This is no different than a lottery ticket you would purchase at a store.

This app is not looking good.I’ve been playing for months what I’ve seen is when you hit a certain dollar amount YOU WILL NEVER EVER see any cent coins EVER! When I was writing this, for instance, I could only choose from Panera Bread, Target, Home Depot or Dunkin Donuts. Spider Eggs Under Human Skin, I have worked in the finance industry since 2006, consulting with multiple Fortune 5000 companies.

Rhetorical Devices In A Hanging, 3390 Peachtree RoadSuite 800Atlanta, GA 30326404-800-9499, Copyright © 2020 Response Mine Health.

I only recommend it only if you like the idea of winning prizes or just testing your luck with the raffles. – Lucky Day When are rewards restocked?

For instance, I could break my rewards down in 3, 5 or 10 million increments by clicking on the menu tabs near the top.

I would recommend lucky night, at least their gift cards are not always sold out.

You shouldn't expect to make a living, but it is possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs. It’s open to most countries, however, you may receive an error code, stating that the “Lucky Day app is not available in your country.”  If this were the case, you will not be able to join, unfortunately. Tried it for about 2 weeks so far.

In fact, it seemed just as reputable as any company found on the Fortune 5,000 list, etc. Sure, you could earn more if you win more tokens, but again, you have to win, so I’m just going to show the numbers I was presented with. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Basically, I would only consider it only if you’re a fan of scratch-off tickets and don’t want to spend your hard-earned money at the local gas station. HOWEVER (caps intended) you need to be quick about redeeming said gift card as they sell out quickly.

As always, feel free to vent in the comments below to share your thoughts with the world.

But when I went to the app, there wasn’t anything stating I won anything nor was my money amount increased at all. I still going to the app, but just to check the gift cards refills, I might take a pizza one because I’m just getting a bit exhausted by waiting…, My name is Terry hawkins and I played the game about 8 months and end up with around 30 million points and order my rewards and I have never have received them, and I stop playing because I thank it’s a scam.

And I have been at 9.90 for six months now, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I scratched off about 20 tickets and found I won an average of about 1,500 tokens each time. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Scratch & win! Before I get into the review, I first want to talk about the company’s background, something I usually do before I even review the website/app just to give you an idea who you’re working with. This is how the app makes its money after all so do be prepared for all of this. After you create an account, you can immediately gain access to your dashboard, which will look something like this: Here, you can scroll through the list of scratchers and start to scratch them off to earn your tokens or even win cash just as you would with a real lottery scratch-off ticket.

After a while, your scratchers will disappear as you scratch them, but if you really want more tokens, the app does allow you to earn more in the “earn tokens” section. Honestly, the gifts looked like cheap Chinese knockoffs, but the gift card selection was meh. 27+ every morning. Prizes available are crap. Slots – you’ll have to match several tokens in one row in order to get hold of some prize; 3. (800)535-2139 | Summer Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm | Wednesday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Your email address will not be published. We love creating winners every day, and we are just getting started!

Hey, it’s been almost a month I’m at 25,000,000+ tokens but impossible to me to get any interesting gift card. I have 23 million points and so far have never seen any cards stocked besides the cheap Amazon ones. So far I’ve won two $5 vouchers for Penneys, one for Olive Garden, and one for CVS pharmacy. The daily lotto can contribute some tokens.

Also, if you read the official Google reviews, you will find a lot of negative reviews in regards to everything from glitches to being stuck at $7~, almost making me question how the heck they are maintaining a high 4+ rating. Seeing it’s a game of luck, you really need to win big to make it worth anything. I would like to start by saying i totally respect your opinion however im working on my 60 days so i woke up this morning t a meesage stating i was the lucky winner on todays drawing for 250000 and a volvo crossfire i responded i was excited theyasked me to pay a 2% tax fee which i did then they called me asking for 129.00 more to deliver the car and check on tomorrow when i refused their attitude quickly changed i have screenshots of our conversations screenshots of payments to a Mrs. Jacqueline spence.

In that screenshot above, for example, I won 1,000 tokens. As I write this, the app is only available via the Google Play store and is not available in the iTunes app store. In this case, it could range anywhere from $1 to $25+ per 1,000 video plays. Hi!

Picture it more of a game than a place to win something.

Hello my name is John and I earned enough tokens to get a $25 Home Depot award I used my token and they were supposed to send me an ecard which I never received and I can’t find any information on contacting the company could you help me at all?

Example there’s a hair is a wallet for 10million tokens. This app is not looking good. It’s here where I began to test the app because I notice it’s more like a scam. Monkeys For Sale In Wisconsin, Stuck at $9.75 for a long time. Learn how to make money. There are times when there are only one or two lousy prizes available at any level. It works a lot like the GPT websites I mention on this website a lot, only that you will get tokens instead of cash. I also read other people reaching $9 balances and being stuck there.Who knows? Lucky Day was created to give anyone and everyone the chance to win. Really bogus.

Take some spare time, join us and be one of the winners!

My name is Tom Nathaniel, and I created LushDollar to help share my honest thoughts on everything money. I just got to $9.75 but like you I suspect that’s the top end of the “cash prizes.”. What are you waiting for?

I hear this said for most people concerning the lucky day app but I downloaded the lucky night app, same people, and I won $252 cash within a month and just two days ago I want another $59 that I’m waiting to cash out right now. You cannot go by other people’s word because not everybody invest that much time into it and it’s just a matter of getting dare I say lucky.

Instead, a $100 can do.

Lucky Day.

As of this review, here’s how the lotto breaks down if you were to match any numbers: Every day, you can pick out six numbers, 0 through 59, for the chance to win big.

You could try entering your number on the main website ( to see if that works.

I was so tired of waiting for them to restock them it’s not like you really win any money from this scam app I been stuck on 9.75$ for i don’t know how long. NOTE:  If you want to know your odds, I encourage you to visit the “terms” section in your app.

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I just went tokens. The Proclaimers Net Worth, When you’re ready to redeem, you can do so in different categories, broken down into the number of tokens. I hardly ever watch them.

As for the lucky day app I have won quite a few gift cards for food and even Walmart. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

How is that going to help me? The only people who win the daily 5 spots are those who work the surveys.I have been playing this for just over a year now. They gave me a list of things to make sure I met all the requirements and I did they gave me an email address to someone else to contact I did they came back and said there’s nothing they can do and when I try to redeem any of the tokens I did have there was no gift cards at all available and there’s been no gift cards available for the nine months I’ve been playing the game.

Well I tried that recently on a game like coinmaster which offers a couple million tokens for reaching the 4th village, but app status in lucky day doesn’t recognize it.

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