And believe me, you are always here in my heart, always in my mind, hope you have a blast! Ma, let us celebrate this life, you have gone a long journey of 95 years, after all, I love you. Thankfully he didn’t break any bones, but was left with some bruises. The 105 Congratulations on Your Engagement Wishes, The 100 Christmas card sayings for Heartfelt Joy. I hope that every step that you take in this world would lead you to your happiness, granddad. Crossing this milestone is one of the best things that you should experience in the world. Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover I was warm The surgery went well, and she was released from the hospital 3 days later. If you ask him the secret of a long, happy life,

He just shrugs and gives credit to “my Lord and my wife.”, It seems that my father passed on his love of writing to all of his children.

Kickin’ Jazz Rhythms and DAD’S ALWAYS BUSY

95th Birthday Wishes for Husband: 1. And up ‘til now I can only wish you the best time and that you’d have a happy 95th birthday. Unemployment. A wonderful person in my life: that is what you are to me, happy 95th birthday to you Pops. You remind me of good times, of warm summers and springs, thank you for the memories!

All that I wish for you is peace and happiness all day long, grandpa, you are truly the best.

I can’t even believe that you are 95, to me you will always be like the mom I always had. Great for sharing on Facebook. But it was cold! And then I lost a shoe For the extraordinary person in my ordinary life, thank you for being part of it, happy bday. Happy 95th birthday, thanks for being that shining star that guided me all throughout this life. Here are the last two poems the family wrote for my father’s 95th birthday celebration.

Sinking in the mud May you express your life as greatly as possible, you are one of those people with story to tell. There is no comment submitted by members.. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. Get personalized love hearts birthday video.

Now our lives have changed and the best is yet to come. Even through the darkest days, you reached out for me so I will for you too, happy bday!

Raising these children with the wife he adores. Magic in the world Let us have you a grand bday celebration that is fit for a king like you happy 95th birthday! I bet we can still party together to celebrate your bday like we always did, Papa, happy bday. I feel that I am so lucky to have such a cheerful granddad like you are, happy 95th birthday! I don’t know Found some fossils, where Bob worked Just pass him a slice and he’ll thank you! The heart cannot complain when it is loved by you, you are the best, happiest bday to you! You are one of those people I do not need no social media to remind me of your bday, Papa!

You are so very special it shines in all you do, I've found a special friendship and I have gained a brother too.. Even a thousand candles, I would give them all for you to blow on your memorable day. “Arbeit Macht Freis” Hope you enjoy them! The Hoover Dam and So many places Beautiful memories I will try my best to make this day memorable as you turn 95, so just enjoy your day now. The 95th birthday celebration continues as we share the poems my dad received for his gift that special day. I’ve been so preoccupied with all that’s going on in my family I completely forgot to post a blog for the last couple of weeks. I think you are one of the best person that ever existed in this world, I love you a lot, baby. Loving and caring to all that he meets, Here are some happy 95th birthday wishes that should help you out in expressing what you feel so the other person would understand as well. Your life in this very earth is very precious indeed, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

This one was written by his daughter-in-law, Beth. Moments to cherish. All the happiness and all the peace in the world is my wish for you on this bright day of yours. I pray that you will be granted protection from the heavens, you are one of the best ever too! Have the best day of your life, the best night too, I wish you a really happy bday now.

Another year has come and gone. I wish you tons of happiness on your very special day and that you have a happy 95th birthday. This poem, written by my niece, Janette Ackerman, is part of the collection of poems written to celebrate my father’s 95th birthday.

You make everyone in the family feel so special so thanks a lot & have the best day for today. the Night of the Long Knife Your new age should not matter as long as you can keep on being happy, that is my wish too. Learned so much If there exists a language that can express what I feel, I’d tell you, Papa happy 95th birthday! While roses abound outside their doors.

