The cartridge's straight walls, headspacing on the rim, ready availability of previously-fired cases, and ability to be fired in .357 Magnum firearms, all contribute to this popularity. It can range from light target loads to more powerful defensive ammunition.

Tracer cartridges in .38 Special caliber of different colors were issued, generally as part of a standard aircrew survival vest kit. [14] That same year, Colt Firearms announced that their Colt Official Police would also handle 'high-speed' .38 Special loadings. Build your first AR-15 with PSA. The velocity is reduced when using the more standard 4-inch (100 mm) barreled guns. Ballistics By The Inch .38 special results. Phone 402-261-2986, Monday - Friday 11AM - 7PM This allows the .38 Special round to be safely fired in revolvers chambered for the .357 Magnum, also including the .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt in revolvers chambered for .38 Special, increasing the versatility of this cartridge. We carry 38 Special FMJ,.38 Special Hollow Point as well as .38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. Due to its black-powder heritage, the .38 Special is a low-pressure cartridge, one of the lowest in common use today at 17,500 PSI. The original .38 M41 ball cartridge used a 130-grain full-metal-jacketed bullet, and was loaded to an average pressure of only 13,000 pounds per square inch (90 MPa), giving a muzzle velocity of approximately 725 ft/s (221 m/s) from a 4-inch (100 mm) barrel. BMG PMC Bronze 660gr. [20] The PGU-12/B High Velocity cartridge differs from M41 Special ammunition in two important respects—the PGU-12/B is a much higher-pressure cartridge, with a bullet deeply set and crimped into the cartridge case. While mostly used for training, manufacturers make some frangible ammo, such as this, for self-defense. In the case of target loads, a 148 gr (9.6 g) bullet is propelled to only 690 ft/s (210 m/s). In other parts of the world, it is known by its metric designation of 9×29.5mmR[6] or 9.1×29mmR.[7]. All of the above specifications for .38 loadings, and the .357 Magnum, are applicable when fired from a 6-inch (150 mm) barreled revolver. After running the tests and looking at the numbers, there are a couple rounds that stand out as candidates for the best for self defense. In indoor situations, over-penetration could cause a bullet to travel through walls and create the chances of injury. The .38 Long Colt revolver round would not penetrate the insurgent Philippine Morro warrior shields, and the Government contracted the new revolver round to Smith & Wesson. In this measurement, the bullet with the largest diameter was Federal’s Personal Defense Micro. Another solution is to use an unjacketed soft lead hollow-point bullet as found in the FBI Load.

During World War II, some U.S. aircrew (primarily Navy and Marine Corps) were issued .38 Special S&W Victory revolvers as sidearms in the event of a forced landing. Saturday 11AM - 7PM Another good choice would be the Speer LE Gold Dot with 135-grain rounds. To help you find the best .38 Special ammo for self defense, we conducted a variety of tests as part of these independent self-defense ammo tests. Except for case length, the .38 Special is identical to the .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, and .357 Magnum. For self defense, it’s often best to have a faster round as long as it does not over penetrate.

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