Singkat cerita dengan sisa-sisa kecongkakan dan keangkuhannya dia berusaha untuk tegar dan semangat. Just as many are fiery in character, many are ignorant and, this ignorance is the ignorance of Allah (ﷻ). He continued saying: "Then I warn you that you are heading for a torment.". Daftarkan email Anda untuk mendapatkan cerita dan opini pilihan dari Kompasiana, Gedung Kompas Gramedia Palmerah Barat unit II lantai 6, Jl. In this complimentary report, we have outlined the 9 steps to fill this Holy month with spirituality and success, in sha Allah! Allah’s (ﷻ) hikmat is evident wherever we look and although Abu Lahab (LA) was named so because of his appearance, this name also demonstrated his character.

Glory be to Allah for revealing the truth and blessing us with guidance and imaan. They then sent in slaves to remove his body. Ia adalah tokoh kuffar Quraisy yang sangat membenci Nabi Muhammad SAW dan ajaran Islam yang dibawanya. Dengki atau iri hati adalah sifat dan sikap tidak senang dengan kenikmatan yang diperoleh orang lain dan berusaha untuk menghilangkan kenikmatan itu dari orang lain yang memilikinya. Orang yang dengki akan mendapat dosa yang besar dari Allah SWT. He was born in Mecca c. 549, the son of Abdul Muttalib, chief of the Hashim clan, and the paternal grandfather of Muhammad. As a reward, she shall be worn with a rope of twisted fibre around her neck, in the hellfire. (Q.S Al Maidah (5): 2), Artinya: …Dan nasehat menasehati supaya mentaati kebenaran dan nasehat menasehati supaya menetapi kesabaran Q.S Al Ashr (103):3). Kulitnya agak kehitaman. “Bagaimana kami bisa percaya pada kata-katamu?

He is described as "an artful spruce fellow with two locks of hair, wearing an Aden cloak"[3] and as "very generous". When we look at Abu Lahab (LA), his real name was Abd-al Uzza, but he was known by everyone as Abu Lahab (LA). Just as Allah (ﷻ) gave them humiliation through their name, he also gave us a warning through their name, as well. I cannot blame our tribesmen because they faced not only them but men wearing white robes riding piebald horses, who were between heaven and earth. Nabi menggambarkan ciri-ciri kafilah tadi dengan menjelaskan warna unta yang paling depan beserta bawaannya dan Nabi memberikan petunjuk arah pada kafilah yang tersesat. The two men had one thing in common; hatred for the Prophet, and thus they went the extra mile they could to tarnish his image or get him killed. He was told how “men in white with turbans on multicolored horses between heaven and earth” had helped the Muslims and fought against the unbelievers. "O Banū Hāshim, O Banū 'Abd al-Muṭallib ... [and so on], if I were to tell you that behind this hill there is an enemy about to attack you, would you believe me?" Musailamah Al Kadzab menemui kegagalan dalam menandingi Al Qur’an.

Abū Lahab got mentioned (by name) in the Qurʿān, The whole of Sūrah al-Masad was dedicated for (against) him and his wife, Ummu Jamīl. [25], A Muslim narration says that after Abu Lahab's death, some of his relatives had a dream in which they saw him suffering in Hell. Oleh karena itu jauhilah sifat –sifat tercela seperti bohong ini dalam kehidupan sehari-hari sebagai bukti takwa kita terhadap Allah SWT. Abu Lahab renounced his affiliation with the Hashim clan and remained in Mecca.

Abu Lahab was so furious that he forced the frail Abu Rafi' to the ground and beat him up. [20], On the 7th year of preaching Islam, the Quraysh imposed boycott on Banu Hāshim & Banu Muṭṭalib and forced them to live in a mountain gorge outside the city. Since she was his sister-in-law, Abū Lahab did not say anything to her and went home directly. Sekali-kali Kami tidak akan menyerahkanmu. Abu Lahab itu paman Nabi Muhammad SAW, sedangkan Abu Jahal tidak ada hubungan darah dengan nabi. Abu Jahal yang suka mencaci maki Rasulullah SAW itu diserang oleh dua pemuda secara serentak pada saat perang Badar dengan pedangnya hingga dapat membunuhnya.

