Actors Studio. She is great about checking in with us about our goals for each song or vocalist we study. A shout-out also to Nick, my coach for the past months; thanks for your guidance and encouragement - very perceptive, relevant and confidence-building tips.Hoping that this year will bring at least one successful audition - it's daunting going into a new career!! And boyyyy my acting career has improved night and day from before I started with Faith. She has created a learning environment that is fun, supportive and honest.

My friend, Melissa Moats, is the owner and she is first class all the way!

I am really impressed with the caliber of education here! She's avibrant woman with tenderness coupled with strength and firmness which is aperfect combination for my temperament. common sense (therefore not commonly followed!) After working in radio for more than 15 years as a classical music host or morning news anchor at various stations in. Edit.css-1mpk29p{width:24px;height:24px;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;overflow:hidden;top:-0.1em;fill:rgba(43,39,60,1);}.css-1mpk29p::before{position:absolute;display:block;left:0;}.css-1mpk29p::after{content:'';display:block;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;}.css-1mpk29p svg{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;fill:inherit;display:block;left:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;}. (What Would Nancy Do?!?! one-on-one approach was fantastic! It was my first time singing in a professional studio and recording booth and I was so excited to sing Desperado by the Eagles and Don Henley. I don't normally write reviews, but I'm so relieved to have finally found Susan Rumor. professional. The coaching is phenomenal, as well as all the training, resources, and equipment! Being a SAV student gives you access to blogs on infinite topics in making it in the VO business. My coach was. The mechanics seemed easy enough but I still had questions and there was no one to ask.Fast forward to November 2018 - I registered for a voice-over informational session sponsored by Such A Voice. You have excellent producers assigned that truly help you develop into the best you. I went away wishing I could have talked with him sooner. * Singing So glad I went for it and pursued my. "This was the highlight of my Vegas trip! It is such a joy to, work with professionals who know what they are doing. Every teacher has been friendly, approachable, and super knowledgeable on their subjects. Claudia, Years ago I read a short piece for the local public radio station and was encouraged to pursue voice acting. They make it fun. The best possible way to start if you want to break into this industry!! A lot of times, they have the same challenges that I have. With Guy’ Arledge’s coaching, Ben Marney’s instructions, the webinars and Angela Castenguay’s prepping, I feel well supported in beginning a Voice Over career and I thank everyone at Such a Voice for that.The demo recording as the coolest thing I've done in years! At Such A Voice, it's like everyone is a coach, one way or another. After contacting Claudine, (also super on this) Oliver followed up with me more than once & took care of myconcerns. They are very informative and keep you on schedule towards your goals. * Acting Scene Study I'd like to also recognize Lisa Cordileone and Michael Yurchak for giving me top notch voiceover coaching, and Angela Castonguay for being an awesome producer. Faith Rumer is by far an extremely gifted acting/voice coach. The people and atmosphere is Great, plus they teach you so much. When I came to Susan a year ago, I was so daunted that I cried throughout my first lesson! a very disappointing class to say the least, The program is incredibly thorough and comprehensive. This past weekend I landed a role in the stage play, The Voice of a Dancer - Atlanta, as a Voice Talent, in which I will be the Voice of the dancers. “My friend, Melissa Moats, is the owner and she is first class all the way!” in 4 reviews, “I'm excited to learn more and I looking forward to taking more of their ongoing classes!” in 3 reviews, “I've taken 2 workshops (Intro to Voiceover and Audiobooks 101), and plan to continue with ongoing workshops.” in 2 reviews, The Voice Actors Studio specializes in training up-and-coming voice over talent including; guidance in the craft, technology (home studios and recording) and business/marketing. The team at TVAS is also not afraid to challenge your skills at times and help make even nervous people like myself feel comfortable and confident. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Michael and have so much confidence entering this industry because of him. I am in the process of requesting a. refund but there is no contact information on the ticket. The timing was just not right for me to join at. My voice coach - Tom Force - became a good friend. Such A Voice is gonna Change your life to get started in the Voice over the industry. and very clearly presented. Offering online classes (via Zoom) has been a huge plus for those living outside of Vegas and for those of us who are still having to social distance. I signed up for the program with great anticipation and I have not been disappointed. Thank you for the start into the career I'm hoping to be a part of for years to come!! Professional to the 10th degree. * Voice Class for Actors Originally I was told it would only be 1 or 2 other people in a session, and we are 5 now, which leaves very little time for each person.Edit: I have increased my rating to 4 stars because of recent good customer service. The most fun I've ever had learning something new! Very professional training; excellent support after training is complete; easy to talk to. I cannot say enough about the people at Such A Voice. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. My dream has always been. I'm very happy to have an opportunity to work with her. The many years Such a Voice as been around and the one on one coaching.

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