The following is a poem written by A.D.’s granddaughter, on the occasion of his 95th birthday. FDR had a New Deal. J. Edgar Hoover. Today I am thanking the heavens for giving you another year in this world happy bday to you! You are the coolest and the best person ever, I am truly fortunate to have you in my life, Papa. Happy 95th birthday, I promise you that I will always be there for you when you need me. On this milestone of yours, I hope that you already found peace within you, you are the best! Her daughter’s Jennifer and Janette have been a godsend to all of them. Gardener, writer, father of four Great for sharing on Facebook. Most beautiful birthday poems ever written. You are one of the people who nurtured me into becoming who I am today, thank you gramps. No more wars, please. Your kind and loving heart has sustained us truly for a long time, happy bday to you, papa. As you reminisce the past, with your tales and wisdom. By: Carmela Rose Worner, Tomatoes are red; and corn is bright yellow.

You will always have a place here in my heart, Gramps, no one else would replace you then. Outside The past few weeks have been a tad crazy for the Rose family. Here is to more precious days spent together with you, grandpa, I hope you enjoy today. They all flourish under his care. Pearl Harbor and the thousands massacred.

Well, good news is that there are specifically birthday wishes that would help you to greet that person a happy 95th birthday. Happy 95th birthday, you really are the best, always has been and would always still be that. Friends and family sang along, to her personalized birthday song.Her son Russ played the guitar, this was her best birthday by far.She unwrapped presents from family and friends, she was very happy like a child again. I can’t help but to congratulate you for all the things you had done in my life, thank you! The family has pitched in and are helping out however necessary.

She had a cold at the time, so surgery to repair her arm was put off for a week until she was over the cold and all antibiotics were out of her system. Read all poems for birthday. When someone very important to you is turning 95, what excuse do you have not to greet that person?

There are so many reasons and ways to appreciate you, I hope you find one as well, enjoy! Alabama a friendly space So here it is at long last. When it’s cloudy or rainy, he sits in his chair. I want you to know that you are truly one of the vital members of this family, enjoy this day.

Kids, grands and greats all gather around, This is the poem my grandson wrote for his great grandfather’s 95th birthday. There is no one in the world that can beat the time spent with you, enjoy your special day.

Left my shoe in the garden

My husband, Blair, almost fell while harvesting our garden. WPA and the Tennessee Valley Let us join you today as you start to celebrate your life with another great milestone too! Kathy Williams The Book Worm This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged 95th birthday , A.D. Rose , poem on August 19, 2015 by swtwilliams . Hope you all enjoy this poem written by Justin Lawrence, grandson to A.D. Rose for his 95th birthday celebration. Never forgot.

Happy 95th birthday, I promised you back then that I would do my best to repay you, here it is.

At 95, you still are the coolest person to me, I think you will always be like that to me as well. There is no one else that loves like you love your children, we are lucky to have you Mama. Kathy Williams The Book Worm.

We celebrate your birthday, many years with a sum.

He is far sweeter than the pies that he eats.


The Birthday Of Love Is Every Day! What an incredible milestone this is gramps, only 5 years away from a hundred indeed now. Leave us alone Happy 95th Birthday Card - White Flowers card Inspirational birthday poems, like this one, are best suited for loved ones who need a quick "pick me up" after a long-drawn-out letdown. - Joshua.. On this very day, you turn 95 and I can’t help but be truly happy for you, go and enjoy it now.


Until the date that lived in infamy What you are is just adorable and sweet, gramps, I don’t know how I deserve you, thanks!

The War to end all wars, Mud between my toes Happy 95th birthday to the man who always listened patiently to me when I need him the most.

Where does the time go?

Happy 95th birthday! By using this site you agree to this. Went to Yellowstone


She was the star of her birthday show, She blew out a candle that sparkled and glowed. Enjoy! Really, how old are we? With the help of her physical and occupational therapists, she is becoming more independent again.

There is nothing more wonderful than having you in my life as well happy 95th birthday!

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