[2], The Nine Titans fought each other in the Great Titan War, When the 145th King inherited the Founding Titan, he abandoned his duties of balancing the continent's powers, leading to the Great Titan War between the other eight Titans. Bertolt Hoover Despite his nefarious actions (and the vastly different perspective his peers now have of him), a lot of Eren fans have felt this forced hero-to-villain storyline has come out of nowhere. Some Titans have been shown to possess the ability to harden.

Attack on Titan has always repped a shaky moral compass. The Attack Titan does not to have this as an innate ability, but it can still be gained through specialized serums, such as the case with Eren. The Titans (in Japanese: 巨人, Kyojin) are the titular central antagonists of the anime/manga series Shingeki no Kyojin, known in the western world as Attack on Titan. According to Grisha Jaeger and the Restorationists, she used her powers to make great advancements for her subjects, such as cultivating barren lands, building roads across the world, and building bridges between the mountains. Armin Arlert Due to the discovery of Eren's possession of the Attack Titan, the Warriors postpone their plan to destroy the Walls and instead focus on capturing Eren, whom they believe possesses the Founding Titan as well. Nine Titans [6] Armin also uses the Colossus Titan's immense strength and size to insure the destruction of the Marleyan ships and naval port by stepping on them after his transformation.[7]. This settlement was kept safe from the Titans … Zeke's Beast Titan can also harden parts of itself.

Ymir Fritz was the first individual to receive the power of the Titans, making her the true Founder of all Titans. While readers suspected Eren may be teetering towards the side of villainy, he has been written past the point of redemption. Frieda was able to transform herself into a female-looking Titan with dark hair. Through the years 851 to 854, the nation of Marley send a total of 32 scouting ships to Paradis Island, all of which ended up missing. [2] Thirteen years later, she died and her soul was then split into the Nine Titans, which were subsequently inherited by nine of her subjects. Dark fur covers the large majority of its body, with the exception of its face, hands, feet, and torso. Bertolt transformed into the Colossus Titan outside the southern gate of Shiganshina District, the southernmost territory of Eldia. This is when he declares that he will destroy the race, and is undoubtably the turning point in his adolescent life. [4] Armin Arlert also uses this ability to wipe out most of, if not all of the Marleyan naval fleet present at the Raid on Liberio in a tremendous explosion sending a massive wave of energy inland. It can also control the areas of hardening, removing armor for additional mobility. Who Is Slapstick, Marvel's Version of The Joker. This Titan is well-built and has a slightly hunched profile. [3] The eight currently known Titans are the Founding Titan, Colossal Titan, the Female Titan, the Beast Titan, the Armored Titan, the Attack Titan, Ymir's Titan, and the Cart Titan. [17], Furthermore, the Beast Titan seems to be able to turn human beings into Pure Titans by unknown methods. Now, the truth has finally started to reveal itself; Eren Yaeger IS the ultimate villain of the series. [4] However, due to not having royal blood, Grisha would not have been able to use it. Eren Jaeger (Attack, Founding)Armin Arlelt (Colossal)Reiner Braun (Armored)Annie Leonhart (Female)Zeke Jaeger (Beast)Ymir )[1] This was torn from him when the origins of the Titans was revealed. It first appeared five years ago during the Fall of Wall Maria and returned five years later at Trost. Intelligent Titans (意志のある巨人 Ishi no aru Kyojin? The fan theories have finally been confirmed in Chapter #130 of Attack on Titan, where the ultimate villain of the series has been revealed. [22] The recruits of the Survey Corps attempt to attack Bertolt with their Thunder Spears, but the Colossus' steam emission keeps them away. He takes pride in being a protector... however, this is dependent on the existence of something humanity must be protected from. However, should this come as much of a surprise? Now, "Dawn For Humanity" has confirmed the inevitable through Eren's memories. [33], Explosive transformation, significant control over steam emission, enormous size. Similar to a next door neighbor who loves craft beer (and can't wait to tell you about it), Eren has allowed his hatred for the titans to become his defining characteristic. He used his Titan form to kill and devour Frieda Reiss along with most of her family, gaining the Founding Titan. It is unknown how long this user has left to live but due to the "Curse of Ymir," they will die thirteen years after inheriting the Cart Titan. Various
Eren's Titan form has so far been shown to have substantial physical strength, knowledge of martial arts techniques, and incredible endurance. Information Debut [27] Wanting to kill Armin quickly, Bertolt emits a huge amount of burning steam at Armin, roasting him alive until he can no longer remain grappled to his Titan. In the year 845, the nation of Marley sent out Bertolt, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard across the ocean to Paradis Island as the start of the Paradis Island Operation. Its users can control the energy produced during their transformation to create various effects. Its most prominent characteristics are its elongated ears, fleshless jaws and highly muscular build. DC’s Lanterns of Death Explained, Thor's Brother Helped Him Join The Ultimate Avengers, The Marvel and DC Comics That Did Time Travel Right.

Abilities This power can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Armored Titan is particularly skilled at this, being able to naturally harden its entire body.

