Amber went on, "This is not about being on TV. Not only do we get to see them in their home lives but we also see them deal with discrimination which they hope will make people more aware of their actions. The pregnancy was extremely difficult on Amber and when Elizabeth was born she had to undergo brain surgery at just 8 weeks old.

Instead of adopting within the United States, they sought out dwarf children from countries where dwarfism isn't as except meaning the children are less likely to be adopted and live long lives.

The family is just like any other family unit, aside from the fact that a lot of their ups and downs unfold on camera.

TLC has become a home for reality TV programming.

"I was the only little person in a family of average people, but my parents raised me the same as my siblings," she told People. After Jonah's rough birth and first few weeks, Amber and Trent hoped that their second pregnancy would have a more positive outlook.

As a district director for Little People of America Amber was sent an email from Anna's orphanage asking if they could help them find her a loving home. "That's how he loves me. "We always do.". Trent and Amber find it extremely important to live within their means. Little People, Big World is set on a farm. ", The Johnstons are thinking big when it comes to their show, 7 Little Johnstons.

Being a teenager isn't just stressful on the kid, but also on the parents.

While the Johnstons have opened up their homes to TLC's cameras and the world, there's still a lot of things most people don't know about the family.

How do they keep things together with five teens and a filming schedule? After having their two biological children, Trent and Amber knew they wanted to adopt but they weren't ready quite yet. TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons has capitvated the world since its debut in 2015.

"Not everybody lives on [a] big farm," she said. For two and a half years, they kept their relationship going long distance, until Amber went off to college and moved closer to Trent. ", Of course, overcoming discrimination is easier said than done, so they have a strategy in place to be able to do this. Committed enough to make an arduous trek halfway… Her second pregnancy — with Elizabeth — was even more of a nightmare for her. News that families on reality TV shows usually make 10 percent of what the network budgets for an episode. While 7 Little Johnstons isn't the only reality show that depicts the lives of little people, the Johnstons think that theirs is different from everything else on TV. ", In spite of this, they swear they are stronger than ever and that a divorce is not in their plans. They each have their own likes/dislikes, interests, friends, etc. While the Johnstons have opened up their homes to TLC cameras and the world, there's still a lot of things most people don't know about the family. The latest episode of 7 Little Johnstons was a tearjerker — featuring the death of the family’s cat River. Starring on 7 Little Johnstons is far from a full time job for the family. Danielle Bruncati is a writer and content creator from Southern California. "We got her an apron," said Amber. Both of her biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth, had to be delivered by C-section, according to the Mirror. Luckily they were able to revive him but he spent the next six weeks in NICU.

We don't need them any bigger.". Pregnancy can be a stressful time for anyone, but, for Amber, it was also quite dangerous. This can be a little bit difficult sometimes, but they think that it's important for the kids not to be too comfortable — even in their own home. The girls got smart and turned their passion into a small business with the help of Etsy. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Throughout the pregnancy, Amber's hips would routinely dislocate. "Trent and I encourage the kids to set high standards, face the facts, achieve goals, and do not get discouraged," Amber shared.

'", Trent jokingly added, "Our heads are already big enough.

Amber made the tough decision to have tubal ligation surgery to ensure that she wouldn't get pregnant a third time.

While it's true the TLC show is a job for the Johnston family its not wise to rely solely on TV money to support a household. Being a celebrity or appearing on a reality show inevitably means that people become invested in your life and want to know more. The grueling pregnancy is why the Johnstons ultimately decided to turn to adoption to grow their family. "We strive to raise our children in the world that's not built for them," Amber said in an interview with Barbara Walters. She was followed by Alex, who was adopted at 6 months from South Korea, and then Emma, who was adopted at the age of 5 from China after she was abandoned by her family. My parents raised us just like every other parent would raise their child.

"Our goal in this show is social acceptance," Amber told Fox News. Some romances just seem like they were written in the stars. Amber was still in high school at the time and she and Trent lived in separate states making it impossible for them to see others on the regular. They want people to not just be able to relate to them, but to also change how they look at little people. Elizabeth had her first art show in 2018, before her junior year of high school. Elizabeth and Anna are definitely the artists of the family.

Elizabeth sells card designs and paintings and has pictures of her artwork posted on an Instagram page. Amber was still in high school when they met at a meeting for Little People of America. One thing that makes it tricky is that their five children are only a few years apart. One of TLC's more underrated reality TV families is the Johnstons Family. He was born in South Korea where the international adoption process requires the entire adoption fee to be paid upfront instead of in stages.

Another show, The Little Couple, features a doctor. "I grew up in an all-little-people family," said Trent. "Discrimination is absolutely a real issue," they told Monsters and Critics. It makes sense now why he loves to work in his own yard. Instead of letting their condition prevent them from living amazing and full lives, the Johnstons prove in every episode of their show that people with achondroplasia are just like everyone else. The episode saw Trent Johnston bring home a stray cat, which he found while at work. Amber and Trent first met each other at a Little People of America convention. The world isn't always kind to the Johnstons, but they don't let it get to them. "It's not a matter of dealing with it, it's a matter of overcoming it! Their determination to be independent is not just part of what makes Trent and Amber such a relatable couple, and it is also what helps make 7 Little Johnstons such a compelling TV show.

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