His mother, Lubna bint Hajar,[1] was from the Khuza'a tribe. By God, you must either stop this or we will stand in with him until he gains his object.” The Makhzumites wanted to keep Abu Lahab's support, and therefore they agreed not to annoy Abu Salama. Sebagian meriwayatkan, ia dulu sebenarnya gembira sekali akan kelahiran ponakannya, Muhammad sampai-sampai ia … Abu Lahab (LA) was quickly upset, quickly angered, a backbiter, he would conspire against people and quickly attack them, he would quickly destroy relationships of families and was one to quickly curses others. Para petinggi Quraisy ingin berunding dengan Rasulullah SAW. Dan setelah itu, Silakan Bani ‘Abdi Manaf berbuat apa saja yang mereka mau.”. Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab, and perish he. Ruas yang wajib ditandai *. Translated by Guillaume, A. [2] People from the Khuza'a tribe were the caretakers of the Ka'bah for several centuries, before the Quraysh took over the responsibility through their ancestor Qusai ibn Kilab. Abu Jahal ketakutan sambil melepaskan batu dan lari terbirit-birit, sampai terkencing dan terberak dalam celana. Kita harus menjaga persaudaraan, saling membantu dan saling nasehat-menasehati dalam kebenaran dan menetapi kesabaran. Please log in again. [15][14] Abu Lahab's daughter Durrah was at some stage married to Zaid ibn Ḥarīthah, who was at that time regarded as Muhammad's son, and they were later divorced; but the timing of this marriage and divorce is not known. Nama aslinya Abdul Hakam bin Hisyam. Yet they stood by Muḥammad and suffered as much as he did. What about his good friend? [14] After the announcement of Al-Masadd, Abu Lahab told his sons: "My head is unlawful to your head if you do not divorce Muhammad's daughters." Abu Lahab was the only member of Banu Hāshim who supported the boycott and did not join his clan. Kita harus berdaya upaya untuk menghindari perilaku dengki agar dapat selamat di dunia dan di akherat kelak. [8] Its English translation by Sahih International reads:[10][11], In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most merciful (بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم), Umm Jamil is called “the bearer of the wood” because she is said to have carried thorns and cast them in Muhammad's pathway. Maka setelah itu, kalian hanya memiliki dua pilihan; menyerahkanku atau melindungiku. “Ah cerita seperti itu bisa dikarang! People from the Khuza'a tribe were the caretakers of the Ka'bah for several centuries, before the Quraysh took over the responsibility through their ancestor Qusai ibn Kilab. She took up a wooden pole used to reinforce the tent posts, and brought it down with all her strength on Abū Lahab's head, heavily wounding him. Two of Rasulullah’s (ﷺ) greatest enemies were his uncles Abu Lahab (LA) and Abu Jahal (LA). Abu Lahab punya nama asli Abid Al Uza ibn Abdul Muttalib. Mereka tetap tidak mau beriman. [2], He married Arwā Umm Jamīl bint Harb, sister of Abu Sufyān (Sakhr), whose father Ḥarb was chief of the Umayya clan. Setelah Isra’ Mi’raj Rasulullah mengajak manusia supaya percaya kepada kisah perjalanan yang menakjubkan itu. He shouted: By Allāh, those were the angels! The wound turned septic, and his entire body erupted into open pustules. Dan setelah itu, Silakan Bani ‘Abdi Manaf berbuat apa saja yang mereka mau.”, Mereka menjawab, Demi Allah, “Demi Allah! I am Full of Sins, But I Boycott in Defence of the Prophet Muhammad, The Significance of The Prophet Muhammad to the Muslim, The Shining Stars: 16 – Sayyidatuna Ummu Salamah, The Fitnah: Definition, Elements, and Types, Photo:, on "Do not Confuse Abu Lahab With Abu Jahl", click here sign up for my newsletters today, Haram Income: Its Effects on the Individual, His Loved Ones and the Society, The Shining Stars: 15 – Sādātunā Ibn Abi Al-Arqam, Abu Salamah and Uthmān Ibn Maz’ūn, The Shining Stars: 14 – Sayyidunā Abu ‘Ubaydah ‘Āmir ibn al-Jarrah, The Shining Stars: 13 – Sayyidunā Talhah ibn ‘Ubaydillah. Abu Lahab was absent from the Battle of Badr. How often do we see those who are so ignorant to the truth of Islam that they destroy the true message of Islam (especially from within the Muslim community itself) that they possess the same qualities as Abu Jahal?

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