Armin Arlert Nine Titans 九つの巨人Kokonotsu no Kyojin [8] The Female Titan is also capable of hardening. Information Colossus Titan While Armin's Colossal Titan form has yet to be seen, it is presumed to share several similarities to past inheritors (notably the 60m height which gives the Colossal Titan its name). In some cases when it is necessary, the Colossus Titan is capable of evaporating its entire body at once, disappearing instantly. His cries go unheard, and Bertolt is eaten alive by Armin's Titan, which inherits the Colossus Titan power. [16] In the chaos, Reiner captures Eren by biting him out of his Titan, and Bertolt joins him after leaving his Colossus Titan. He was there when Wall Maria fell to the same Titan. Titans, or Kyojin, are giant humanoids who act as the catalysts and the antagonists in Attack on Titan series. Annie is able to selectively harden regions of her Titan and even create a protective layer around her human body.

In the 1,700 years following her death, the Colossus Titan was held in the possession of one or several of the warring Eldian houses subservient to the Founding Titan. Abilities This Titan form has a mouth with all pointed teeth, as well as sharp claws that can either be used to grasp on to things or for combat.

The Cart Titan is a 4 m[citation needed] class Titan with a short black hair and a long mouth resembling a canine snout. )[1]"God of Destruction" (破壊の神 Hakai no Kami?) He notices too late that Eren's Attack Titan on the ground below is in fact merely its hardened shell, and in the moment of vulnerability, Eren strikes at the Colossus Titan in his human form, pulling Bertolt from the nape as the Colossus Titan collapses in defeat.[29]. Before he can escape, his Colossus Titan is confronted by Eren Yeager seeking vengeance.

[31], The Colossus Titan appears in Marley and destroys the port, Over a month later, during the Raid on Liberio, Armin Arlert awaits at the shore of Marley in a fishing boat. The Colossus Titan is an evidently intelligent Titan and humanity's greatest threat. [17], The Colossus Titan appears in Shiganshina, The Warriors fail in capturing Eren and later flee to the ruins of Shiganshina District.

As his, by this point, trademark rage overtook him -- and his Attack Titan power failed him -- Eren was able to unwittingly channel the dormant power of the Founding Titan, compelling the surrounding Titans to kill his mother's murderer. He was there when the Titans invaded and proceeded to kill so many people. The choice is left to Captain Levi, and after some hesitation he chooses to save Armin's life. Some Titans have been shown to possess the ability to harden. Ymir Fritz (Founding)First Reiss King (Founding)Rod and Uri's father (Founding)Uri Reiss (Founding)Frieda Reiss (Founding)Eren Kruger (Attack)Grisha Jaeger (Attack, Founding)Bertholdt Hoover (Colossal)Marcel The Colossus Titan is capable of emitting great amounts of steam at will. It has the stamina and focus to maintain a running pace capable of keeping up with horses over a long distance;[14] as well as the intelligence to defend itself from multiple omni-directional mobility gear attacks by prediction of the device's movements. Eren Jaeger is the first human with the power of the Titans to be revealed in the series, his Titan being a 15 m class. The Colossus Titan is an evidently intelligent Titan and humanity's greatest threat. [20] As the Colossus Titan, Bertolt begins setting fire to the houses of Shiganshina with his Titan's heat and sends the structures soaring through the air, bringing great devastation to the town.

[12] This Titan has shown to be extremely fast and agile, due to its small size. Colossus Titan超大型巨人Chō ōgata Kyojin End flashback, and fans are left with present-day Eren: one with a pronounced disgust for the evil he sees throughout all races. Hearing Reiner's signal, Bertolt falls to the ground below[15] and evaporates his Titan in an explosive gust of steam. It first appeared five years ago during the Fall of Wall Maria and returned five years later at Trost.
EldiaMarley (Formerly) [25] Knowing his maneuvering equipment will not stay attached to the Colossus' evaporating flesh, Armin grapples to the teeth of the Titan[26] as Eren collapses to the ground below. He would later make use of his Titan form in a war between Marley and an enemy nation, using his Colossus Titan to destroy a city containing enemy troops in a sneak attack after the Cart Titan placed him in position.[12]. As Reiner's Armored Titan battles Eren's Attack Titan, Bertolt fights against the soldiers of the Survey Corps with a partially transformed Colossus Titan. Its body structure and facial features are like that of a human's and it walks upright like one as well. Name Armin then emerges from the Titan's nape and looks down at the carnage caused by the transformation and flies up using his anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment to a nearby Survey Corps airship. He used his Titan power to create the. The unique ability possessed by the Colossus Titan appears to be significant control over the amounts of steam emitted by its Titan body.

Eren attempts to strike at the Colossus Titan's nape, but Bertolt makes use of his steam emission control and prevents Eren from getting close.

[3] The Nine Titans soon destroyed the ancient nation of Marley and conquered the entire continent to build the Eldian Empire. Nine Titans can be controlled by humans in Attack on Titan’s world, and throughout the series each one is characterized by the combat specializations unique to that Titan.

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