Use PBO and XFR, and use offset voltage. I have an Arctic Liquid Freezer II coming in a few days.

I did manually overclock both CPU's and got some interesting results. Learn to overclock, ask experienced users your questions, boast your rock-stable, sky-high OC and help others!

Do please note that I did not tweak many things other than multiplier and voltage, I did increase the input voltage a bit and increased the memory controller voltage too when I was overclocking the RAM. Almost all 3600's can be manually OC'd to 3600X levels, but some may need a small bump in voltage. I’ll need to look and see if the infinity fabric auto matched my Ram. Iirc, the preset voltage on it when it first posted was around 1.4 and I have no idea why.

I use it mostly for playing CoD and Fortnite. Welcome to /r/AMD — the subreddit for all things AMD; come talk about Ryzen, Threadripper, EPYC, Navi, the next-gen consoles, news, rumours, show-off your build and more. Its still a pretty decent upgrade from my ryzen 1700 but you can hardly achieve the advertised speeds of 4.4ghz unless you crank your voltage very high which is not good... guess I’ll be waiting for intels 10th gen lol. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Ryzen 7 1700 | RX 580 8gb | 16gb 3000mHz RAM, 2600x V56 Pulse X470 Taichi(3600x and 5700xt soon). These don't manually overclock the same as 1st gen. My 3600x with 3600 CL16 Ram is auto ocing to a peak 4375 according to MSI Afterburner. I have been playing around with an R5 3600, and also worked on a friends 3900X. I tried PBO to enabled +200 and it basically put my temps to 80 with no performance gain. All things overclocking go here. It's a gamble for sure and I'd say the X models more so grantee what you will get. My 3700x would boost all cores to about 4190mhz so auto OC won't even take effect. Is it because his system can't reach a similar ocing or because he finds it difficult to understand how OC works? You're not going to overclock a 3600X past 4.4GHz all-core, pretty much ever. Setting a manual all-core frequency with a manual voltage is a waste of time (you lose single-thread perf while gaining meaningless points in multi-core benchmarks), all while degrading your chip if the manual voltage is set too high. 1.4v as max voltage, used with offset. The fps in assassin's creed oddysey only increased by 2-3fps either way. I had no issue getting the 1600 up to 4ghz with the advertised boost clock being 3.6ghz. Auto (PBO) In pbo mode, you will definitely need to tweak the bios to get higher limits on the power draw parameters, your cooler will also play a big role in this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 3600x overclock etc questions Hello, so i got a new pc with rtx 2070super OC , 3600x on a asus Prime x570-p have some questions about it.

We know the 3600x has 4.4 boost like the 3700x and it even performs very close to the 3700x at stock in most games.... but i cannot for the life of me find any manual overclocking results on the 3600x. This is not the worst case scenario (that would be prime95) but gives a higher all core load than any game I would have tested. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? You should also make sure that you haven't exceeded a safe voltage while trying this. Nothing but stock performance comparisons between the 2. Put the auto OC feature at 200MHz to give a higher upper clock limit. What I do plan on keeping is the RAM on it's DOCP profile with even a slight overclock on those. I do plan on keeping these chips for more than 3 years and don't mind the 200-300mhz lower clock if it keeps them alive longer. I have my 3600x with pbo maxed, -.0675 offset core voltage, auto llc, 3200mhz ram 1:1 if. The voltage would drop down to 1.275 volts on all cores with a max temp of 74°C after about 10 minutes. I monitored the voltages and core clocks in HWiNFO and ryzen master. Learn to overclock, ask experienced users your questions, boast your …

Press J to jump to the feed. I wouldn't be so confident on that.

Working on getting 4.3 all core stable. See this post.

You should also make sure that you haven't exceeded a safe voltage while trying this. On the R5 3600 I have been using, more than negative .035 causes loss in multi-core load, even though single core remains steady. There is a reason they were binned higher after all. Press J to jump to the feed. But you must be careful to avoid exceeding the fitness voltage, lest you damage the CPU.

I have been using Geekbench 5, SuperPi 32M, and Cinebench R20 to validate performance uplift. Now for manual overclocking. In general, PBO + AutoOC and voltage offsets are best for Zen 2. I will now give you my experience with auto overclocking and manual overclocking. I haven't found anything for the 3600x.

Set the PBO scalar to 1x to start, and ramp it up until performance no longer increases. In fact I think that's already higher than most go. I wonder why someone would downvote a post of a personal ocing opinion? Tried putting different voltages and nothing works. In fact I think that's already higher than most go. I have one it boosts nicely to 4425 with tweaks. See this post. The better the cpu is cooled, the higher it will boost.

