There was an altercation with another guy that was obviously intimidated and that was all she wrote. It often takes multiple hits (of any caliber) to incapacitate the aggressor. Taffin, John (2005),The Desert Eagle of Magnum Research. Recently, I very large male (around 320 lbs) was brought into our ER with a GSW. has never looked better. The .500s are the no-compromise calibers of the revolver world, and by default, they make a big hole.
I know several people who say it will not stop the intruder.

Well if she had something larger like my 9 or 45 she will not want to fire it because of the recoil and will probably not hit the bad person and no one has ever been killed by a loud gun noise. Recoil energy determines how hard the blow to the hand feels and recoil velocity determines how abrupt the blow feels. Shit gets REAL.

You miss the point!

And the US was not a signatory to that portion. Don’t aim but develop a feel so the gun hits where you are focused.
; inches = "; MPBR = Maximum Point blank Range. Police statistic that when an officer uses his weapon, he fire’s his first shot at 72% of his accuracy on the gun range. The Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR), which is shown in the last column of the table below, is the distance at which the bullet falls 3 inches below the line of sight. The 38 Super +p in some brands of ammo has more muzzle energy than the .45 acp. forget it’s there! program or calculated from the formula given in the Lyman Reloading Handbook, 43rd Edition. To the next!

Actually you are much more likely to have 44 pieces of bullets ricochet off everything half ass solid in your home leaving everybody shot, including yourself and other innocent people that you may be attempting to protect.

I practice with my ccw handgun and a laser cartridge.

I doubt its nowhere near 120 feet long. Shot placement is the end-all. The capacity of a handgun can give you one of the easiest comparisons. Are there better choices? Also referred to as the “.500 Linebaugh Long,” this wildcat is typically built on Ruger .357 Maximum frames housing custom five-shot cylinders.

As a civilian, I would never carry anything other than a wheel gun, and my five rounds are more than enough to stop any potential threat. I did not favor the 9 over the .45.

Practice drawing and firing from your carry holster. Let’s take a look at the current crop of available .50-caliber handgun rounds. They do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, and how you want them to do it. As a former Infantry squad leader, in the Corps.

A maximum rise of 3 inches is appropriate for hunting the smaller species of big game, and also for self defense purposes.

But, it can cause lateral damage to by standers, if you have to explode em, place the metallic slug in center mass, ribs, Sternum, where you get effective kill and hopefully your skill won’t frag stand bye’s. It is influenced by many factors.

Another consideration that coincides with intentional discharge of your chosen deterrent stated previously, situational awareness is paramount, as you will now have lost one of your 5 senses–your hearing. Other law enforcement agencies will probably follow the FBI's example and it gives you a good example of what to buy.

They offer SAAMI standard .38 Super +P that will equal or exceed the .357SIG, especially since the Super can be had in a 5″ barrel, something you’re not going to find available in the .357SIG. I’m very pleased w/this full size firearm that feels like it’s a toy when you 1st pick it up, but it’s flat shooting & pretty accurate too!!! Ummm… what?

it is typically fired from the same frame gun as a 40 S&W and usually only requires a barrel change on .40 to make it a .357 sig. One 325 grain hollow point, 50AE, with half inch well’s can just about rip a criminal in half. The table below is designed to serve as a starting point from which a shooter can work. Glad to see I'm not the only one with .50 BMG rounds just sitting around. Also, it is a DA (Double Action) only. Your ammunition must be dictated firstly by the environment which you are likely to use the firearm. I personally carry a 45 but the 22 will end things and is not to be laughed at. Using the table below we can compare the carrying capacities of Glocks; All the guns and gear we use and recommend. It features a heavily rebated rim, and due to the physical limitations of the auto pistol platform, the round has a relatively short loaded length, necessitating the use of light bullets. While environmental factors such as altitude and ambient air temperature affect trajectory, their effect is relatively minor. This model was chosen by the FBI as it was a compromise.