These don't manually overclock the same as 1st gen. I’ll have to look at my voltage when I get home. Single core boosts to 4.45. You will never receive the full 200MHz extra, it simply tells the chip it can boost higher, if it can. The 3600X is just a binned 3600 that are stock overclocked, meaning essentially that it has already been overclocked, so it generally doesn't OC as well. Learn to overclock, ask experienced users your questions, boast your rock-stable, sky-high OC and help others!

When you use method 2 (PBO), you can adjust the core voltage offset, but be aware of clock stretching. Almost all 3600's can be manually OC'd to 3600X levels, but some may need a small bump in voltage. CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x 3.8Ghz. My monitors just wont display anything. Only later I learned that Ryzen 3000 series actually calculate and change their own voltage a lot when in auto mode, this does make manual overclocking degrade your cpu faster and that's why I changed both cpu's back to PBO mode for daily use.

I’d like to go higher if possible. I recently upgraded to the 3000 series 3600x, and although with PBO my boost clocks are hitting 4424Mhz, I'd love for it to be able to sit at 4.4ghz at all times. You technically can also set a auto OC of like 100-200mhz, but it won't get to that in my experience. I'm really noob at overclocking and i'm also so interested to overclock my CPU, I get about 4.05GHz with auto overclocking with the stock cooler, My new cooler, ThermalRight True Spirit 120m is arriving and i want to overclock my CPU but i need some advice.

Temperatures idle in thirties, hits high 40s low 50s in custom loop.

When enabling the DOCP profile on the RAM and setting the infinity fabric on the cpu to match the RAM clock, I would get about 10% improvement in scores in cinebench versus just installing the RAM and let it run stock (I uses DDR4-3200CL16 in the 3600 build and DDR4-3600CL16 in the 3700x build). /r/AMD is community run and does not represent AMD in any capacity unless specified. How can i overclock R5 3600x? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I recently upgraded from a Ryzen 1600 on an Asus x370-Pro to a Ryzen 3600x on an ROG Strix x470-F. I’m having trouble overclocking the 3600x past 4.4ghz, which is the advertised boost clock. My 3700x would clock to 4.4ghz on all cores with a voltage just over 1.28v. Cant find any review with this comparison. I read many thing on internet but most of them are for 3600 Non X or 3700x so is hard to judge from there.

Seems maybe something else is going on, I wouldn't give up at this point! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the overclocking community. In CoD I get around 200-220 FPS, in Fortnite I get about 240. I don't care if it doesnt pass a P95 test that runs for 12 hours straight, as this is not a normal usage. I got 4350mhz with 1.3375 volts, havent seen any stability issues so far, synthetic benchmarks are fine, games seem fine thus far. I’m running it at stock 3.8ghz. All things overclocking go here. 4300mhz with manual OCing is the way to go, according to my system. The second method is letting the CPU do the work for you. More posts from the overclocking community. On the 3600X, stock limits should be 128 watts, 80 amps, and 125 amps respectively. The 3600X is just a binned 3600 that are stock overclocked, meaning essentially that it has already been overclocked, so it generally doesn't OC as well. I am on the stock cooler with peak temps of 72 degrees.

I think I scored some solid silicone for once. All things overclocking go here.

While testing the cpu's I used cinebench R20 to get max core boost, voltages and temps. I built my first PC a little over a month ago and have been considering overclocking. I havent dug in too much to power settings yet, but so far I've got 4.25ghz stable on all cores. In fact, we often find the all-core overclock ceiling to be 200 to 300 MHz lower than the rated boost speeds (which we did see activate frequently on our Ryzen 5 3600X sample).

I could get the 3200 kit to 3266 (corsair vengeance) and the 3600 kit to 3800 (g.skill trindentZ rgb) with some more tweaking. Cryorig R1 ultimate.

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175k members in the overclocking community. Temps were slightly below PBO temps at 1.28v and in lower 80°C at 1.3v so I stopped there as I wanted my temps to be below 80°C. The 3600x is already pushed to the limits. Boldly going nowhere with ambient cooling. You’ll get more out of it doing that than Overclocking.

This is when I’m playing Fortnite. If you have a lucky chip, this is the most effective option in terms of performance. Maybe a bios release in the future will help a lot. The initially touted 1.32V is not safe for many Zen 2 chips, you must check it for your specific sample. (it is now proven that these are not safe to run 24/7, it will degrade the cpu fast) The temperatures were in the lower 70°C at 1.3v and mid to upper 70°C at 1.33volts with spikes in the lower 80°C. My own OC record is 4490mhz, which can run just a few benchmarks and of course it's far from being stable, but I am pretty happy with the behavior of it, as together with my 3200 Ram oced at 3733 16-15-15 I have top notch performance everywhere.

I could not get it to clock to 4.5ghz below 1.3v. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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