Copyright 2003, 2016 by Chuck Hawks.

well….. you should check out the 357 Sig specs. lbf (2440 J) of muzzle energy. Luckily I only have2 friendlies in my house and if the movement isn’t him then it isn’t friendly, Thank you for your time and valuable information . Are you willing to gamble on your being just as accurate in a tense situation as you would be plinking with a .22? He says he does NOT recommend a 38 revolver or snub nose for defense what does he expects the snub nose is designed for close quarters and not long range soo the sights and small sights should NOT be a issue I will NOT take this guys advise to heart. Because they are revolvers then the rate of fire can be reduced to some degree. its all about the man behind the trigger my .45 is very accurate if I practice regularly I am too. A dramatic increase in kick results (and accuracy suffers equally dramatically) when powerful cartridges and loads intended for full size service pistols are chambered in lightweight, subcompact pistols. 1000 rounds it only stove-piped 4 times which any rimfire will do from time to time, it only weighs 19ounces fully loaded so you can wear it all day (and don’t have to have a heavy belt if you IWB) & just abt. .357 sig is an auto loading round designed to replicate the ballistics of .357mag. Smith & Wesson didn’t just want to take the top position back, they wanted to put as much distance as possible between the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum and its nearest competitor. – As a military veteran, I do NOT prefer the .45 ACP over the 9mm. Like anyone who serves or served, you make do with what you got.

Also, it is a DA (Double Action) only. Fire a handgun that you can handle, make your rounds go safley downrange, and hit your target many times, body mass, and head shots if you can. 45….

You want to stop someone or kill them. One of the most important of these, in addition to gun weight, is the fit and shape of the grip and the shooter's personal hold. These sorts of things cannot be accounted for in a recoil table. And yes these are general examples of general scenarios so argue w someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Expect evry round you fire to penetrate every wall in your home including the exterior wall and continue sailing with enough force to kill someone outside. So really your ammo is the key. First and foremost because I am a huge fan of revolvers.

The ballistics are close to a 9mm Luger, just a less charge due to the 2mm shorter case length (9X19 vs 9X17). She loves it and will hit you center mass at 21 feet, which is the closest I told her to let anyone get to her in a situation. These calibers are currently the most popular choices for concealed carry.

Recoil is severe in many cases, but most rifle hunters, even vastly experienced big-bore rifle hunters, will tell you the .458 Lott isn’t so fun to shoot, either. It is definitely a cartridge for those who want to stop an assaliant with one shot. Many thanks!! This system maximizes the distance in which no "hold over" is necessary. You are correct and we have updated that reference.

It's clear that 50BMG has the most stopping power.

However, 0.8 inches is a reasonable average for iron sights. There are hundreds of different types of shotgun shells made from hundreds of manufactures. End of story.

Can’t say how many door knobs, light switches, and other various objects at varying distances I have shot developing the feel. With its parent round, the .40S&W, fading very rapidly on the American scene, I predict the .357SIG will fade as well. He was much bigger than the average man too but it didnt make a difference. Apartments are the worst! However, I will state with certainty that the .500 Maximum, loaded correctly, is a fight stopper. The centerfire was invented in 1829 by another frenchman, Clement Pottet.

The calibre of the handgun is going to determine how much ammo it will hold. Also get to know your weapon.

1 shot, 1 kill.

Note: For an expanded version of this table with more entries, see the Expanded Handgun Recoil Table. One shot in the abdomen and it was over.

If you have convinced yourself at this point that I am full of bovine excrement, by all means step off right here. 9mm is favored unless it is given a points penalty or forbidden from a category. One you don’t want it going down range and killing a neighbor.

All rights reserved.

Let me briefly address the most prevalent assertion by the doubters about muzzle energy: Just about every centerfire rifle cartridge shot out of a long-barreled firearm can boast better paper ballistics than a revolver. With the introduction of Smith & Wesson’s .500 came a renewed interest in handgun hunting.

Thank you! With the 1911 .45ACP I have exactly that.

I live alone. That depends on your situation. The .500 Maximum is capable of throwing 525-grain bullets at a blistering 1,500 fps, and some reports indicate even more velocity is possible.

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